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Número de publicaciónUS1168988 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación18 Ene 1916
Fecha de presentación5 Ago 1914
Fecha de prioridad5 Ago 1914
Número de publicaciónUS 1168988 A, US 1168988A, US-A-1168988, US1168988 A, US1168988A
InventoresArthur Zimmermann
Cesionario originalArthur Zimmermann
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US 1168988 A
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APPLICATION rum/was. 1914. I 1,168,988.

Patented Jan. 18; 1916.

.qnmmmll ll attormys un on.


- Specification of Letters Patent.


Patented Jan. 18, 1916.

Application filed August 5, 191%. Serial No. 855,314.

' To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, ARTHUR ZIMMERMANN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Brooklyn, in the county of Kings and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Percolators, and do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description'of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make anduse the same. v

This invention relates to percolatorsand more particularly to that type wherein the parts thereof which receive and confine the liquids are made of non-metallic substances.

An object of this invention is to provide an improvedmeans for connecting the infusor and spout so as to receive a strainer and to provide an improved means for mounting the neck of the spout in the neck of an urn. Q

Further objects will be apparent in the following specification, appended claims and drawings in which,

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the percolator made in accordance with this inven- A tion, showing parts broken away for the sake of clearness, Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectlonal view of a portion of the device, Fig. 3 is a horizontal sectional view as on the line 33 of Fig. 1, Fig. 4: is a vertical sec- 7 tional view as on the line 44 of Fig. 3,

Fig. 5 is a vertical sectional view through a portion of the device showing a modification and,- Fig. 6 is a sectional view j through a further modified form.

.It has been" proven that coffee made in a percolator free from metallic parts is superior to cofi'ee which in its making is subjected to the chemical action resulting from the contact with metallic substances. In the production of an apparatus in which no similar reference numerals indicate similar parts throughout the several views, and which show the several features of this type of percolator. The device is not restricted to the specific form shown but will pref-.

erably be made in accordance therewith. There is shown a base 10 having a standard 11 rising therefrom to which a. handle 12 may be secured. A bracket 13 is supported by said standarda'nd this bracket termi 'nates in the split semi-circular members 14 and 15 which are hinged as at 16 to allow the member 15 to be swung to the desired position. The member 15 terminates on a tapered tongue or e itension 17 which has its face serrated as at 18 to conform with a similar face on the opposite .wallof the bracket 13. When the member 15 is swung to grip the neck of an urn, a slide 19 may he slid to cause enlargements thereof to engage the serrated faces 18 and thereby hold the members 14 and 15 in binding relation with the necessary resiliency to allow for the expansion of the neck of the urn. The members 14;,and 15 support resilient pads 20 therein which are held in place by the flanges 21 which engage under the inturned edges of the members 14 and 15 as shown in Fig. 4, and these pads have further provision, of the flanges 22 which overlap the inturned edges of the members 14 and 15 to prevent any metallic contact with the glass of which the urn will preferably be made.

Supported by the bracket 13 is an urn 23 which has a reduced neck to be gripped by the members 14 and 15 and supported by the base 10 under this urn is a lamp or burner 2 f. The upper end of the neck of said urn flares outwardly as at 25 to receive the flaring neck of a spout 27 which latter carries on the outside thereof a rubber or similar collar 26 to .establisha gri ping action between the neck of the urn an the neck of the spout 27. The spout 27 is provided with an external bead 28 which holds the collar 26 against longitudinal movement on the spout and the neck ofthe spout will preferably,

conform with the flared portion 25 of the urn,so that the desired seal may be established without forcing the collar 26 into the 'neck of the urh as the rubber collar will bind in the neck of the urn when it is desired to separate the parts of the device after usage.

v The neck of the spout has, an upwardly facing shoulder 29 surrounded by an internally threaded flange orwall 30 extending above the shoulder. Upon the shoulder .29 1S placed a strainer comprising. a perforated' diaphragm 31 over'which a strainer cloth I 32 has been placed and a alnst whichrub her collars or gaskets 33-; fave been mam; bled as shown. Then the lower end of the vneck 3410f an'infusor 35 is brought to bear upon one of the gaskets 33 by the threaded fitting top 36 which permits the egress andengagement of the neck 34 with the flange 30. Saidinfu'sor 35 is provided with a loose ingress of air as occasion may require.

In use, 'the urn 23 is filled to the desired point with water, after which the spout 27 and infusor are connected with it as shown in Fig. land-the desired amount of cofl'ee' is placed in the infusor. Then the burner 24 may be lighted. to heat the water in the urn 23. When the temperature of the water in the urn 23 has been raised sufficiently, the air and steam confined in the upper part of this urnforces the liquid up through the spoutv27 into the infusor where it extracts the flavor and essence froin the cofiee'. When enough water has been 'forced upwardly through the spout 27 to allow the passage of steam through said spout," the burner 24 is removed from under said urn to allow the vapor in said urn to contract and draw the coffee from the infusor 35 back into the urn 23, after which thespout may be removed and the coffee may be served .from the urn in the usual manner.

Fig. 5 which the shoulder 29 is surrounded by an upstanding wall or unthreaded flange 37 to receive a strainer member therein and the neck of the infusor has a plain exterior to'fit in the flange 37. At desired points about the exterior of the infusor are lugs 39 into each of which a clamp 40 may "spout 44 are integral and provided with a strainer in place.

\ bead 45 formed thereabout to present an upwardly facing shoulder 29 surrounded .by an upright wall 46. In this form the strainer member 31 has the strainer fabric placed thereabout and is forced down within shows a slightly modified form inclosely surrounding said collar; of a strainer I removably supported by said shoulder; and a strainer .cloth overlying the body of the strainer and passing around its edges in contact with said wall and-thence inward over said shoulder.

2. In'a percolator, the combination with an urn having a neck, a spout also having a neck whose upper end is formed with an upwardly facing shoulder surrounded by aupstanding wall, and packing between said necks; of a strainer resting at its edge upon said shoulder and inclosed by said wall an infusor having a reduced lowerend fitting closely within said wall for holding the strainer in place, and means for detachably, connecting the infusor with the neck of the spout.

3. In a percolator, the combination with an urn havinga flared neck, a spout also having .a' flared neck whose upper end is formed with an upwardly facing shoulder' surrounded by an upstanding wall, a flaring rubber collarbetween'said necks, and a support for the urn; of a strainer resting at its edge upon said shoulder and inclosed by said wall, gaskets above and below said strainer, an infusor having a reduced lower end fitting closely within said wall for holdingthe' strainer in place,'and means for detachably connecting the infu'sor with the neck of the spout.-

4. In a percolator, the combination with an urn' having a flared neck, a spout also having a flared neck whose upper. end is formed with an upwardlv facing shoulder surrounded by an upstanding wall, a flaring rubber collar between said necks, and a sup- ,port for the urn; of a strainer resting at its edge upon said shoulder and inclosed by said wall, an infusor having a reduced lower saidwall and onto the shoulder to hold the end fitting'clos'ely within said wall for hold- 4 The cloth 32 serves to hold the diaphragm 31 in place and at the same time provides for the necessary expaIT- sion of the neck and the diaphragm 31 when heated. The bead 45 serves to hold the rub-- ber collar 47 against longitudinal/movement in having said collar bead as shown:

Having thus described my invention- 1 partly surround said claim':

1. Ina percolator, the combination with" ing the strainerin place, lugs at intervals around the infusor, and clamps pivoted in.



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