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Número de publicaciónCN102357040 A
Tipo de publicaciónSolicitud
Número de solicitudCN 201110259152
Fecha de publicación22 Feb 2012
Fecha de presentación2 Sep 2011
Fecha de prioridad2 Sep 2011
Número de publicación201110259152.X, CN 102357040 A, CN 102357040A, CN 201110259152, CN-A-102357040, CN102357040 A, CN102357040A, CN201110259152, CN201110259152.X
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Pull rod type gall bladder and bile duct stone extractor
CN 102357040 A
The invention relates to a pull rod type gall bladder and bile duct stone extractor which comprises a spring outer pipe, a resin guide pipe, an operation handle and a stone extracting device. The stone extractor is characterized in that: a pull rod is arranged inside the resin guide pipe; the handle rod of the operation handle is in a hollow structure with one sealed end and one opened end; a moving groove is also formed on the handle rod; a moving control ring is arranged on the handle rod; the moving control ring can move forward and backward along the moving groove, thereby driving the pull rod to move forward and backward; the stone extracting device is composed of a slider, a fixing seat and a cover net connected between the slider and the fixing seat; the cover net is composed of multiple fine steel wires which are uniformly arranged around the pull rod, broken at the middle parts and covered by connection covers, and then connected with a spring sheet; and the opening and closing of the cover net are achieved through the forward and backward movement of the pull rod. By using the stone extractor, the defects of the existing stone extracting operation are overcome; and the stone extractor has the characteristics of agile motion, good operation effect, simplicity in design, simplicity and convenience in control, safety, reliability and the like.
Reclamaciones(4)  traducido del chino
1. 一种拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,其包括弹簧外管(3)、树脂导管(11)、操作手柄(9)及取石装置,其特征是:所述树脂导管(11)内有一根拉杆(6);所述操作手柄(9)的柄杆为一端密封,一端打通的中空结构,在柄杆上还开有移动槽(7),在柄杆上装有移动控制环(8) 能沿移动槽(7)前后移动,并带动拉杆(6)也前后移动;所述取石装置由滑块(1)、固定座(10)及连接在滑块⑴与固定座(10)之间的套网(2)构成,套网(2)由若干根绕拉杆(6) 均勻布置的、中部断开套上连接套Oa)后以弹簧片Ob)连接的细钢丝绳构成,并通过所述拉杆(6)的前后移动实现套网(2)开合。 A lever-type gallbladder, bile duct stone, which includes a spring outer tube (3), the resin conduit (11), the operating handle (9) and stone means, wherein: the resin conduit (11) there is a the lever (6); said operating lever (9) of the shank is sealed at one end, a hollow structure open at one end of the shank rod has moved further open groove (7), the shank rod mounted to move the control ring (8) can be also move back and forth along the moving slot (7) moves back and forth, and drive lever (6); the stone means the slider (1) and holder (10) and connected to the slider ⑴ and holder (10) between the set nets (2) which, set network (2) by a number of root around a rod (6) evenly arranged, middle disconnect put slickline connected sets Oa) after a spring sheet Ob) attached form, and through the rod (6) is moved back and forth to achieve set nets (2) opening and closing.
2.根据权利要求1所述的拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,其特征是:所述套网(¾的细钢丝绳分为前后两半,前半的细钢丝绳一端固定在滑块(1)周边,后半的细钢丝绳一端固定在固定座(10)周边,滑块(1)与固定座(10)上的细钢丝绳一一对应,且相对应的两根细钢丝绳之间以弹簧片Ob)连接,在连接处的细钢丝绳上装有连接套Oa);固定座(10)固定在树脂导管(11)端口上,在固定座(10)中部有小孔;所述拉杆(6)前端穿过树脂导管(11) 后由固定座(10)中部的小孔进入套网(2)内,并与滑块(1)中部固定。 According to claim 1, wherein the rod-type gallbladder, bile duct stone, wherein: the sleeve Network (thin rope around ¾ divided into two halves, the first half of thin rope fixed to one end of the slider (1) perimeter, between half the slickline end fixed anchor (10) outside the slider (1) and the holder (10) on the slickline correspondence, and the corresponding rope in two thin spring plate Ob) connected on slickline junction with coupling sleeve Oa); holder (10) fixed to the resin conduit (11) port on the holder (10) has a central aperture; the rod (6) through the front resin duct (11) after the anchor hole (10) in the middle of the network into the sleeve (2), and the slider (1) Central fixing.
3.根据权利要求1所述的拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,其特征是:所述移动控制环装(8) 在操作手柄(9)外围,并能沿移动槽(7)作前后移动,所述拉杆(6)后端穿入操作手柄(9) 柄杆后与移动控制环(8)固定,移动控制环(8)的前后移动带动拉杆(6)也前后移动,进而带动滑块⑴靠向或远离固定座(10)。 Rod according to claim 1 wherein the formula gallbladder, bile duct stone, characterized in that: said movement control loop means (8) in the operating handle (9) periphery, and can be moved along the moving slot (7) back and forth, said rod (6) penetrates the rear end of the operating lever (9) and rear shank movement control ring (8) is fixed, movement control ring (8) is moved back and forth to drive the lever (6) also move back and forth, thereby bringing the slider ⑴ toward or away from the holder (10).
4.根据权利要求1所述的拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,其特征是:所述弹簧外管C3)尾部外围有加强套管G),加强套管(4)外还有固定套筒(¾与操作手柄(9)连接。 4. The rod type one of the gallbladder, bile duct stone, which is characterized by claim: the spring outer tube C3) rear peripheral reinforcing sleeve G), strengthening the sleeve (4) as well as fixed sleeve ( ¾ of the operating handle (9) is connected.
Descripción  traducido del chino

拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器 Drawbars gallbladder, bile duct stone

一、技术领域 I. Technical Field

[0001] 本发明涉及一种去除结石的手术器械,尤其是一种用于胆囊、胆管的取石器。 [0001] The present invention relates to a method for removing calculus of surgical instruments, especially for a gallbladder, bile duct stone taken.


[0002] 目前,在微创手术治疗胆囊、胆管结石探查取石手术中,一直缺少专用的胆囊、胆管取石器。 [0002] Currently, minimally invasive surgical treatment of gallbladder, bile duct stones stone exploratory surgery, has been the lack of a dedicated gallbladder, bile duct stone. 在实际手术中,临床医生主要依靠取石网篮进行取石,但取石网篮在套取结石时容易滑脱,尤其是对于较小的结石;当遇到较大的结石时,取石网篮无法伸展套住结石,特别是当结石嵌顿在胆囊或胆管内时,取石网篮无法越过结石,这样就会导致取石时间过长, 甚至失败。 In actual operation, clinicians rely mainly carried stone basket stone, but stone basket easy to slip when taking calculus, especially for smaller stones; when faced with large stones, stone basket can not stretch sleeve living stones, especially when impacted stones in the gallbladder or bile duct stone extraction baskets can not get past the stones, which would lead to stone a long time, even failure. 当采用取石网篮取石失败后,便使用传统开腹手术器械进行胆囊、胆管结石清除,或利用昂贵的碎石设备进行碎石后再使用取石网篮取石,或者直接中转开腹手术。 When using the stone basket stone fail, they use traditional open surgical instruments gallbladder, bile duct stone clearance, or the use of expensive equipment gravel gravel before using stone stone basket, or directly converted to laparotomy. 针对上述手术实践中,往往因取石失败而中转开腹手术,不仅增加了患者的痛苦,而且又便患者付出了昂贵的医疗费用。 For the surgical practice, often due to failure stone laparotomy surgery, not only increase the suffering of patients, but patients also will be paid a high medical costs.


[0003] 本发明的目的是要解决上述现有取石手术的不足,提供一种拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,使其具有活动灵活及手术效果好、设计简单、控制简便、安全可靠等特点。 [0003] The object of the present invention is to solve the problem of the above prior stone surgery, there is provided a lever-type gallbladder, bile duct stone, it has a good, flexible activities and results of operations, designed to be simple, easy to control, safe and reliable.

[0004] 本发明的目的是采用如下方案实现的:一种拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,其包括弹簧外管、树脂导管、操作手柄及取石装置,其特点是:所述树脂导管内有一根拉杆;所述操作手柄的柄杆为一端密封,一端打通的中空结构,在柄杆上还开有移动槽,在柄杆上装有移动控制环能沿移动槽前后移动,并带动拉杆也前后移动;所述取石装置由滑块、固定座及连接在滑块与固定座之间的套网构成,套网由若干根绕拉杆均勻布置的、中部断开套上连接套后以弹簧片连接的细钢丝绳构成,并通过所述拉杆的前后移动实现套网开合。 [0004] The object of the present invention is achieved using the following scheme: a rod-type gallbladder, bile duct stone, which includes a spring outer tube, resin ducts, operating handle and stone extraction device which is characterized by: the inner plastic catheter has a rod; said operating handle is sealed at one end of the shank, one end of a hollow structure open at the handle bar also opened a mobile tank, handle bar mounted in a mobile control ring can move backwards and forwards along the groove and drive rod are moved back and forth ; The stone device consists of a slider, the slider holder and the connection between the sleeve and the holder of network configuration, network consists of several sets of roots evenly arranged around the rod, middle disconnect coupling sleeve after sleeve connected to the spring plate slickline constitution, and to achieve set CAPE fit through the rod moves back and forth.

[0005] 上述套网的细钢丝绳分为前后两半,前半的细钢丝绳一端固定在滑块周边,后半的细钢丝绳一端固定在固定座周边,滑块与固定座上的细钢丝绳一一对应,且相对应的两根细钢丝绳之间以弹簧片连接,在连接处的细钢丝绳上装有连接套;固定座固定在树脂导管端口上,在固定座中部有小孔;上述拉杆前端穿过树脂导管后由固定座中部的小孔进入套网内,并与滑块中部固定。 [0005] slickline said sleeve is divided into front and rear halves of the web, the fine wire rope fixed at one end of the first half of the periphery of the slider, the latter half of the thin rope end fixed to the periphery holder, and the holder of the slider correspond slickline and between the corresponding two thin rope connected to the spring plate on slickline junction with coupling sleeve; holder fixed to the resin conduit port, a small hole in the middle holder; said rod front end through the resin After the catheter into the hole in the middle of the inner sleeve holder network, and fixed with the slider middle. 这样,拉杆的前后移动带动滑块前后移动,滑块的向前移动即远离固定座,使弹簧片拉直、套网中部向内收拢,滑块的向后移动即靠向固定座,使弹簧片压缩、套网中部向外张开。 This back and forth movement of the drive rod moves back and forth as the slider is moving forward that is away from the holder, the spring piece straightened, set nets central inward Shoulong, namely the slider is moved backward toward mounts, spring piece compression sleeve flared central network.

[0006] 上述移动控制环装在操作手柄外围,并能沿移动槽作前后移动,上述拉杆后端穿入操作手柄柄杆后与移动控制环固定,移动控制环的前后移动带动拉杆也前后移动,进而带动滑块靠向或远离固定座,使套网中部张开或收拢,这样套网就能实现开合动作,达到取石的目的。 [0006] the movable control ring mounted in the operating handle peripherals, and able to move back and forth along the moving groove, penetrates the rear end of said tie rod after the operating handle stem fixed and mobile control ring, the ring moves back and forth movement control rod drive also move back and forth in order to stimulate the slider toward or away from the holder, so that the central sleeve net open or collapse, so the network will be able to achieve the opening and closing sets of action to achieve the purpose of stone.

[0007] 上述弹簧外管尾部外围有加强套管,加强套管外还有固定套筒与操作手柄连接。 [0007] The spring rear outer tube periphery has strengthened casing, the outer casing as well as to strengthen the fixed sleeve and the manipulation handle connection.

[0008] 本发明采用上述方案的有益效果是:1)在取石手术中,运用此胆囊、胆管取石器能够减少损伤肝脏胆管,减轻了患者的痛苦,方便了医生的操作;幻该胆囊、胆管取石器在使用时为拉伸均勻,套结石牢固,取石方便,大大地提高了手术人员的工作效率。 [0008] The present invention uses the above scheme has the advantages that: 1) stone surgery, the use of the gallbladder, bile duct stone can reduce the damage the liver bile ducts, alleviate the suffering of patients, to facilitate the operation of a doctor; the magic of the gallbladder, bile duct Take the stone in the use of stretch evenly, firmly set stones, convenient stone, greatly improve the efficiency of operations staff.


[0009] 图1是本发明拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器的主视图; [0009] FIG. 1 is a tie rod of the present invention gallbladder, bile duct stone in front view taken;

[0010] 图2是图1中节点I的放大图,此时套网收拢; [0010] FIG. 2 is an enlarged view of the node I 1, then set the network collapsed;

[0011] 图3是图1中的AA剖视图 [0011] FIG. 3 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 1 AA

[0012] 图4是图1中的BB剖视图; [0012] FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 1 BB;

[0013] 图5是图4中节点I的放大图,此时套网张开; [0013] FIG. 5 is an enlarged view of the node I 4, this time set net open;

[0014] 图6是图2中的CC剖视图。 [0014] FIG. 6 is a cross-sectional view of FIG. 2 CC.

[0015] 对各幅附图中的标号说明如下: [0015] The label parcels figures as follows:

[0016] 1-滑块;2-套网;2a_连接套;2b_弹簧片;3_弹簧外管;4_加强套管;5_固定套筒;6-拉杆;7-移动槽;8-移动控制环;9-操作手柄;9a-指环;10-固定座;11-树脂导管。 [0016] 1- slider; 2 - set net; 2a_ connected sets; 2b_ spring piece; 3_ spring outer tube; 4_ strengthened casing; 5_ fixed sleeve; 6- rod; 7- moving trough; 8- movement control loop; 9- operating handle; 9a- ring; 10- holder; 11- resin conduit.


[0017] 下面结合附图对本发明拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器的具体实施方式作详细描述。 [0017] The present invention below with reference rod type gallbladder, bile duct stone the specific embodiments described in detail.

[0018] 如图1所示,一种拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,其包括弹簧外管3、树脂导管11、树脂导管11内的拉杆6、操作手柄9及由滑块1、固定座10及连接在滑块1及固定座10之间的套网2构成的取石装置,取石装置通过拉杆6的前后移动实现套网2开合。 [0018] Figure 1, a rod type gallbladder, bile duct stone, an outer tube 3 which includes a spring, a resin tube 11, rod 11 within the resin conduit 6, the operation lever 9 and the slider 1, holder 10 and is connected to the slider 1 and holder sets the web 10 between stone means constituted 2 stone means 6 by moving the lever back and forth to achieve the opening and closing sets of network 2.

[0019] 如图1、3、4所示,操作手柄9的柄杆为一端密封,一端打通的中空结构;在柄杆后部有指环9a,在柄杆上还开有移动槽7,在柄杆上外围装有移动控制环8,其能沿移动槽7前后移动。 [0019] As shown in Figure 3, 4, the operating handle stem 9 is sealed at one end, one end of a hollow structure open; in rear ring shank 9a, the handle bar also opened a mobile groove 7, peripheral shank rod mounted to move the control ring 8, which can be moved back and forth along the moving groove 7.

[0020] 如图2、5、6所示,套网2由若干根绕拉杆6均勻布置的细钢丝绳构成。 As shown in [0020] As shown 2,5,6, 2 sets of network consists of several root around the rod 6 slickline uniform layout configuration. 套网2的细钢丝绳分为前后两半,前半的细钢丝绳一端固定在滑块1周边,后半的细钢丝绳一端固定在固定座10周边,滑块1与固定座10上的细钢丝绳一一对应,且相对应的两根细钢丝绳之间以弹簧片2b连接,在连接处的细钢丝绳上装有连接套加。 2 sets of network is divided into thin rope around two and a half, slickline end of the front half of the slider 1 is fixed in the periphery, the latter half of the slickline 10 surrounding one end fixed holder, slide a thin rope and anchor 10 eleven correspondence between, and the corresponding two thin rope connected to the spring plate 2b, the thin rope junction with coupling sleeve plus. 固定座10固定在树脂导管11端口上,在固定座10中部有小孔。 Holder 10 is fixed to the resin conduit 11 port on the holder 10 has a central aperture.

[0021] 如图2、5所示,拉杆6后端穿入操作手柄9的柄杆后与移动控制环8固定,其前端穿过树脂导管11后由固定座10中部的小孔进入套网2内,并与滑块1中部固定。 After the [0021] As shown in Figure 2.5, the operating rod 6 penetrates the rear end of the control handle stem 9 8 fixed and mobile ring, the front end through the resin conduit holder 10 after 11 holes in the middle of the sleeve into the net 2, and fixed with the slider 1 middle.

[0022] 这样,如图1、4所示,移动控制环8的前后移动带动拉杆6也前后移动,拉杆6的前后移动进而带动滑块1前后移动,滑块1的向前移动即远离固定座10,使弹簧片2b拉直、 套网2中部向内收拢,图2即为套网2向内收拢时的示意图,滑块1的向后移动即靠向固定座10,使弹簧片2b压缩、套网2中部向外张开,图5即为套网向外张开时的示意图。 [0022] Thus, as shown in FIG. 1, 4, the control ring moves back and forth movement of the drive rod 8 6 also move back and forth, back and forth movement rod 6 and then drive back and forth to move the slider 1, a forward movement of the slider that is away from the fixed Block 10, the spring sheet 2b straightened, set network 2 Central inward Shoulong, Figure 2 is a schematic view of two sets of net inward Shoulong when moving backward toward the slider 1, ie holder 10, the spring sheet 2b compression, set network 2 Central flared, flared Figure 5 is a schematic diagram of the network when set.

[0023] 如图5所示,弹簧外管3尾部外围有加强套管4,加强套管4外还有固定套筒5与操作手柄9连接。 [0023] shown in Figure 5, the periphery of the rear outer tube 3 spring reinforcing sleeve 4, the outer sleeve 4 as well as to strengthen the holding sleeve 5 and the operating handle 9 is connected.

[0024] 使用时,手握移动控制环8及指环9a,将拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器的伸入患者的胆道内,移至结石处,然后拉动移动控制环8,使它作向后运动,带动拉杆6、滑块1向后运动, 此时套网2中部向外张开,轻轻转动拉杆式胆囊、胆管取石器,使结石进入取石装置的套网2内,当结石进入套网2后即推动移动控制环8,使它作向前运动,带动拉杆6、滑块1向前运动,此时套网2中部向内收拢包住结石,即可将结石带出胆道或挤碎。 [0024] In use, the hand movement control loop 8 and ring 9a, the rod type gallbladder, bile duct stone in the bile duct extends into the patient, move the stones, and then pull the motion control loop 8, making it as backward movement , driven rod 6, a backward movement of the slider, then set the network 2 Central flared, gently turn the tie rod gallbladder, bile duct stone, so that the stones set into the stone network device 2, when the stone into the sleeve Network 2 after driving the mobile control ring 8, as it moves forward, the drive rod 6, the slider 1 moves forward, then set the network 2 Central inwardly folded wrap stones, can be brought out biliary stones or crushed .

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