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Número de publicaciónCN103239852 A
Tipo de publicaciónSolicitud
Número de solicitudCN 201310171419
Fecha de publicación14 Ago 2013
Fecha de presentación5 Abr 2013
Fecha de prioridad5 Abr 2013
Número de publicación201310171419.9, CN 103239852 A, CN 103239852A, CN 201310171419, CN-A-103239852, CN103239852 A, CN103239852A, CN201310171419, CN201310171419.9
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Ankle support
CN 103239852 A
The invention discloses a novel ankle protective tool, relates to an ankle support and belongs to the field of nursing materials. The ankle support can prevent the injury of too much inner hooking of a sole. The technical scheme is that the ankle support comprises an elastic cloth sleeve, wherein a vertical belt-shaped supporting plate is connected onto the elastic cloth sleeve, and a section close to the lower end of the supporting plate protrudes outward. The ankle support is suitable for nursing of various sports.
Reclamaciones(1)  traducido del chino
1.一种踝撑,它包含弹力布套,其特征是所述弹力布套上连接有竖立的带形撑板,撑板的下端头附近的一段呈弧状外凸。 An ankle brace, which contains elastic fabric cover, wherein the stretch fabric sleeve is connected with the erection of the belt-shaped strut, strut near the bottom of the first section of rounded convex.
Descripción  traducido del chino

踝撑 Ankle support

技术领域: Technology area:

[0001] 本发明与护理用品有关,具体是指保护脚踝的踝撑。 [0001] The present invention is concerned with the care, specifically refers to the protection of the ankle brace ankle.


[0002] 在剧烈的体育运动竞技活动中,小腿和脚掌连接的部位即踝关节承担着巨大的受力,而其本身较特殊的构造往往容易让脚掌过分内勾而不会外勾,在起跳后再落地时不能让脚掌正面着地而是脚掌外沿或是更严重的脚背着地,这就会造成很大的损伤,即俗称的崴脚脖子,所以人们需要一种可以在剧烈的运动比如篮球运动中让脚踝关节获得更好保护的护理用品。 [0002] In the extreme sports athletic activities, calves and soles of the site that is connected to the ankle take a huge force, and its own special structure relatively easy feet too often in the hook without outside hook, at take-off and then not let the front landing foot touch the ground but outside of the sole of the foot or a more serious his back, which would cause great damage, commonly known as Wei ankle, so people needed a vigorous exercise such as basketball Let ankle movement for better protection of care.

发明内容: SUMMARY:

[0003] 本发明的目的便是提供一种踝关节保护的新的技术方案踝撑,它可以为踝关节提供更好的保护。 [0003] The object of the present invention is to provide a protective ankle ankle brace of new technical solutions, it can provide better protection for the ankle.

[0004] 本发明技术方案的内容如下:它包含弹力布套,所述弹力布套上连接有竖立的带形撑板,撑板的下端头附近的一段呈弧状外凸。 [0004] The content aspect of the present invention is as follows: it contains stretch fabric cover, the stretch fabric sleeve is connected with the erection of the belt-shaped strut, strut near the bottom of the first section of rounded convex.

[0005] 本发明的有益效果是将本护具套于脚踝上部,依靠撑板下端头抵撑脚踝内侧,一方面可予以助力防止过分内勾损伤,另一方面也是通过触感神经在心理层面提醒人们注意脚踝的保护,预防损伤。 [0005] The beneficial effects of the present invention is to present protector set in the upper ankle, rely on support strut head against the inside of the lower ankle, on the one hand may be assisted in the hook to prevent excessive damage, on the other hand also reminded by touch nerve psychological level attention to the protection of the ankle to prevent injuries.

附图说明: Brief description:

[0006] 图1为本设计踝撑的套用状态平视图。 [0006] FIG. 1 is designed to apply the state level ankle brace of view.

[0007] 图2为踝撑的侧视图。 [0007] FIG. 2 is a side view of the ankle brace.

[0008] 各图中,I为小腿脚踝部位,2为撑板,3为弹力布套,4为脚踝部位的内侧凸起。 [0008] each figure, I was ankle calf, 2 risers, stretch fabric cover 3, 4 medial ankle projections. 具体实施方式: DETAILED DESCRIPTION:

[0009] 人体在运动中脚踝部位易损伤主要的表现就是俗称的崴脚脖子,脚掌过分内翻加上体重压力的冲击,导致脚踝外侧的韧带过分拉伸损伤,其根源是此处的人体解剖学构造的特殊性,受小腿腓骨的下端头较胫骨的下端头的位置略低及腓骨在外侧胫骨在内侧等因素的影响作用,脚掌更易内勾或内翻,而相对于内侧的脚踝部位的连接韧带来说外侧的韧带更薄弱一些,在剧烈的运动对抗及起跳落地等冲击活动中往往容易崴脚。 [0009] The human body in motion in the ankle injury prone main performance is commonly known as Wei ankles, feet together with the impact of excessive weight varus pressure, leading to the outside of the ankle ligaments stretch too much damage, its root cause is the human anatomy here school construction particularity, the lower end of the fibula head by comparing the position of the lower end of the tibia and fibula head slightly on the outside of the medial tibial influence of other factors in, feet within more hook or varus, and with respect to the inside of the ankle connecting the lateral ligament ligament is weak some of the more vigorous the motion against the landing and takeoff of an impact such activities are often easy to Wei feet. 如图1、图2所示,在弹力布套3上固接有竖立的带形撑板2,弹力布套宜采用优质的内植橡胶细条的织物加工,它可束套于小腿上,撑板宜选择弹力硬度适中的塑料材质制作,在撑板的下端头附近的一段呈弧状外凸加工以容纳脚踝部位的内侧凸起4(实际上是小腿胫骨下端头的凸起),弹力布套和撑板的连接可以不固接即贯穿连接,弹力布套可以相对于撑板作一定的滑动,但最好是固死连接以确保撑板下端头抵撑位置的准确稳定性,即一旦确定抵撑部位轻易不会移动。 Figures 1, 2, 3 in the solid elastic cloth cover is connected with the erection of belt-shaped support plate 2, the elastic cloth cover appropriate use of quality within the plant rubber thin strips of fabric processing, it can collar on the leg, hold the inside of the plate should choose a moderate hardness elastic plastic material production, in a section near the bottom of the first strut rounded convex machined to accommodate the ankle projections 4 (actually raised the lower end of the head of the lower leg bone), stretch fabric cover and connecting strut can not fastened namely through connections, elastic cloth cover relative to the support plate for a certain slide, but it is better to die a solid connection to ensure accurate stability strut brace against the bottom of the first position, that once identified It does not move easily against the support site. 准备使用时,将弹力布套从脚尖套到小腿脚踝部位I的上部,操作撑板下端伸入鞋内的脚踝下部的内侧让下端头抵撑住脚侧,弹力布套的弹性束裹力可使得撑板的下端头时时弹性的抵撑住脚掌内侧,它一方面可予以脚掌助力阻止过分内勾,另一方面也是通过触感神经在心理层面提醒人们·时时注意脚踝的保护,预防损伤。 When ready to use, the elastic cloth cover from the toe cover the upper part of the ankle to the calf I, the operator extends into the inside of the ankle brace plate lower portion of the lower end inside the shoe so that the lower end of the first leg against the shore side of the elastic force bundle wrapped in stretch fabric sleeve making the bottom of the first strut braced against the inside always flexible foot, one hand it can be soles help prevent excessive internal hook, the other is to remind people through touch nerves at the psychological level * always pay attention to the protection of the ankle to prevent injuries.

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