Early Access Program
Google is focused on bringing more productivity apps and collaboration tools to the Glass Enterprise platform. Apply to become an early tester.
See step-by-step instructions
Tasks capabilities on Glass Enterprise equip employees with the ability to see their to-do’s in a hands-free way to quickly and efficiently complete tasks. Using any device, a warehouse manager can create a workflow on Tasks and share it directly with a teammate preparing a shipment, who can see and cross-off tasks in real-time on the Glass Enterprise display.
Enable seamless communication
Language capabilities like translation and transcription on Glass Enterprise can help a global workforce understand, train and collaborate, regardless of language. This feature currently supports 15 languages with plans to add more in the near future. With Glass Enterprise, an employee who doesn’t share a common language with their manager can see direct translations in their line-of-sight.
A new way of computing
These experiences are made possible by a new phone-enabled platform that uses the computing power of Google Tensor silicon on Pixel 6 and beyond. This new platform can deliver more powerful AR experiences on the Glass Enterprise display. With the new Glass Enterprise companion app, users can easily setup and manage their Glass Enterprise settings from their phone.
If you are a Google Workspace customer who is interested in testing Google’s AR capabilities for Glass Enterprise, apply here to get early access.