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Número de publicaciónUS1011697 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación12 Dic 1911
Fecha de presentación11 Oct 1910
Fecha de prioridad11 Oct 1910
Número de publicaciónUS 1011697 A, US 1011697A, US-A-1011697, US1011697 A, US1011697A
InventoresLouis C Witkowski
Cesionario originalLouis C Witkowski
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Combined mailing-card and merchandise-carrier.
US 1011697 A
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1,011,697. Patented Dec. 12,1911.




1,011,697. Patented Dec.12,1911.


Bnnentor W' m d; 2 t attorneys witnesses witnesses 6W. MA



ssnmrwsnm 3.

Zmnentor attotncgs 'desired shape, and accommodated {TED STATES PATENT crimes...

Louis 0. wrrxowsxr, or wasriINeTo-N, msrnro'r Omani/[15in COMBINED MAILING-man, AND .nnacnanmsncannmar Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed October 11, 1 910. Serial No. 586,531.

T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, LOUIS C. Wrrnowsxi,

a citizen of the United States, residing at Vashington, in the District of Columbia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Combined Mailingllards and Merchandise-Carriers; and'l do hereby declare'the following to be a full, clear, and

-exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art- 'to which it appertains to make and use the same.

vT his invention relates toimprovement-s in mailing cards, and has for an object the arrangement of a card formed or provided with means for receiving and holding merchandise.

- The object in view is the arrangement in a mailing card, of a body of the usual or any preferred shape, and a box or housing formed integral therewith or independent thereof, and secured to the body.

A' further object of the invention is the arrangementin a mailing card, of a card body, and a box associated therewith and formed square, oblong, round or any other with fastening means for holding the flaps of the box properly closed and in such position as -to brace and'stiffen the box for resisting any crushing action.

A still further object of the invention is 'the arrangement of a mailing card with a body portion and a flap portion formed integral with the body portion designed to receive the address, and formed with an aperture therein, and a pair of tabs extending therefrom, the tabs, fitting into apertures formed in the body portion and the aperture accommodating a box formed integral with.

or independent of the body portion, but secured thereto preferably by a plurality of securing means for holding the box firmly in position, and for bracing the ends soas scribed and claimed.

to resist crushing of the box, the flap also acting as a brace for the ends and sides.

With these and other objects in View the invention comprises certain novel construetions, combinations, and arrangement of arts as will be hereinafter more fully de- .In I the accompanying the invention shown ready for mailing. Fig. 2 is a View similar to. Fig. 1, except that the flap is shown open. Fig. 3 is a detail perspective view of a slightly modified form of ject placed thereon; The box may be formed integral with the body portion or indepe'ii 685 drawings: Figure 1. is a perspective view of an embodiment of box embodying certain features of the invention. Fig. 4 is a plan view of the blank of the structure shown in Fig. 1. Fig. 5 is a section through Fig; 3 on line 5-5-. Fig. 6 1s a detail perspective view of a sli'ghfliy Patented. Dec. 12, 1911i i modified form of box. Fig. 7 is a blank of i -may be omit-ted if desired. -In addition to the flap 'abox is formed integral with the body portion of the. card, and has the ends and side members clamped firmly to the body portion, so as to positively hold the boxin any predetermined position on the card, and also by the particular construct-ion and arrangement of the box and means for securing the same in place thebox is braced for resisting the crushing action of any obi ent thereof, and may be formed in sev ways and several shapes for properly receiving and holding the merchandise. The box is formed with end members bent upon themselves so as to extend outward and then inward until the end projects within the box, and then has passedthrough the projecting end securing means for properly" holding the endsin position. The bottom of the box is also preferably made as a projec tion from the end, top, and sides. and is formed to extend from one side to the other This and project beyond so as to receive securing members, as stitching or clamping members.

The box may be formed rectangular in shape loo or round as preferred for accommodating merchandise of various shapes.

In order that the invention may be more clearly understood an embodiment of the same is shown in the accompanying draw-.

ings, in which- 1 indicates the, body portion or-bas'e of the card, and 2 a flap formed integral with thebase l'f'but preferably divided therefrom by. aline of scoring 3; In the flap 2 is cut an aperture 4 for accommodating a box 5 which is secured to base 1 and also, an aperture for accommodating the securing means for holding one of the ends of box 5 in position.

In addition to the apertures 41 and 6 tabs 7 and 8 are formed on flap 2 and arranged to pass through apertures 7 and 8 when the flap is folded over into the position shown in Fig. 1.

Box 5 is preferably formed of the same piece of material as base 1, as clearly shown in Fig. 4:. A row of perforations 9 are provided so as to remove the box from base 1 if desired. The box 5 is formed with a top 10, end flaps 11 and 12, end members 13 and 14, side members 15 and 16, and a bottom 17, all formed from one piece of material. .As will be clearly seen in Fig. 4 the bottom 17, side'16, and top 10, are a continuation of side 15, but simply folded into a box shape. Bottom 17 is made of sufficient length to extend from side 16 to side 15, and

beyond side 15 beneath the turned over portion 18 of body 1. By this structure the stitching 19 may pass through base 1, turned over portion 18, and the end of bottom 17 so as to thoroughly clamp the box 5 in position. Ends 13 and 14 are bent downward in the usual manner for forming a correct.

end for the box, and then are bent outward after which they are again bent back, mak-. ing a double fold, and the portion bent back is designed to be of sutlicient length to pro ject into the inclosed part of the box. The bending of the ends in this manner provides a bracing structure for the ends, and for supporting the top and sides against crushing, especially when securing members 20 are placed in position. Suitable apertures are formedin the turned over portions of the ends in order to accommodate the securingmeans, which may be of any desired kind, but preferably are-removable fasteners, as for instance, the ordinary paper fastener. This provides a looking or securing memher, but one that permits the ready opening of the box for removal of the contents -or for inspection without injury to the box or fastener, so that the box may go through the mail.

In Figs. 3 and 5a slight modification is disclosed, in which a box independent of the base 1 is provided. The structure of this box is the same as the structure of the box in the preferred form, with the exception that the bottom is not connected to base 1. However, if desired the bottom 17 may extend beyond the side of the box and be secured to base 1 by rivets, wire stitching or the like, in addition to having securing means, similar to the paper fastener 20, for holding the box in proper position.

In Figs. 6 to 9 inclusive is disclosed another modification of the invention, in which the box is made independent of base 1. In this form of the invention the ends 13 and 1 1 are provided with extensions 21 and 22 which extend outwardly from 'the ends when the ends are bent into shape for forming a box, but are not again bent'back as disclosed in the preferred form. This box is made with a top 23, side members 24: and 25, and a bottom 26. Formed integral with bottom 26 is a side flap 27 and projecting end retaining members '28 and 29, which are provided with apertures for registering with the apertures in members 21 and 22 for accommodating securing members as paper fasteners. If desired the extension 22 may be folded so as to project into the interior of the box, or they are pasted or otherwise secured in place. i

What 1 claim is:

1. In a combined mailing card and merchandise carrier, a base, a flap extending from said base at one side thereof and formed with an aperture, a box structure extending from said base opposite side flap, a flap member for connecting the box with the body portion in such a manner as to position the box structure on said body portion at a point distant from the edge of the base and in line with the aperture in the flap, whereby when said flap is folded over against said body portion the aperture therein will fit over said box, and means passing through said flap, part of said box, and said base for holding all of said members together.

2. In a mailing card, a body, a box connected therewith, and a flap formed integral with the body provided with a cut out portion designed to fit over said box, and with tabs for engaging said body.

3. In a mailing card, a body formed with a plurality of slits therein, a flap formed integral with the body arranged to be bent over against the body, said flap being formed with an aperture therein, and a plurality of tabs, said tabs being designed to be passed through the slits in said body when said flap has been folded against the body, a box formed integral with said body, and a plurality of means for clamping the box firmly in position on said body, said flap assisting said last mentioned means in holding-said box in position, the aperture said box being folded over againstsaid 125 body, and said body being folded along one edge at the same time that the box is folded over against the body, said box being formed with a bottom having a flange extending beneath the fold of said body, and

end members having extensions projecting turned over portions of said body and the extension. ofsaid bottom for clamping the bottomofjthebox. in position, and means i for securing .the extensions of the ends of the box to the body of said card.

5. In a combined mailing card and linerchandise carrier, a base, a box removably secured to said base formed with a body portion designed to extend upward for top, and downwardly for forming a second side, and laterally again for forming a bottom, said last lateral extension projecting beyond the box, said box being also formed with end members designed to be bent .so as to extend away from the box, and then back toward the box, and a plurality of securing means for holding the box to said base, some of said means passing through the extension of said bottom, and some of said means passing through the extension of said ends.

= In testimony whereof I afiix my signature "in presence of two witnesses. forming one side, laterally for forming -a LOUIS c. WITK OWSKI. Witnesses: 7'

,RoB'r. T. LANG, A. L. KrroHm.

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