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Número de publicaciónCN2038410 U
Tipo de publicaciónSolicitud
Número de solicitudCN 88200026
Fecha de publicación31 May 1989
Fecha de presentación5 Ene 1988
Fecha de prioridad5 Ene 1988
Número de publicación88200026.8, CN 2038410 U, CN 2038410U, CN 88200026, CN-U-2038410, CN2038410 U, CN2038410U, CN88200026, CN88200026.8
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Electron chess
CN 2038410 U
The utility model relates to an electronic military chess which is a big innovation of traditional military chesses. The chessmen of the electronic military chess are provided with a code operation device and a judge device. The electronic military chess overcomes the defects that a third person is required to be a judge when traditional military chesses are used for two persons to play; the utility model has active actions for increasing the recreation of military chess and enriching the cultural life of people.
Reclamaciones(6)  traducido del chino
1.一种电子军棋,其特征在于配有电子裁判器,此电子裁判器由编码器,计算器和指示器组成;电子裁判器备有电源。 An electronic Jun Qi, wherein referee equipped with electronic devices, the electronic Judging by the encoder, a calculator and an indicator composition; referee is equipped with electronic power supply.
2.根据权利要求1所述的电子军棋,其特征在于每只军棋棋子上都有按其棋子名称编排好的孔或穴,作为二进编码的操作装置。 The electronic Jun Qi according to claim 1, characterized in that the pieces of each military chess piece has its name choreographed hole or cavity, as a binary encoding operation means.
3.根据权利要求1所述的电子军棋,其特征在于裁判器上有一个可以并列放入两只军棋棋子的裁判坑。 Electronic Jun Qi according to claim 1, characterized in that a piece can be tied into the two referees pit on Jun Qi referee device.
4.根据权利要求1所述的电子军棋,其特征在于编码器是由绝缘基座,金属顶杆和金属汇流所构成的多位开关装置。 Electronic Jun Qi according to claim 1, characterized in that the encoder is a multiple position switch means comprises an insulating base, metal and metal bus jack constituted.
5.根据权利要求1所述的电子军棋,其特征在于计算器的主体是带指示驱动器的专用集成电路。 Electronic Jun Qi according to claim 1, characterized in that the main body of the calculator is indicative drives with ASIC.
6.根据权利要求1所述的电子军棋,其特征在于有指示胜负关系的指示灯。 The electronic Jun Qi according to claim 1, characterized in that the relationship between the outcome of the indicating lamp.
Descripción  traducido del chino

本实用新型属于电子娱乐器具陆战军棋具有秘密布署和尖锐对抗的性质,决定了它不仅是一种健康的文化娱乐用具,有时也在军事、公安、计划等特定领域里被借用为辅助训练工具。 The utility model is an electronic entertainment equipment Marine Jun Qi secret nature of the deployment and sharp confrontation, determines that it is not only a healthy culture and entertainment appliances, and sometimes also in specific areas of military, police, plans to assist in the training borrowed tool. 它在锻炼人的集思、分析、判断、记忆、运筹、决策等方面的能力,吸引着人们的兴趣,为广大人民所喜爱。 It is set in train a person's thinking, analysis, ability to judge, memory, operations, decision-making, etc., to attract people's interest for the majority of the people love. 但是,现在军棋在二人对弈时,必须由第三人担任裁判。 But now, when the two chess Jun Qi, must act as a referee by a third person. 这是阻碍军棋进一步发展的致命缺点:1.有时不能方便的找到第三人主事裁判,致使不能成局或被迫改为水平大减的各种非正规方法二人对弈。 This is impeding the further development of fatal flaws Jun Qi: sometimes not easy to find a third party principal referee, making it impossible to office or forced to greatly reduced levels of a variety of non-formal methods duo chess.

2.裁判判工作枯燥乏味,不愿担任或不能坚持者居多,有时被迫轮流座庄,破坏了对抗的连续性。 2. umpire tedious work, as unwilling or unable to adhere to the majority, and sometimes forced to turn base village, destroyed the continuity of the confrontation.

3.裁判者的错判和偏判,经常造成对奕的中断或不快。 3. The judge who sentenced misjudged and partial, often resulting Duiyi interruption or unhappiness.

本实用新型的目的是:用现代技术改造军棋,以电子裁判系统代替人工裁判。 The utility model aims: to use modern technological innovation Jun Qi, electronic system instead of doing referee referee. 电子军棋的实现,将有效克服上述缺点,为军棋的大幅度普及发展开僻了广阔前景。 Electronic Jun Qi implementations, will effectively overcome these shortcomings, for significantly more popular secluded Jun Qi open up broad prospects.

本实用新型的详细说明:电子军棋原理用图1加以说明。 The utility model Description: Electronic military chess principles illustrated by Figure 1.

电子军棋的棋盘与传统棋盘完全一样,电子军棋棋子的名称,标志和尺寸也和传统棋子相同。 Jun Qi electronic board with traditional chessboard exactly the same, the name of the electronic Jun Qi pieces, flags and traditional pieces are the same size. 不同之处是:电子军棋配有一只对奕者共用的专用电子裁判器;在电子军棋的专用棋子上,设有编码操作装置,同名棋子共用同一的唯一编码。 The difference is: electronic Jun Qi 对奕 who shared with a special electronic referee is; in the electronic Jun Qi special pieces with coding operation means sharing the same name as the only piece of code for the same. 对奕按规则进行,当双方发生对抗决战时,背对背地将两只(红、兰各一)奕者互不知棋名的棋子送至裁判器上的裁判坑之内(图6*),稍施压力,即完成了人对机器的操作。对奕 according to the rules, when the two sides battle against time, back to back, the two (red, blue and one each) Wilson who do not know each other chess pieces were sent to the referee within the referee on the pit (Fig. 6 *), slightly applying pressure to complete the person operating the machine. 此时,被裁判的棋子,分别推动各自编码器,两个编码器即同时或先后向计算器送出被其确认的棋子编码。 In this case, the referee's pawn, were pushing each encoder, two encoders simultaneously or successively to the calculator that is sent by its confirmation pawn encoding. 当两组编码都可靠的送出后,编码器启动控制装置,命令计算器开始工作。 When the two groups are reliable send coded encoder start control apparatus, command calculator to work. 计算器接收启动指令后,立即按既定运算逻辑,判定两只对抗棋子间的胜负,驱动指示器(本实施例为发光二级管)来指示各方的胜负或同归于尽。 After receiving the start command calculator immediately in accordance with established arithmetic logic determines the outcome of the two pieces confrontation between the drive indicator (in this embodiment is a light emitting diode) to indicate the outcome of the parties or die. 当然,计算器的运算逻辑是遵循军棋对奕规则的。 Of course, the calculator is to follow Jun Qi Duiyi arithmetic logic rules. 确认判定后,棋子从坑里移开,此时,计算器自动复零,灯光全息,舍弃败方棋子,将胜方棋子返回到棋盘上原来发生对抗的位置,对奕继续进行。 After confirming the judgment, the pieces away from the pit, this time, the calculator automatically reset to zero, light holography, abandon loser pawn, pawn winner will return to the original position on the chessboard confrontation, 对奕 proceed.

电子军棋的棋子与本系统编码器的要求相适应,该棋子上设置了编码操作装置,在对方不能窥视到的棋子的底部或内侧下端,开出若干孔或穴,孔、穴可做成任何形状。 Jun Qi electronic pieces with this system meet the requirements of the encoder, the encoding operation device set pieces on the bottom or inside of the lower end of the other party can not peep into the pieces, out of some hole or hole, hole, the hole can be made in any shape.

棋子的结构有底部式(图2a)和内端式(图2b)两种,结构的选择,取决于编码器的结构。 The structure and the two kinds of pieces, the bottom selection structure formula (Fig. 2a) wherein an inner end (Figure 2b), depending on the structure of the encoder. 底部式配用于卧置编码器,内端式配用于立置编码器。 Bottom type with encoder used in horizontal, vertical inner end style with a set for encoders.

孔,穴的深度1-2毫米。 Depth of the hole, the hole of 1-2 mm. 孔穴的有效尺寸一般在1.5-4毫米之间,视系统的定位精度和孔穴的位置数量而定。 The effective size of the cavity is generally between 1.5-4 mm, positioning accuracy and the number of cavities depending on the system's location. “有孔”和“有穴”两种状态都可以分别定义为二进制数的1、0或0、1。 "Holes" and "there are points" two states can be defined as a binary number 1,0 or 0,1. 不同名称的棋子,其孔的数量和组合不同,但孔位置数量必须固定。 Pieces of different names, number and combination of different pore, but the number of hole positions must be fixed. 军棋子共有军旗、总司令、军长、师长、旅长、团长、营长、连长、排长、工兵、炸弹和地雷等十二个名称,用一组四位二进制编码即0000-1111的十六个二进制数便可概括有余。 There pawn army flag, commander, commander, division commander, Brigadier, Colonel, battalion commander, company commander, platoon leader, engineering, bombs and mines twelve names, with a group of four binary encoding that 0000-1111 The sixteen binary number can be more than a generalization. 因此,孔位数应为4。 Thus, the hole should be 4 bits.

为了实现对计算器的开启控制,棋子上还应安排一个控制位置,这个位置不开孔,并设置在棋子的中心线上,这是为了保证它的作用时间发生在其他各位置都正确地发生作用之后。 In order to achieve the control of the calculator is turned on, the pieces should be arranged on a control position, this position is not opening and disposed in the center line of the piece, which is to ensure that its duration of action occurs in the other positions are properly occur after effects. 因此孔位数至少为5。 Thus the number of bits of at least 5 holes.

为了简化计算器的逻辑,可增加编码位数来提供特殊标志码,此时,棋子上的孔位置数可能扩展到8或9。 To simplify the logic calculator, can increase the number of bits used to encode special flag code, this time, the position of the pieces on the number of holes may be extended to 8 or 9.

因为“军旗”无战斗力,可和“工兵”共用同一编码。 Because the "flag" no combat, can and "engineers" to share the same code.

图3为典型的孔位置配置图。 Figure 3 is a configuration diagram of a typical hole locations. Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅳ、Ⅴ为编码位置,任一位置都可能有孔或无孔,Ⅲ为控制位置,无孔。 Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ for encoding position, any position may have holes or without holes, Ⅲ control position, no holes.

棋子可选用的材料范围较广,考虑到适用性,工艺性和经济性,本实施例采用ABS塑料制造。 Pawn broader choice of material, taking into account the applicability, technology and economy, the present embodiment is made of ABS plastic. 其他实施例可用其他热塑性塑料制造,其特点是成本低廉,适于大批生产。 Other embodiments can use other thermoplastics, which is characterized by low cost, suitable for mass production. 与先进的电子系统相配谐,用热固性塑料制造棋子也是适宜的,其特点是尺寸稳定,耐用,手感着实。 And advanced electronic systems to match the harmony, with a thermosetting plastic pieces are also suitable, which is characterized by a dimensionally stable, durable, and really feel. 高档棋子亦可用铝合金等金属制造,此时,应在棋子的孔处或编码器的顶杆端部采取绝缘措施。 High-end pieces also, this time, the insulation measures should be taken to the ends of the mandrel hole or encoder pieces of aluminum and other metal fabrication.

棋子内表面上的棋子名称字型,可用雕刻,模压或丝网印刷方法加工。 Font name pawn pawn on the inner surface, can be carved, molded or screen printing method processing. 棋子的背面应装饰用以扰乱视线,防止对方识别的花纹。 The back of the piece to be decorated for distracting, to prevent him from identifying patterns. 根据不同应用场合,棋子名称可用汉字,少数民族文字或外文标志。 Depending on the application, the name of the pieces available characters, minority languages or foreign language signs.

编码器编码器相当于一种受该棋子操作的“常闭”开关组件,其原理如下:图4中开关“按钮”就是编码器的顶杆端头,它们的数量与棋子的孔位置数量相等,它们的位置与棋子的孔穴位置相一致。 Encoder Encoder is equivalent to a "normally closed" switch assembly operations by the piece, which works as follows: Figure 4 switch "button" is the encoder mandrel ends, the number of holes where they are equal to the number of pieces , their position coincides with the position of the pieces of the cavities.

开关Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅳ、Ⅴ用作编码,用棋子压下顶杆时,无孔处的顶杆被推动,常闭点打开,有孔处的顶杆无动作,保持常闭。 Switch Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ used for coding, when pressed with a piece mandrel, the mandrel is driven without holes, normally closed opens at the push rod holes no action, keeping the normally closed. 这一过程便实现了孔穴编码的转换,棋子有孔,无孔两种状态转变为开关通断两种状态,进而控制高、低两种电平状态。 This process will be achieved cavities encoding conversion, the pieces have holes, nonporous two switch-off state to the two states, and thus high control, both low level state.

用作控制开关Ⅲ,棋子的孔位Ⅲ处无孔,只要棋子压向顶杆,开关打开,采用适当的电路即可控制计算器开始工作。 Used as a control switch Ⅲ, Ⅲ holes at the piece of non-porous, so long as a pawn to ram pressure, the switch is open, using the appropriate circuitry to control the calculator to work. 为了确保计算器的起动必须发生在确认编码之后,这就需要Ⅲ的机械动作滞后于Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅳ、Ⅴ。 To ensure that the calculator must occur after starting confirmation code, which requires Ⅲ mechanical action lag in Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅳ, Ⅴ. 本实施例是将顶杆Ⅲ稍短(约0.5-1毫米)于其他顶杆来实现这一要求的。 In this embodiment, the ram Ⅲ shorter (about 0.5 mm) of the other jack to achieve this requirement.

开关Ⅲ亦可设计成“常开”型,此时可用它来控制电源,可达到同样的目的。 Switch Ⅲ also designed as a "normally open" type, then it can be used to control the power, can achieve the same purpose.

每只裁判器对称的装入两只完全相同的编码器。 Each referee symmetrically loaded two identical encoder.

编码器的结构有以下两种:图5a是卧式编码器初始状态原理图。 Encoder structure has the following two: Figure 5a is a horizontal encoder initial state diagram. 5只弹性金属顶杆3被绝缘基座4联为一个组件,用紧固件固定在外壳2上,各顶杆在预应力作用下与汇流条5接触。 Five elastic metal mandrel 3 is insulated base 4 together as a component fasteners secured to the housing 2, each plunger in contact with prestress 5 busbars. 当棋子1进入裁判位置并稍施压力时,与棋子有孔位相遇的顶杆不动作,与棋子无孔位相遇的顶杆将下移与汇流条5脱离接触。 When the piece a little into the referee position and exert pressure, and there are holes encounter piece mandrel does not act, with no holes piece mandrel will encounter down and busbars 5 disengagement.

图5b是立式编码器初始状态原理图。 Figure 5b is a vertical schematic of the initial state of the encoder. 结构与卧式的相同,不同之处只是顶杆的动作依靠棋子内端孔穴的作用。 The same structure as the horizontal, the difference between the operation of just relying on the mandrel end piece cavity effect.

本实施例为卧式Ⅲ键“常闭”型结构。 This embodiment is a horizontal Ⅲ key "normally closed" type structure.

顶杆和汇流条应有良好的接触,本实例采用了镀银措施。 Ejector and busbars should have good contact, this example uses a silver-plated measure. 最可靠的办法是在它们的接触部位处镶焊电接点材料。 The most reliable way is to contact them at the site of an electrical contact material inserts welded.

计算器计算器是一个可以通过多种途径实现的数字逻辑电路。 Calculator Calculator is a digital logic circuit can be achieved through a variety of ways. 本实施例用通用数字集成电路搭成,其他实施例也可用分离元器件,PROM或EPROM模块制作。 Shelter of the present embodiment using common digital integrated circuits, other embodiments may also be discrete components, PROM or EPROM module production. 最廉价,最可靠的方案,是设计和制造带有指示驱动器的军棋专用MOS集成电路。 The cheapest and most reliable solution is to design and manufacture integrated circuits with MOS Jun Qi special instructions drives.

计算器的主要要求是:1.接受编码器给定的编码置数,能对两组编码输入时间迟早的随机性予以处理。 The main requirement is that the calculator: 1. accept encoder given encoding set the number of groups can be addressed sooner or later the time code input randomness.

2.进行逻辑判定,按军棋胜负规则进行处理,具有大吃小,同级一起阵亡,工兵胜地雷,各子遇炸弹同归于尽等胜负关系。 2. Make the logical judgment, according to the rules of treatment outcome Jun Qi, with eat small, sibling killed together, engineer wins mines, each sub-die case of bombs and other outcome relationship.

3.驱动发光二级管指示胜负。 3. Drive LEDs indicate the outcome.

4.较低的功耗,较低的工作电压。 The lower power consumption, lower operating voltages. 为携带方便,一般以3-6伏干电池供电。 Is easy to carry, generally 3-6 volt battery-powered.

电子裁判器总成:图6所示电子裁判器是一个便携的独立电子装置,总重量不大于300克(已装电池),外型尺寸可不大于18*12*6(cm),它由两组编码器2,电路扳4和电池3连接在一起,装在一个由外壳1和底盖5所组成的盒内,外壳1的表面中部设有能容纳两只并列棋子的裁判坑*,指示胜负的指示灯6安排在醒目的位置处。 Electronic referee assembly: Electronic referee is shown in Figure 6 is a portable electronic device independent, the total weight of not more than 300 grams (battery has been installed), dimensions of not more than 18 * 12 * 6 (cm), which consists of two group encoder 2, 4 and the battery 3 pull circuit are connected together, mounted in a box by the housing 1 and the bottom cover 5 composed of a surface of the middle of the housing is provided to accommodate two parallel pieces referee pit *, indicating outcome indicator 6 arranged at the position of the eye-catching. 电源开关和电源指示灯有时是必要的。 Power switch and power indicator is sometimes necessary.

图6为用于卧式编码器的裁判器实施例一整套电子军棋应包括以下各部分:(1)红兰棋子各一副(2)裁判器一具(3)标准棋盘一张 Figure 6 is a set of electronics for horizontal encoder is implemented Jun Qi referee should include the following components: (1) each of a pair of red and blue pieces (2) the referee is a tool (3) a standard chessboard

(4)说明书一份本实用新型的电子军棋,克服了以往军棋需要专人裁判的缺点,对人们文娱生活的提高起到推动作用。 (4) description of a utility model of electronic Jun Qi, Jun Qi need to overcome the shortcomings of the past, the referee's hand, to improve the cultural life of the people play a role.

图1电子军棋原理框图图2a底部式棋子结构图图2b端部式棋子结构图图3孔位配置图图4编码器开关组件原理图图5a卧式编码器示意图。 Figure 1. Block diagram of the electronic military chess pawn structure type at the bottom of Figure 2a Figure 2b ends of type pawn structure Figure 3 hole configuration Figure 4 encoder switch assembly schematic diagram of Figure 5a horizontal encoder. (图中:1棋子,2外壳,3顶杆,4基座,5 汇流条)图5b立式编码器示意图。 (Figure: 1 piece, 2 shell, 3 ram, 4 base 5 busbars) vertical encoder schematic in Figure 5b. (图中:1棋子,2外壳,3顶杆,4基座,5 汇流条)图6电子裁判器总成示意图。 (Figure: 1 piece, 2 shell, 3 ram, 4 base 5 busbars) electronic referee assembly diagram of Figure 6. (图中:1外壳,2编码器,3电池,4电 路板,5底盖,6指示灯) (FIG: 1 casing, 2 encoder, the battery 3, the circuit board 4, the bottom cover 5, 6 LEDs)

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