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Número de publicaciónCN103433152 A
Tipo de publicaciónSolicitud
Número de solicitudCN 201310356866
Fecha de publicación11 Dic 2013
Fecha de presentación16 Ago 2013
Fecha de prioridad16 Ago 2013
Número de publicación201310356866.1, CN 103433152 A, CN 103433152A, CN 201310356866, CN-A-103433152, CN103433152 A, CN103433152A, CN201310356866, CN201310356866.1
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Centrifugal machine for micro-column gel cards
CN 103433152 A
The invention provides a centrifugal machine for micro-column gel cards. The centrifugal machine for the micro-column gel cards comprises a shell located on the periphery of an inner cavity. A driving main shaft is arranged right in the middle of the inner cavity. A rotary disc rotating along with the driving main shaft is arranged on the periphery of the driving main shaft. Fixing arms are arranged on the outer wall of the rotary disc in the axial direction. Each clamping groove is formed in the outer end of one fixing arm. When the micro-column gel cards rotate along with the driving main shaft, the centrifugal forces of the blood in detection holes are identical, and the detection effect is good; the front face of each micro-column gel card is opposite to a camera directly to output a shooting record, so that the processes of manual operation are greatly reduced, and the occurrence rate of subjective errors is reduced.
Reclamaciones(5)  traducido del chino
1.一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机,包括位于内腔外周的壳体,所述内腔正中间设有驱动主轴,所述驱动主轴外周设有一起转动的转盘,其特征在于:所述转盘的外壁轴向设有固定臂,所述固定臂的外端设有卡槽。 A micro-column gel card centrifuge, comprises an outer circumference of the housing cavity, said intermediate cavity being provided with a driving shaft, said drive shaft is rotated together with the outer periphery of the turntable, characterized in that: the axially outer wall of said turntable has a fixed arm, the outer end of the fixed arm with a slot.
2.根据权利要求1所述的一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机,其特征在于:所述固定臂有六个,其均匀布置在转盘的外臂;所述卡槽纵向设于两两固定臂之间。 2. A micro gel cards according to claim 1 centrifuge, wherein: the fixed arm has six, evenly arranged on the outer arm turntable; the longitudinal slot provided in the pairwise fixed between the arms.
3.根据权利要求1或2所述的一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机,其特征在于:所述转盘为正六边形。 3. A micro gel card 1 or claim 2, wherein the centrifuge, characterized in that: the turntable regular hexagon.
4.根据权利要求3所述的一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机,其特征在于:所述固定臂固设于正六边形的转盘的夹角外端。 A micro according to claim 3, wherein the gel card with a centrifuge, wherein: the fixed arm angle fixed on the turntable hexagonal outer end.
5.根据权利要求1所述的一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机,其特征在于:所述壳体上端面设有摄像机,所述摄像机的输出端与设于壳体侧部的输出接口进行电连接。 5. A micro gel cards according to claim 1 centrifuge, wherein: the end face is provided on the camera housing, the output terminal of the camera and the output interface provided in a side portion of the housing electrically connected.
Descripción  traducido del chino

一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机 A micro gel cards centrifuges

技术领域 Technical Field

[0001] 本发明涉及一种血液检测装置,具体涉及一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机。 [0001] The present invention relates to a blood test apparatus, and more particularly to a micro centrifuge gel cards.

[0002] [0002]

背景技术 Background

[0003] 临床血液检测可分为血液一般检测、溶血性贫血的实验室检测、骨髓细胞学检测、血型鉴定与交叉配血试验,可以检测出常见血液病的血液学特征,如血型、血液性病症等。 [0003] Clinical blood test can be divided into the general blood testing, laboratory testing of hemolytic anemia, bone marrow cytology, blood typing and cross-matching blood test that can detect hematologic features common blood diseases, such as blood, blood- illness and so on. 目前,新型的卡式检测法已代替了传统的血液检测方法,成为一种新的更方便、更稳定、准确的检测方式,受到广泛的推广。 Currently, the new detection method has been tabbed to replace the traditional blood test has become a new, more convenient, more stable and accurate detection method, it has been widely promoted. 其是利用生物化学凝胶过滤技术和离心技术及免疫学抗原抗体特异性反应相结合的产物。 It is the use of biochemical gel filtration technology and centrifuge technology and immunological antigen-antibody specific reaction product of the combination. 此法是通过调节凝胶的浓度来控制凝胶间隙的大小,使其间隙只能允许游离的红细胞通过,从而使游离的红细胞和聚集的红细胞分离。 This method is by adjusting the concentration of the gel to control the size of the gel gap to gap can only allow red blood cells by free, so free of red blood cells and red blood cell aggregation separation. 当抗原、抗体反应,血细胞发生凝集,离心时,凝集块不能通过凝胶间隙,而留在凝胶孔的上层,呈阳性反应。 When the antigen-antibody reaction, blood cells agglutination, centrifugal, aggregates can not gel gap, and stay in the upper gel well, positive. 未凝集的血细胞离心时可通过凝胶间隙,而沉积在凝胶孔的底部,则呈阴性反应。 When the cells were centrifuged blood bottom unagglutinated gap can be measured by gel, and the gel is deposited in the hole, then negative. 此方法操作简单、结果清楚、明确、稳定,易判定,重复性好,易保存。 This method is simple, the results clearly, clear, stable, easy to determine, reproducible and easy to preserve.

[0004]目前市场上用于微柱凝胶卡的离心机,其转子均设置为放射状纵向放置微柱凝胶卡进行离心操作,微柱凝胶卡经手工编号放入离心机,在离心程序完成后,由技术人员取出微柱凝胶卡,再逐一观看读出实验结果,并手动记录结果。 [0004] The centrifuge for micro gel cards on the market today, its rotors are set to radially placed longitudinally micro gel cards centrifugation, micro-column gel card number by hand into a centrifuge, the centrifugal program Upon completion, the technician removed the micro-gel card, and then read out one by one to watch results and manually record the results. 这种离心机在离心操作存在多种弊端: There are many disadvantages in this centrifuge centrifugation:

1、由于离心机的卡槽是纵向设置在主轴的周围,所以微柱凝胶卡也是纵向放置在离心机离心,微柱凝胶卡上的各个检测孔与离心机主轴的距离各不相同,导致其在离心的过程中,对各个检测孔的离心力有差别。 1, the centrifuge is a longitudinal slot is provided around the spindle, so micro-column gel card is placed in a centrifuge longitudinally from each test holes and centrifuge spindle micro-column gel cards vary, In the process leading to centrifugation, the centrifugal force of the respective difference detection hole.

[0005] 2、在整个操作过程中,微柱凝胶卡的编号、实验结果判读、记录都是由人工操作,这样既浪费人力资源且增加一些主观错误的发生机率。 [0005] 2, during the entire operation, the number of micro-column gel card results interpretation, records are made manually, such a waste of human resources and increases the subjective probability of the occurrence of errors.

[0006] 3、需要有一个弹射装置将微柱凝胶卡弹起才能对其进行摄像,在弹射过程中容易使微柱凝胶卡内血液检测结果发生改变或者使其中液体飞溅出来。 [0006] 3, the ejection device will need to have a micro-column gel card pops up to its camera, during firing tends to micro gel cards or blood test results to make changes where liquid splashing out.

[0007] [0007]


[0008] 本发明就是要解决上述不足,提供一种新型微柱凝胶卡用离心机,达到对微柱凝胶卡中各个检测孔离心均匀,提高血液检测标准。 [0008] The present invention is directed to solving the above problems, to provide a new micro-centrifuge gel card, reaching micro gel cards in the detection holes evenly centrifugation, improve blood testing standards.

[0009] 为了达到上述效果,本发明提供一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机,包括位于内腔外周的壳体,所述内腔正中间设有驱动主轴,所述驱动主轴外周设有一起转动的转盘,所述转盘的外壁轴向设有固定臂,所述固定臂的外端设有卡槽。 [0009] In order to achieve the above effect, the present invention provides a micro-centrifuge gel cards, comprises an outer circumference of the housing cavity, said intermediate cavity being provided with a driving shaft, said drive shaft is provided along the outer periphery rotation of the turntable, the turntable is provided with an outer wall axially fixed arm, the outer end of the fixed arm has a slot.

[0010] 进一步,所述固定臂有六个,其均匀布置在转盘的外臂;所述卡槽纵向设于两两固定臂之间。 [0010] Further, the fixed arm has six, evenly arranged on the outer arm turntable; the longitudinal slot disposed between the two fixed arms.

[0011] 进一步,所述转盘为正六边形。 [0011] Further, the turntable is regular hexagon. [0012] 进一步,所述固定臂固设于正六边形的转盘的夹角外端。 [0012] Further, the angle between the fixed arm fixed on the turntable of the outer end of a regular hexagon.

[0013] 进一步,所述壳体上端面设有摄像机,所述摄像机的输出端与设于壳体侧部的输出接口进行电连接。 [0013] Further, the video camera is provided on the end face of the housing, and an output terminal of the camera unit provided on the housing side are electrically connected to the output interface.

[0014] 本发明的离心机由于卡槽是纵向设于两两固定臂之间,长形卡槽的两端到驱动主轴的距离相等,离心时将微柱凝胶卡放置卡槽中进行离心时,微柱凝胶卡中各个检测孔与主轴的距离相等,其所获得的离心力也相等,这就消除了每个检测孔之间的离心力差别,使微柱凝胶卡内各个检测孔内的离心力更为均匀,提高血液检测标准。 [0014] The present invention has a centrifuge longitudinal slot is disposed between the two ends of the fixed arm, an elongated slot is equal to the distance between the drive shaft, centrifugal micro gel card slot placement centrifuged When, in each micro-column gel card detecting holes and the same distance from the spindle, the centrifugal force they have acquired are equal, which eliminates the centrifugal force difference between each detection hole, the inner micro-column gel card each detection hole The centrifugal force is more uniform, improve blood testing standards.

[0015] 另外,在壳体上端面设有摄像机,由于转盘为正六边形,六个固定臂是均匀地布置在转盘的夹角处,且卡槽是纵向设于两两固定臂之间,所以微柱凝胶卡随着主轴转动过程中,其每个微柱凝胶卡的正面都能直接正对摄像机,摄像机可清晰地拍摄下微柱凝胶卡上的标记及离心结果,而不需要弹射装置将微柱凝胶卡弹起,从而避免了在弹射过程中因弹射过程而导致结果发生改变或者液体飞溅出来的弊端。 [0015] In addition, with a camera on the end face of the housing, since the turntable regular hexagon, six fixed arm is uniformly arranged at the corners of the turntable, and a longitudinal slot is provided between any two fixed arms, So microcolumn gel card with the spindle rotation, its front each micro-column gel card can be directly facing the camera, the camera can be recorded clearly marked and the results of micro-centrifuge gel cards without ejection means need microcolumn gel card pops up, thus avoiding the ejection process due to lead to the ejection process results changed or liquid splashing out of the state.

[0016] 当离心工作完成后,由摄像机通过对微柱凝胶卡进行摄像并判读结果,同时微柱凝胶卡上相应的条形码被扫描存档,然后通过输出接口进行输出、打印,这样减少了大量的人力手动操作的过程,降低主观错误的发生率。 [0016] When the centrifuge is completed by the camera through the micro gel cards for imaging and interpretation of the results, while the micro-column gel card corresponding bar code is scanned archives, and then output via the output interface, printing, thus reducing the process a lot of manual labor, reduce the incidence of subjective errors.

[0017] [0017]

附图说明 Brief Description

[0018] 下面结合附图和具体实施方式对本发明作进一步详细的说明。 [0018] below in conjunction with the accompanying drawings and specific embodiments of the present invention will be further described in detail.

[0019] 图1是本发明结构示意图; [0019] FIG. 1 is a schematic view of the present invention;

图中:1-壳体,2-卡槽,3-固定臂,4-摄像机,5-驱动主轴,6-内腔,7-转盘。 REFERENCE NUMERALS 1: housing, 2- slot, the fixed arm 3-, 4- camera drive spindle 5-, 6- lumen 7- turntable.

[0020] [0020]


[0021] 如图1所示,一种微柱凝胶卡用离心机,包括位于内腔6外周的壳体1,内腔6正中间设有驱动主轴5,驱动主轴5外周设有一起转动的正六边形转盘7,所述转盘7的外壁夹角处轴向均匀设有六个固定臂3,所述固定臂3的外端两两之间设有卡槽2。 [0021] 1, a micro-centrifuge gel cards, includes a lumen 6 of the outer periphery of the housing 1, the middle cavity 6 has a drive shaft 5, the drive shaft 5 rotates together with the outer peripheral features regular hexagon turntable 7, the angle between the axially outer turntable 7 is uniformly has six fixed arm 3, the outer end of the fixed arm 3 is provided between the two slot 2.

[0022] 进一步,所述壳体I上端面设有摄像机4,所述摄像机4的输出端与设于壳体侧部的输出接口进行电连接。 [0022] Further, provided on the end surface of the camera housing I 4, the output of the camera 4 is provided on the housing side and an output interface portion electrically connected.

[0023] 工作时,转盘7随驱动主轴5转动,通过固定臂3带动卡槽2转动,使放入卡槽2中的微柱凝胶卡中的血液进行离心,达到检测血液的目的。 When the [0023] work, dial 7 with the drive shaft 5 rotates, driven by fixed arm 3 slot 2 is rotated, so that the slot 2 into micro-column gel card is centrifuged blood to achieve the purpose of detecting blood.

[0024] 由于转盘为正六边形,六个固定臂是均匀地布置在转盘的夹角处,且卡槽是纵向设于两两固定臂之间,所以微柱凝胶卡随着驱动主轴转动过程中,各个检测孔内血液的离心力相等,检测效果好,并且每个微柱凝胶卡的正面都能直接正对摄像机进行拍摄记录输出,减少了大量的人力手动操作的过程,降低主观错误的发生率。 [0024] Due to dial a regular hexagon, six fixed arm is uniformly arranged at an angle at the turntable, and a longitudinal slot is provided between any two fixed arm, so micro-column gel card with the drive spindle rotation during the respective detection holes centrifugal force equal blood, good detection results, and the front of each micro-column gel card can be directly facing the camera shooting record output, reducing the process a lot of manual labor, reduce subjective error The incidence.

[0025] 以上实施例并非仅限于本发明的保护范围,所有基于本发明的基本思想而进行修改或变动的都属于本发明的保护范围。 Above [0025] The examples are not limited to the scope of the present invention, all based on the basic idea of the present invention will be modified or changes fall within the protection scope of the present invention.

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