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Número de publicaciónUS1106471 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación11 Ago 1914
Fecha de presentación21 May 1914
Fecha de prioridad21 May 1914
Número de publicaciónUS 1106471 A, US 1106471A, US-A-1106471, US1106471 A, US1106471A
InventoresAndrew Opsal
Cesionario originalAndrew Opsal
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Wire-rope-transmission carriage.
US 1106471 A
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1,16,471 Patented Aug.11,1914.




ToaZZ whom it may concern:

Be it known that 1, ANDREW couver, in the Province of British Golum bla, Canada, have lnvented certaln new and useful Improvements in WVire-Rope'lrans' mission Carriages, of which the following is a speclfication. H i

This inventlon relates to the carrier of a wire rope transmission system of that class wherein the load is suspended from a car-- riage which is movable along an overhead stationary track rope and is drawn along it by a moving wire rope. With this system the suspendedload is carried past theguy ropes or supports which sustain the track rope by a pair of star wheels havinglateral projections from the arms of the star, from which projections the load is suspended. hen a guy rope or track supportis encountered by the arms of the star wheels,

j the star wheel rotates to pass the carriage a tween the arms of the star wheel.

over it while the load is sustained fromuthe. lateral projections of the star wheel arms With this device, the hauling rope requires to be connected to that portion of the carriage which is above the track rope supports and this hauling rope moving over the sup porting guy ropes is destructive of them: Further, as the arms of the star wheels engage the track supports the momentary check causes the load to swing and this swinging movement carries the star wheels with it and frequently interferes with the free entrance of the track rope supports be- It is to overcome these objections that the invention, which is the subject of this application, has been devised: In it, instead of using one pair of star wheels on the track carriage, the carriage is supported on two or more rollers, each having a star wheel on each side of it, and suspended from the lateral projections of these two pair of star wheels is an undertrack frame, from the middle of which the load is pivotally suspended. With thisar- I rangement the hauling rope is connected to the under-track part of the carriage, and the load may swing freely on its pivotal connection thereto without disturbing the carriage or interfering with the free action of the star wheel arms. The load is also halved in the amount which is carried by the lateral projections of the star wheels enabling them to rotate more easily.

The invention is particularly described in Specification of Letters Patent.

OPSAL, a citi zen of the United States, residing at Van-l the roller wheel.


Patented Aug. 11, 19M.

Application filed May 21, 1914. Serial No. 840,057;

the following specification, reference being made to the drawings by which it is accompanied, in which: i i 1 Figure 1 is a longitudinal section. Fig. 2, a plan, and Fig. 3, a cross section on the line A in Fig. 1.

In these drawings 2 represents the wire rope track and 3 the supportsby which it is sustained. These supports 3 are generally connected in wire ropes which are stretched across beneath the line of the track rope between adjacent trees, or between posts or towers where trees are not available. The

, carriage by which the load is conveyed along 121118 track rope 2 comprises an over-track frame 4 composed of two elongated side plates having between them at each end two or more roller wheels 5, each roller wheel having a star wheel 6 at each endof it which is independently rotatable on the pin7 of The radial arms-of these star wheels 6 have shouldered projections 8 which are concentric, with the pin on which itrotates. From these shouldered projections 8 an under-track frame 10 is carried, which underframe is constructed of two lengthwise plates, each having inside its upper edge an inwardlyprojecting shoe 11 which is curved to the arc of the shouldered projection 8 of the star wheel from which it is carried.

The attachment 14: from which the load is carried is pivotally connected at 12, and the hauling wire rope 13 by which the carriage is moved along the track rope is connected at 15 to each end of the under-track frame 10.

The hauling rope 13 being connected to the under-track frame of the carriage cannot wear the track rope supports and the load being pivotally connected to the under frame and its weight carried by two or more pair of star wheels, oscillation of the load does not disturb the carriage or interfere with the free action of the arms of the star wheels in passing over the track rope supa new anddesire to be protected in by Letters Patent, is:

, 1. A carriage for an overhead transmission system, said carriage comprising an upper frame having a plurality of roller wheels which bear upon the track rope, each roller wheel having a star wheel on each" side of it, each star wheel having outwardly projecting shouldered projections which are concentric with the axis of its roller wheel,

and an-under-track carriage Supported from the shouldered projections of the star wheels and including two side plates, each having projections to cooperate with thcprojections of the'star wheel.

2. A track rope carriage for an overhead transmission system, comprising an upper carriage supported from the track rope on a plurality of rollers, eachhaving a star Wheel on each side ofit which is independv entlyrotatable on the pin of its roller wheel,

c5 11 of this patentmay be obtained each of said star wheels having outwardly; projected shouldered projections from its radialarms, the shouldered faces ofrwhich are concentric with the axis of its roller. wheel, an under-trackcarrlage comprising a-palr ofslde plate having lnward pro ections to engage the shouldered projections of the star wheels, and means for pivotally connecting the load to this under carriage.

for five cents each, by addressing 'Washington; 0.,

" 3.1A carriage for anove'rhead" transmission s stem v com risin' an n er frame composed of two side plates, a roller mounted at each end of the frame on apin secured in and extending across'b'etweenthe plates,

a star wheel rotatably mounted-on each end of each roller, the ends of the radial arms of which star wheel are thickened to' leave a shoulder which is concentric with the pin, an under-frame composed of two elongated plates secured together the required distance apart each'plate having a projection from its upper edge which is curved to an are corresponding to that ofthe' houldered pro- 1 jecti'ons of the star wheels which star wheel projections are designed. to engage the corresponding projections of the under-frame, an attachment to whic'h thesload is connected pivotallymounted on a pinextend 'ing between the side plates-of the under frame, and an att'achinent at each endof theunder frame to which the haulingrope is connected 5 j In testimony whereof H in presenceof two witnesses.- j V j j p DREW oPsAL; l/Vitnesses; V v BowLAND BRITTAIN, a 1 -M Y 1 1; If l

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