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Número de publicaciónUS1117725 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación17 Nov 1914
Número de publicaciónUS 1117725 A, US 1117725A, US-A-1117725, US1117725 A, US1117725A
InventoresE. Tullis
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Artificial limb.
US 1117725 A
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Patented Nov. 17, 1914.


Scecificstion of Letters Patent.

TUIILIS, 035 Fifi lilil, NORTH {DAI'KOTA.

Application sled August i, 191%.

citizen of the United States, and a resident of Fargo. in the county of (less and State of North Dakota, have invented certain and useful Improvements in Artificial Limos, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to artificial linihs, particularly to the means 1" r cushioning the stump of a limb Within the artificial limb, and the resin objectthereo'f to prosocket at the stump openvide su eii infi'e l ing. which crsitinuous entirely around the said stunio, Whiehis readily inflated and. deflated W limb. and which is readily removable from the limb for repair, substitution, or other TQQSODS.

My invention fully described in thofollowing specification, of which the acconr panying (i-swings form 2. part, inwliich the separate parts are designated by "the same reference characters in each or" the views, and in whiclc Figure 1 is s side elevation of an artificial leg constructed in accordance With my pres ent'invention; Fig. 2 is 21 section taken on she line 2-2 of Fig. 1; Fig. 3 is a detached, view of the air-socket which E employ;- snd Fig 4 is an enlarged section rslren on, the line es of Fig. 3.

In the dressings forming a part of this application I have shown u shell 5 of an rtilicial leg provided with an articulating 00lroril with an interior, dependent, cur in I, re lower end of which is entirely e, said curtain being composed of suitable n, eriel, such as fabric, cheniois, raw-hide, leather, or the like, and being adapted to he easily drawn from the shell and turned downwardly on the exterior surface thereof, there being no vertical seem to connect the side edges or ends, wherehv this reversing of the ewein rnede oossible tched. or otherwise secured, to the upper edge of shell, between the inle.v surface thereof and the curtain T, are two dependent sleeves 8 and 9, the lower edges of which may he stitched together but not connected in any manner with the shell 5, whereby the pocket so formed may be turned upwardly and outm rdly of the shell to give ready access to the stitching. these sleeves being composed of any suitable materiel which permits of the above reversal, and the ll Ll out removal from the artificial 6 said shell being open at its top and 10 theiethreugh in i1) p1 fa Slhdlfll" hole 11 through the shell 5, and a reces 19 is also :toriued i the outer surface of 1i.

shell around the hole Pivotnlly connected with the shell 5. at 3.3, is a dependent plate i l whim F adapted to cover t 3 hole 17. and recess 12., and is oroi'ided W h 2 smzsl knoll 15 at s lower end which is adapted r10 enter :1 hole iii in e. fixed plate 1'3, whereby said late 14 is locked in i" recess cove ingz p0. this being a. readily operable although I do not confine myself to any spcciiic fol-2n thereof.

The main feature of the invention consists of an endless-nir-cushion 18, shown in Fig. 3, in plan, and in C1 seeiion in i, said sircushion heine preferably compo, l or rubber and provided with a nipple 1:), having a ring 20 around the same, which ring curries :i s threaded rod 21 along which :1 plate ndjustohly slid by 1 eons of e thuinlynnt 23 compress the nipple :lv and thus imprison the air in the cushion 18, said nipple beingoi flexible and, preferably integral with the cushion, and said ni le passes through the openi.

or holes 10 and 11, after which it. is hens To place rho cirrushion in position, the curtain 7 turned upwardly out th= shell and dcm'nii'niwjliy over the oilsllle thereof, after which the sleeves Send a) drawn upnnrdlv out of the shell and niecushion l8 cream with the nipple l p: 10 and *he free e constituting a pocket for thecu he turned downwardly into the shell, lfllc nipple passed through the hole ll, the curtain returned to normal position, the cus ion inflated. the nipple sealed, and the covering plate lei arranged thereover, and the is ready for use, and it will he sen than ne 11,- at, because a cushion peci'et I" imeci, i iene at. SUDSYQEZP he sheii, and "his cpereies for the main feature beterrup'ted sir socket session, and the next she ease 0 insisiL eirwushien, this per Wesi'erio himself mos for dsmsgei being revideii with the: by continue -he whiie she ciemsged cushion e very simple, but shora, very cemfortebie me more eestiy than those here i and, K have skews and 0 cc; details 9:? e011 e cbvieus time modificamade, within the s, end with such will be seen fee the anci the accessible means for forming pocket, and for 'infisting said socket;

described my imt entiomwhst and desiee' to secure Leter, aid

Having fuiiy I ciaim as new, tees Patent, isz 1. An artificial limb, comprising a shell open at its top, an endless air socket 'for eusiiioning she stump of a hiimen limb, means for for" said socket secured at the open end (if ssizi shell andadepieci to be withdrawn from said si e11, Wish said socket 2. An artificial limb, ccmpsising a shell epen at its top, (EIShibi'liIlg the stump of a human limb, means fer inflating saici socket, two dependent siee ves Within ssici sheil and secure at said open top, one on each side of said soeket, and means-fer securing the lower edges of said sleeves together, the packet so formed being adapted to be bodil withdrawn from said shell, with said see et.

In testimony whereof I have signed my inflating said socket, and a pocket s an endless air socket for name to this spec fication in the presence of the subscribing witnesses.


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