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Número de publicaciónUS1074239 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación30 Sep 1913
Fecha de presentación27 Abr 1912
Fecha de prioridad27 Abr 1912
Número de publicaciónUS 1074239 A, US 1074239A, US-A-1074239, US1074239 A, US1074239A
InventoresSidney D R Braun
Cesionario originalSidney D R Braun
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Bracket-holder for flower-vases.
US 1074239 A
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FILED APR. 27, 1912.

Patented Sept. 30, 1913.


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, SIDNEY D. R. BRAUN,

- a citizen of the United States, and resident of Chicago, in the county of Cook and State of Illinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvementsin Bracket-Holders for Flower-Vases, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact specification.

This invent-ion relates to improvements in bracket holders for flower 'vases in which the stem of the holder is tapering or con1.-'

cal, and the entire weight of which has herei tofore been suspended in a collar embracing the body in turn supported by" a bracket arm fastened to a fixedsupport in an automobile, the wall'of a room, etc.

In the prior structure above referred to, the vase is not only frequently broken by reason of its wedging too tightly'in the sus-'" pending ring fromthe jars of the vehicle, and the vase-is not infrequently jolted entirely out of the holder from the vehicle striking abrupt bumps in the road over which it is traveling, and thereby not only spillingthe water inthe flower holder but breaking the vase, because it is generally made of glass or other brittle material, and which in many instances are very expensive.

The object of this invention is not only to relievelthe body. of the vase from breaking contact with a collar necessarily surrounding it, but to secure thevase against any possible longitudinal movement therein orlongitudinal detachment'therefrom.

A further object of thls invention is abracket holder for a flower vase adaptedto rigidly hold the vase against accidental de tachment, the collar embracing the body which is adjustable to variations in the stem between the differing vases, which bracket is moreover, so constructed that the vase may be quickly and conveniently removed therefrom for cleansingpurposes, or for renewal when unavoidably broken.

With these ends in view, my invention finds embodiment incertain features of how elty in the construction, combination and arrangement of parts by-which the said objects and certain other objects are hereinafter attained, all as fully described with reference to the accompanying drawing, and more particularly pointed out'in the claims. p

In said drawing: Figure lfillustrates in side elevation, a vase. supporting bracket with a flower vase therein inits operative Specificationof Letters Patent,

striking the collar a sharp blow a BRACKET-HOLDER roe crowns-vases.

Patented Sept. 39, 1913.

Application filed April 27, 1912. Serial No. 693,711.

- position. Fig. 2 isa detail section showing the. adjustable connecting rod between the wall bracket and the ring supporting the stem end. of the vase, and Fig. 3 is a detail longitudinal section of the lower end of the vase, its supporting rod and ring support, and the nut for clamping the end of the vase to the ring.

Similar characters of reference indicate the same parts in the several figures of the drawing. i V i a The bracket plate 4 is provided with countersunk screw holes '5 for the reception of screws, for securing itin its operative position in an automobile or to the wall or window frame of a room, from'which plate projects an arm or post 6 on the outer end of which is formed or'brazed thereto as may be, a ring or collar 7 tapered to conform to the conical stem 8 of a flower holder 9, preferably and usually of glass, thecollar being provided with (see Fig. 2) a lining 10 of felt or other suitable yielding material cushioning the stem of the holder against tending to fracture or break the holder.

Theprojecting arm -6 of the bracket is provided with a screw-threaded socket 11 for the reception of a rod 12 terminating at its lower end in a lateral projectingring 13 forming the basesupport of a socket piece 14 receiving and preferably cemented to the bottom end 15 of the stem of the holder, from which socket piece projects a screw 16 which may be formed with or brazed tothe is adjustable in the arm, and to which end the screw-threaded socket is made of such a length as to provide for a. considerable range of adjusting the base ring with reference to the bottom end of the flower holder. This adjustment of the base ring is not only desirable but necessary to guard against the cracking and breaking of the stem of the flower holder against the ring 7 when for from the vase is unavoidably subject to sudden jolts from such a vehicle, in that it provides for suspending and supporting the enexample inuse in anautomobile and wherer tire weight of the vase from the bracket arm 6 and a fit of sufiicient looseness between the collar and the stem of the vase toprevent the latter from any possibility of becoming so tight in the collar as to fracture the vase,

and this notwithstanding variations that may be in the diameters of bases ofthe same size or trade number, and in which such variations frequently occur. In other words by having the rod 12 adjustably held in the bracket arm 6 provision is made by which the distance between the collar and the base ring maybe so increased or diminished that V l the base ring may support the entire weight of the vase and prevent "its stem from clampmg in the collar or having an ob ect1onable lateral movement therein when otherwise the collar would suspend the end of the vase V stem above the base ring and thereby defeat a 2,0

the essential object of my invention the essential feature of which is to have the lower endof the vase resting upon, and its entire weightsupported from'a base and whereby the vase may --be prevented from being broken by a force wed'ging it in a collar,

which owing to the fragile character of the vase must necessarlly encircle the'stem of the vase at a point between the ends of its stem.

In; assen1blii1g the bracket, the rod 12 is turned up or down as maybe in'the arm 6 such adistance that when the stem of the vase is inserted through the collar? it will be'somewhat' loose thereinwhen the endof the'socket piece 14L rests upon the ring with "the screw '16 projecting through the latter and thereupon th'e'nut 17 is adjusted on the .screw until the end of the vase is held and locked tight upon the ring.

By my invention the straln or lateral strlklng force of a vase stem against the collar 7 and th'ejolting of the vase out of the collaris entirely prevented, theentire weight of the vase supported fro-mite end and locked against accidental detachment from its base by means ofa construction "which enables the vase to be bodily removed for cleansing purposes and afterward re-in- 'serted to its operative position and locked quickly in place against accidental detachment by very simple-and efiective means. 7

While I have shown and described my in- 1 vention for sustaining vases having tapering icoples otjthis patent may be obtained for scribed.

or cone-like stems their f length against lateral strainsotherwisetending totheir breakage and supporting their'ventire weight from the end thereof, it should be ob- I served that my invention is also well'adapt5 ed for vases and other receptaclesthe stems of which are of other forms, as for example with parallel sideseither square or round in p cross-section.

Having described myinventioinwhat I claim and desire to secure by "Letters Patentis:

1. A bracket for flower holder vases comprising in combinationa projected bracket arm, a collarrigid with and projecting from the end of said arm for surrounding a vase stem, a base support for'the end of thevase adjustably secured to V and suspending; d1 rectly from said arm, substantially. as de- 1 QIA bracket for flower holder. vasescomprising in combination a bracket'arm,-a vase retalnlng collar pro1ect1ng from said arm,

a support' for thebaseof the vase, means suspending the. said base from the bracket arm, an end socket for a vase and means'pro j ecting from the socket whereby the socket stantially as described. 7

v A bracket'for flower prising in combination'a bracket arm, a vase stem retaining collar projecting: from said arm, a ring below. said. bracket arm, means whereby said ringiszadjustedtwith referholder vases com- 'is-tightened against the base support,sub: r

ence to the collar,'and means for looking a vase to'said'collar, theiend of which vase is seated thereon, substantially as described."

' t. A bracket for flower holder .vases'com prising in combinatlo-n a bracket arm, a cole 'lar secured tol'and'a rod ad ustable in said arm, a base ringon' the lower-end of said arm, a socket piece receiving the ad acent end' of saidbase, and means for tightening j said socket piece against the basering, substantially'asdescribed. 1

- In' witness whereof, I have hereunto set Washingtoml). G, v v V V SIDNEYD; it Barium fir five cents each, byaddressing theCommissioner nf ilatejntss

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