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Número de publicaciónUS1043238 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación5 Nov 1912
Fecha de presentación26 Jun 1912
Número de publicaciónUS 1043238 A, US 1043238A, US-A-1043238, US1043238 A, US1043238A
InventoresCharles E Knowlton, William G Smith
Cesionario originalCharles E Knowlton, William G Smith
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Sputum-cup holder.
US 1043238 A
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lpg, Patented Nov. 5, 1912.

...met i-iv levi? nenmvowxmnn, oF


Specification ofV Letters'atent. i


Verwan-'CUP nomma.

e I .feaeaagaeaa .appimaunfmeaemaa im. .amai ien/amen.

Holder, of which the 'following 1s a speci cation.

is 'to provide a dev ice Vof this character which will, prevent the overturnin of the cup and yet permit ready removal o? the cup from the receiver, and ready removal of the4 receiver from the table, bed or the like on l which it is placed, and also to adapt it for application either tothe edge of'a table or stand or to a bed-post or the like.

Reference is to be had to the accompany ing drawings, in which fao Figure l is a planof a practical embodiment of the invention as applied to a table; Fig. 2 is a central sectional view of-the saine with parts in side elevation; and F ig. Sis a side elevation of the saine device showing how 4it caribe supported in a diterent- Way.

rlhe sputum cups used by the victims of tuberculosis -both privateresidences and 'in sanitoriums constitute a source of conetant annoyance as well as danger. Although they are made of square form they are overturned frequently and so far as YWe are .aware no practicable means has been employed to any large extenttov overcome these .diieulties This invention, therefore, rel lates to the provision of asimple and inexpensive holder for this purpose which can be 'attached to a table or stand quickly and easily or rto a bedTpost and which can be detaehed readily and from which the cup can he removed Without disarranging the holder. It is also capable of permitting the cup to be turned to convenient positions for the use of the patient.

, Referring to the dravvingsktheholder is shown as'comprising a receiver 1G haw'ng a horizontal bottom and vertical side and end walls. In order to ft the usual form of sputum cup A this receiver is shownusquare 1n form. The Walls are shown as raised at 'the corners andv lowered et the Vcenter so that the handle c of the cup'inay he turned to i the depression. This invention relates to a holder for sputum cups, and the principal obecttherectA any one of the four ositiens in `which fthe! .nn may beset-into t e receiver.

f or :the pui-pose of supporting *the re een ver on a -tble'or stand on the edge thereof bottom is provided with' a circular depression 1211i :the center thcreoyt` mnd {aft che center of tere-depression is a circular projeloshowny nien i cimmmferential slot 11i the slotf being made in the wall surrounding This alot shown are en- .tendimg over substantially half the circle. Aclip l5 is shown having a bottom resilient tongue 16 and adapted tobe placed on the edge of a table or stand and to be held,there on by friction on account of' the pressureof the resllient tongue on the bottom thereof. This clip is provided with 'an upper `end which is adaptedto pase through the slot 14 and lwith a raised portion l? near the end of the same for. fitting over theprojeotion' 13 as shown in Figs. 1 and 2.

the receiver is capable of turning on the center 13 as limited by the length of the slot or by the integral feet 18 with which the bottom of the receiver is provided. in this viay it can be brought into convenient posiflioial for the patient to get hold of the handle of,

the cup and remove'it.

.Another Way in ivhich the device een used is shown in Fig. 3. in this case/a ver- VWhen the parte, are assembled as shown in these two figure-e,

tical hollow cylindrical. projectiion on one f end of the receiver is placed'overa pin 20 soA that theA receiver is pivotally sup orted..

thereon. This pin 20 is shown as o eet to provide a convenient shoulder for support: ing it and the receiver and to permita wider range of movement. u

` With a device of this'kind, the patientls accommodated readily and heis at lihertygto have the cup. placed at any convenient p iiioe within his reach and to turn the handleinto proper position for him to reach it. The cup can not be overturned when placedfin the receiver andfyet the parts are readily removed from each other, the receivefrom the clip or from the pin and thecup from the receiver.

Although `We have illustrated and described a preferred embodiment of the invention, We are aware of the fact'that many .if f

modifications can be made therein byV any` person skilled, in the art without departing from the scope of the invention as expreesed in the claims. Therefore We Lidlnot wish to y be limited to all the details of'conhrilction herein shown and described, but

What we do claimisz- 1. In a sputum-cup holder, the combinetiqn of a`receiver having a square cavity or depression for the sputum cup, means for holdingthe receiver, and a readily detachable pivot'aiconnection between the receiver and holding means, whereby a square cup can be 'hell and convenientlr turnedY to any desired position.

o.. As an article of'manufactui'e, a sputum cup receiver having walls provided with high' corners and depressed centers for accommodating the handle of the cup, and havingz,t means for supporting the receiver in position to turn on a vertical axis.

3. As an article of manufacture, a sputum cup holder comprising areceiver into which a sputurn cup is adapted tol it,.said receiver having 1n -the bottom thereof e circular flepression, a pivot extending up from the center of said depression, and c. circumferential slot below theplane of the bottom of the receiver, and a holding clip extending through said slot into the center of said depression and having means for receiving said projection, whereby .the receiver is pivotally niounted on the clip.

In testimony whereof we have hereunto set our hands, in the presence of two s'ubscribing witnesses. l l




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