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Número de publicaciónCN101288615 B
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Número de solicitudCN 200710098169
Fecha de publicación16 Mar 2011
Fecha de presentación20 Abr 2007
Fecha de prioridad20 Abr 2007
También publicado comoCN101288615A
Número de publicación200710098169.5, CN 101288615 B, CN 101288615B, CN 200710098169, CN-B-101288615, CN101288615 B, CN101288615B, CN200710098169, CN200710098169.5
Inventores侯征宏, 殷乃克
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Sanitary accessories for absorbing human secretion
CN 101288615 B
A sanitary article for absorbing human secretions is used for covering the lower part of a human body to prevent the discharged secretions of a user from being leaked to the outside, comprising a liquid permeable surface thin layer, a liquid impermeable back surface thin layer and a liquid absorption core layer between the liquid permeable surface thin layer and the liquid impermeable back surface thin layer, a guide flow structure which leads the discharged secretions of the human body to slightly pass is arranged on the liquid absorption core layer, a detection body is arranged between the liquid impermeable back surface thin layer and the liquid absorption core layer, thus receiving the secretions guided by the guide flow structure; and a window part which is opposite to the detection body is arranged on the liquid impermeable back surface thin layer for the user to observe the reaction status shown by the detection body from the window part.
Reclamaciones(6)  traducido del chino
  1. 一种用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其特征在于,包括:透液性表面薄层;不透液性背面薄层,设有窗口部;吸液性芯层,夹介于所述透液性表面薄层与所述不透液性背面薄层之间,且在所述吸液性芯层上设有能供人体所排出的分泌物少许通过的引流结构;以及检测体,设于所述不透液性背面薄层与所述吸液性芯层之间,并能接受所述引流结构所导引而来的分泌物;其中,所述窗口部位于所述检测体相对于所述不透液性背面薄层的相对位置处上,在所述引流结构内周壁上设有环状的阻隔层。 An apparatus for body exudates absorbent hygiene products, characterized by comprising: a liquid-pervious topsheet; a liquid-impermeable back surface thin layer, provided with the window portion; liquid-absorbent core sandwiched between said transparent liquid surface between the thin layer and the liquid-impermeable back surface thin, and is provided with the drainage structure for the body can be discharged little by secretions in the liquid-absorbent core; and the sample, provided in The liquid-impermeable back surface between the thin layer and the liquid-absorbent core, and can accept the drainage structure is guided from secretions; wherein said window portion is positioned relative to the sample the relative position of said liquid-impermeable back of the thin layer, the drainage structure in the peripheral wall is formed with an annular barrier layer.
  2. 2.如权利要求1所述的用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其特征在于,所述引流结构具有紧邻于所述透液性表面薄层的入口、以及紧邻于所述不透液性背面薄层的出口。 2. The apparatus for body exudates absorbent sanitary articles according to claim 1, characterized in that, adjacent to the drainage structure having a liquid permeable topsheet of the inlet, and in close proximity to the liquid-impermeable on the back of a thin layer of exports.
  3. 3.如权利要求1所述的用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其特征在于,所述检测体为检测试纸。 For absorbing body exudates sanitary article according to claim, characterized in that, for the detection of the sample strip.
  4. 4.如权利要求1所述的用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其特征在于,所述检测体为检测试片。 The secretions for absorbing body hygiene according to claim 1, characterized in that the sample is detected test piece.
  5. 5.如权利要求1所述的用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其特征在于,所述卫生用品为纸尿裤。 5. to absorb body secretions hygiene claim 1, characterized in that the hygiene of diapers.
  6. 6.如权利要求1所述的用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其特征在于,所述卫生用品为卫生巾。 6. The apparatus for body exudates absorbent sanitary articles according to claim 1, characterized in that said hygiene products for sanitary napkins.
Descripción  traducido del chino

用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品 To absorb body secretions hygiene

技术领域 FIELD

[0001] 本发明涉及一种个人卫生用品,特别涉及一种用以吸收人体分泌物、并兼具生理检测功能的卫生用品。 [0001] The present invention relates to a personal hygiene products, in particular to a human body to absorb secretions, and both physiological detection of hygiene.


[0002] 一般常见的卫生用品,如婴儿、成人用的纸尿裤或女性用的卫生巾等,皆用于包覆人体下部以防止尿液、粪便或经血等体液的漏出,以便于清理幼儿或年长者的排泄物、以及保持女性在生理期间的卫生与清洁,或用以吸附体液及分泌物,以期达到短暂隔离的效果, 降低其与皮肤直接接触而造成不适或影响健康的机会。 [0002] The general common hygiene products, such as baby diapers or adult women use sanitary napkins, etc., are used to cover the lower part of the body to prevent urine, feces or blood and other body fluids from leaking, in order to clean up the child or the year elderly excrement, and to maintain the health of women during physiological and clean, or for absorbing body fluids and secretions, in order to achieve short-term effects of isolation, reducing its direct contact with the skin and cause discomfort or influence health opportunities.

[0003] 此外,从医学检验的角度上来看,可利用人体所排放出的尿液、粪便或女性的经血等体液及分泌物来检测出身体上的状况是否正常或有无异常病变产生。 [0003] In addition, from a medical point of view the test can be discharged out of the use of human urine, feces or female body fluids and secretions such as menstrual blood to detect the condition of the body is normal or whether the abnormal lesions produced. 如检验人体的酸碱值(pH)、白血球(leukocyte)、亚硝酸盐(nitrites)、蛋白质(proteins)、尿糖(glucose)、 尿酮(ketones)、尿胆素原(urobilinogen)、胆红素(bilirubin)、血色素(hemoglobin)及粪胆元(stool urobilinogen)以及微生物等等,以期能提早发现问题并进而就医接受治疗,由此预防疾病。 If the test body's pH (pH), white blood cell (leukocyte), nitrite (nitrites), proteins (proteins), urine sugar (glucose), ketone (ketones), urobilinogen (urobilinogen), bilirubin (bilirubin), hemoglobin (hemoglobin) and fecal bile yuan (stool urobilinogen) and microbes, etc., with a view to early detection of problems and further medical treatment, thereby preventing disease.

[0004] 因此,以往的卫生用品除了具有防漏、防泄之效外,有些也同时兼具有生理检测的功能,可进一步提供使用者能通过其所排出的分泌物来了解自己的身体状况,以便于急早发现即早就医诊断或治疗。 [0004] Thus, in addition to the conventional hygiene leak-proof, anti-leakage effect, but some also have a physiological detection function and can further provide users through its discharge properly to understand their physical condition in order to facilitate early detection of acute and immediate early medical diagnosis or treatment. 目前提供生理检测功能的卫生用品皆将用以检测分泌物的试纸或试片设于卫生用品内侧,即卫生用品装载分泌物处,以致使用者欲观看该试纸或试片时, 往往需先清理分泌物后才能观察到,因而相当不便。 Currently provides physiological detection of hygiene products are used to detect the secretion of paper or test strip located on the inside of health supplies, hygiene items that loaded secretions at the strips so that the user wants to watch films or trial, often need to clean After discharge can be observed, thus quite inconvenient. 同时,也较不卫生。 Meanwhile, also more hygienic.

[0005] 有鉴于此,本发明人为改善并解决上述的缺陷,乃经过潜心研究并配合学理的运用,终于提出一种设计合理且有效改善上述缺陷的本发明。 [0005] In view of this, the present inventors to improve and solve the above defects, is the culmination of painstaking research and with the use of theoretical and finally propose a reasonable design and improve the defect of the invention.


[0006] 本发明的主要目的,在于可提供一种用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其能供使用者由卫生用品外侧直接观知用以检测分泌物的试纸或试片,以符合卫生与方便性。 [0006] The main object of this invention is to provide a human body to absorb secretions hygiene products, which can provide users from outside of the direct view of hygiene knowledge test strips to detect secretions or specimen to meet the health and convenience.

[0007] 为了达成上述的目的,本发明提供一种用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,包括透液性表面薄层、不透液性背面薄层及夹介于前述二者之间的吸液性芯层,并在吸液性芯层上设有能供人体所排出的分泌物少许通过的引流结构,而不透液性背面薄层与吸液性芯层之间则设有检测体,以接受引流结构导引而来的的分泌物,且不透液性背面薄层相对于检测体处上设有窗口部;由此,使用者即可由窗口部外观看内部的检测体所呈现的反应状态来了解自己的身体状况。 [0007] In order to achieve the above object, the present invention provides a suction aforementioned therebetween for absorbing body exudates hygiene products, comprises a liquid permeable topsheet, a liquid impermeable back surface and a thin layer sandwiched between a liquid core, and a liquid-absorbent core in the drainage structure for the human body can be discharged little by secretions, and without the sample is provided between the liquid impervious back and thin liquid-absorbent core to receive drainage of secretions from the guide structure, and fluid-impermeable back of the thin layer with respect to the window portion is provided at the detector body; Thus, the user can watch the inside by the outer portion of the sample window rendered The reactive state to understand their physical condition.

[0008] 根据本发明的用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,能供使用者由卫生用品外侧直接观知用以检测分泌物的试纸或试片,以符合卫生与方便性。 [0008] According to absorb body secretions hygiene products of the present invention can be supplied by the user directly to the outside of hygiene concept paper known to detect secretions or specimen to meet the health and convenience. 附图说明 [0009] 图1为本发明应用于纸尿裤的示意图; [0010] 图2为图1的2-2断面示意图; [0011] 图3为本发明将人体分泌物导流至检测片的示意图 [0012] 图4为本发明应用于卫生巾的示意图。 BRIEF DESCRIPTION [0009] Figure 1 is a schematic view of the invention applied to diapers; 2 is a cross-sectional schematic view of Figure 2-2 [0010] FIG; [0011] Figure 3 of the present invention to detect human body exudates deflector plate schematic view [0012] FIG. 4 is a schematic diagram applied to the sanitary napkin. [0013] 在附图中,各标号所代表的部件列表如下: [0014] 纸尿裤 1 [0015] 表面薄层 10 [0016] 背面薄层 11 窗口部 110[0017] -H-* \=t 心层 12 快速吸收层 120[0018] 慢速吸收层 121 [0019] 引流结构 13 阻隔层 130[0020] 入口 13a 出口 13b[0021] 检测体 14 [0022] 卫生巾 2 [0013] In the drawings, a list of members of each numeral represented as follows: [0014] Diaper 1 [0015] surface of the thin layer 10 [0016] back of the thin layer 11 window portion 110 [0017] -H- * \ = t Heart Layer 12 Quick absorbing layer 120 [0018] Slow absorbing layer 121 [0019] drainage structure 13 barrier layer 130 [0020] outlet port 13a 13b [0021] detected 14 [0022] napkin 2


[0023] 为了更进一步了解本发明的特征及技术内容,请参阅以下有关本发明的详细说明与附图,然而附图仅提供参考与说明用,并非用来对本发明加以限制。 [0023] In order to further understand the characteristics and technical content of this invention, please refer to the following detailed description of the present invention is concerned with the figures, however, provide only a reference to the accompanying drawings and the description is not intended to be limiting of the present invention.

[0024] 图1及图4分别为本发明应用于纸尿裤及卫生巾的示意图。 [0024] FIGS. 1 and 4, respectively, a schematic view of the present invention is applied to diapers and sanitary napkins. 本发明提供一种用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品,其可应用在如婴儿、成人用的纸尿裤(如图1所示)或女性用的卫生巾(如图4所示)等的个人卫生用品,该卫生用品用以包覆于人体下部处,以吸收并防止使用者所排出的体液或分泌物漏出于外,且兼具有检测身体或生理状况的功能。 The present invention provides a method for absorbing body exudates hygiene products, which can be applied as a baby, diapers for adults (Figure 1) or female sanitary napkins (Figure 4) and other personal hygiene supplies, hygiene products for cladding in the lower portion of the body to absorb and to prevent a user from bodily fluids or secretions discharged from leaking to the outside, and having both physical or physiological condition detecting function.

[0025] 图1所示的是本发明应用于纸尿裤的示意图。 Shown in [0025] FIG. 1 is a schematic view of the present invention is applied to diapers. 在本实施例中,该卫生用品为纸尿裤1,该纸尿裤1包含透液性表面薄层10、不透液性背面薄层11、以及夹介于该表、背面薄层IOUl之间的吸液性芯层12所构成,该吸液性芯层12可进一步包含彼此上、下叠置的快速吸收层120与慢速吸收层121,且该纸尿裤形成前后宽、中段窄的形态,以供人体得以穿戴于其下部处。 In the present embodiment, the hygiene of diaper 1, the diaper 1 comprises a liquid-pervious topsheet 10, a liquid-impermeable back surface a thin layer 11, sandwiched between the liquid-absorbent sheet, between the back of the thin layer IOUl composed of core layer 12, the absorbent core 12 may further comprise one another, the lower stack speed absorbent layer 120 and the slow-absorbing layer 121, and the diaper is formed around the wide, middle and narrow form, for human can be worn on its lower part. 由于上述纸尿裤1的构造基本与现有的相同,且此部分并非本发明申请专利的范畴,故有关纸尿裤1其它细部的构造即不再予以赘述。 Due to the above diapers a basic structure is the same with the existing, and the scope of this part of the present invention is not patentable, so details about the diapers one other structure that is not to be repeated here.

[0026] 图2所示的是图1的2-2断面示意图。 Shown in [0026] FIG. 2 is a schematic sectional view 2-2 of FIG. 1. 本发明主要在该纸尿裤1的吸液性芯层12 上设有能供人体所排出的分泌物少许通过该吸液性芯层12的引流结构13,该引流结构13 具有紧邻于透液性表面薄层10处的入口13a、以及沿着引流结构13通过吸液性芯层12而紧邻于不透液性背面薄层11处的出口13b,并在不透液性背面薄层11与吸液性芯层12之间相对于该引流结构13的出口13b处上设有检测体14,该检测体14用以接受并检测使用者所排出的分泌物,例如尿液、粪便等,并可为一般常见的检测试纸或其它材质的试片等。 The main features of the present invention can be used in human secretions discharged little by drainage structure 12 of the absorbent core 13 of the diaper in the absorbent core 12 of the induction structure 13 having a liquid permeable surface in close proximity to a thin layer 10 of the inlet 13a, and along the drainage structure 13 by liquid-absorbent core 12 in close proximity to the outlet 13b and a liquid-impermeable back surface of the thin layer 11, and a thin layer of liquid-impermeable back surface 11 and the absorbent of the core features detected between 12 and 14 with respect to the structure of the drainage outlet 13b at 13, which detects 14 to accept and discharge properly detected by the user, such as urine, feces, and for General common test strip or other specimens and other materials. 而在不透液性背面薄层11相对于该检测体14处上进一步设置有窗口部110,该窗口部110 可在前述部位处镂空后以透明胶膜贴补而形成,可供人眼由不透液性背面薄层11的外侧处透过该窗口部110而向内观察检测体14的变化,通常以检测体14在接触使用者所排放的分泌物后所呈现的颜色来辨识。 In the liquid-impermeable back surface 11 with respect to the thin layer 14 is further provided on the sample has a window portion 110, the window portion 110 may be pierced at the site after the aforementioned supplement transparent film is formed by the human eye is not available a thin layer of liquid-permeable outer side of the back surface 11 through the window portion 110 and inwardly to observe the changes of the sample 14, sample 14 is generally in contact with the user secretions presented emitted color identification. [0027] 据此,如图3所示,当使用者在该纸尿裤1上排放尿液或粪便等分泌物时,分泌物中所含的液态成分大部分虽透过透液性表面薄层而被吸液性芯层12所吸收,但少许成分仍可通过引流结构13而被导引至检测体14处,与检测体14作接触而产生反应,且使用者可由不透液性背面薄层11的外侧透过窗口部110而观看检测体14的变化。 [0027] Accordingly, when the diaper 1 when the emission of urine or faeces and other secretions, secretions contained in the liquid component, although most of the liquid-permeable topsheet 3 by the user and is absorbed by the liquid-absorbent core 12, but still a small component 13 and through the drainage structure is directed to the sample 14, and 14 make contact with the sample and react, and the user may be a thin layer of liquid-impermeable back surface 11 through the outer portion 110 and the viewing window 14 of the detector changes. 此外,本发明也可进一步在引流结构13内周壁上设有一层环状的阻隔层130,以避免流量过少,液态分泌物由引流结构13内周壁而完全被吸液性芯层12所吸收。 Further, the present invention may further be provided with a layer of the barrier layer 130 in an annular structure 13 the inner circumferential wall of the drainage, the flow rate is too small to prevent liquid discharge from the drainage structure 13 and the inner peripheral wall is completely absorbed by the liquid-absorbent core 12 .

[0028] 另外,图4所示的是本发明应用于卫生巾的示意图。 [0028] Further, as shown in FIG. 4 is a schematic view of the present invention is applied to the sanitary napkin. 本发明也可为卫生巾2,其配合女性的经期来临时,利用该检测体14即可与经血及分泌物作接触而产生反应,同时也能提供使用者由窗口部110观看该检测体14,以得知其检测结果是否正常,以确保身体健康。 The present invention may also be a sanitary napkin 2, which comes with the female's menstrual period, using the detection member 14 can be in contact with blood and secretions to produce the reaction, while also providing a window portion 110 by the user viewing the sample 14 in order that the detection result is normal, in order to ensure good health.

[0029] 通过上述的构造组成,即可得到本发明用以吸收人体分泌物的卫生用品。 [0029] The composition of the above structure, the present invention can be obtained for the body to absorb secretions hygiene.

[0030] 以上所述仅为本发明的较佳可行实施例,非因此即拘限本发明的实施范围,故举凡运用本发明说明书及附图内容所作的等效技术、手段等变化,均同理皆包含于本发明的范围内,合予陈明。 [0030] The above are only preferred embodiments of the present invention is feasible, i.e. non 拘限 embodiment thus the scope of the present invention, it is covered the use of the accompanying drawings and the description of the present invention made by equivalent techniques, instruments and other changes, are the same management are included within the scope of the invention, combined to Chen.

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