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Número de publicaciónUS1175129 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación14 Mar 1916
Fecha de presentación28 Nov 1913
Fecha de prioridad28 Nov 1913
Número de publicaciónUS 1175129 A, US 1175129A, US-A-1175129, US1175129 A, US1175129A
InventoresImmer O Crittenden
Cesionario originalImmer O Crittenden
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Surgical instrument.
US 1175129 A
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'Patemd Mar. 14,1916.

4s'rafrns na nur essere neutrino. onrrrrnnnnn, `on orinrnizenn, omo.

sUnGrcAL Insrnnmnnr.

y y Sreiaten 0f Lettersrent. Patented Mari, 1916.

"bAbplgilication filed November 28, 1913. Seria] 10.803,467. y f

i b reaches its maximum diameter substantially b t; kno "ftliatliklMMnn O. Cnrrrrns-` lat the point 4 from which it decreases gradcitinenotthc" United` States, residing uallyfin size as at 5 to the hase of the intheeounty of Cuyahoga and i 'strument which is clened by a flange 6. 60 dGliiofliasveinvented a certain new The flan-ge is preferably of an oval shape as 'ul"Impronementiin Surgical `Instrulshown inFigs. 5 and 6 the better to be ael M b "heqfolloiving is a' full, conunodated bythe shape of the parts with andfexactd criptionyreference beingl which the instrument is to be used, and the l nyi drawings. i distance of the portion 4. from the flange 6 65 U relat srtoQsurgical instru `is preferably substantially 1-3 inches. The "mentsfandparti tlarlyjto that class of inreason for this dimensii'in lies in the fact striinient ltnoirv sldilatormivhich are rethat the most important of the parts to be lie`Mti-eat1nent of constipatreated consist of tivo muscles, the external `v emo1"rhoids,fand` kindred dis-` und internal sphincters, the former of -70 which (shown at e in Fig`r 5) is voluntary,` sqo the invention are and the latter l(shown at inFig. 5) `is inb evicefof this `character voluntary.` The involuntary muscle is the one the different 1p" 0I which iareso arranged, which more ,frequently requires treatment may concern.' i

operate most" il" ctivelyupon the `parts into '.L- ,inches Within the body. Accordingly folved, the provisionfotneivyand' improved the construction of the` instrument in the b en, or retaining the samein place; manner i have described causesthe Same to new Eiland improved means exert a maximum of effect upon this interb b medicationlof `the diseased nalsphincter, a consideration which, so far ,80' parts siprovis on of new and improved as l know, has never before been attended to. devices ifo lgeven;lingthe operation .of the Thcportion 5 of the instrument is prefer- "medicatingwmeansg tvlliilei` further objects ably formed With a `plurality of rounded y' itageslofltheinventionivill become circumferentialcorrugations the better tov fthe-description*proceeds. l effect the retaining of the `device in operative 85 avviilg `accoInnanyingand forni `position, the-same being of uniform size and b p 3 0 isiappl tion, have illusregular contour so as to irritate the parts to iftrated,certain` onstructiansuin which my inthe smallest extent and also be susceptible `Iventio` caribe embodied although it will be of easy cleaning, heideiiceslierein illustrated 1For permitting `medifmtion of the parts I 90 b umherotthosein which y provide the instrumentwith"a plurality of y nven veic a; lcanbeeniployed. y i ductslO-l O openingr through the end 2 and igurelhreprese'nts aq also with ducts 11--'l1 opening through the inal {crossvsectional View body adj-acont to the portion hall of these lo "Fig2` represents "similarview .of a ymodiwith the internal chan'iber 12. `This chamedformfofidevice; Fig, Biiszasimilar View ber is of cylindrical shape and extends from Vofga oth`e`- In b fioation arranged to effect apoint adjacent to the end 9, through the .y the medication hefopposite" ends of the flange (3: the oiiterend of this chamber being deviceililb. l 4 arrangement of the fdeviceuforemployment! plained fthe internal sphincter is the seat of as agsyringe y'Fiz=` lis a Viewshoiving the most ailments 'for which devices of this evioef'n"operati'position; the dilater becharacter are used, but previous devices of irv'n` ilrelevation;Figi,- 6 is a cross this character have vgenerally heen at fault f b Vie ptakenuponline 6--6 oliigl; in applying medication, if at all, at `a point 105 `Describin theioarts byfreference characso far inside of this muscle as to lose much erslyrejaresents the bodyof the instrument of their eti/feet. `According to the preferred [tubular cannula of hard i I 'form of my invention l provide thechamnsoluble and non-corher 12 lwith a. closely fittings slidable piston y btremity, merging with rod or stein 15 'and having; secured to its opape ngportionithrough which it posite side a compression spring 16. In the constructedtandj elated to eachotherastou andthis -ordinarily occurs at from l inch 75 ,y

prfelredorm of my invention; ducts communicatingi at their inner ends 95 `4 sasimilarfview;showing'the yscrewthrezuled as at 13".` As previously ex- 100` preferably y having a istharing projecting from one side an axial 110' threaded portion 13 of the chamber I mount a. plug` y17 having an axial bore Iadapted to receive snugly the stem 15. l The Aouter end. of tbisbore preferably merges with an 1n- Y 'ternally threaded, eccentric recess 1n` which is located the rotatable button 18. vThis button is in turn provided with an leccentric bore 19 arranged to be turned into and out offalinement with the stem as the button is rotated in its recess.

himself. The medicament may be of a nasty or sal'vey consistency and maybe introduced l f' Vnient shown in Fig. 3 may be adopted. In

between the plunger of piston 14 and the end of the plug 17.

In the modification illustrated in Fig. 2 I have shown the same piston 14, stem 15 and spring 16 but the plug 1711 is of simpler construction, the button or other catch being omitted. The-medicament is, as before, inserted at 2O between the plug and piston 4and in this case must necessarily be of greater consistency than before inasmuch as it must withstand the pressure of spring 16 during the application of the instrument. A material such ascocoa butter is frequently used in this` instrument as a base for the medicament, the same being provided in the form of a cylindrical, axially bored cake which will become softened by the body temperature so as to become expressed through the ducts 11; though other bases could obviously be employed.y i

v In case it be desired to applythe medicalmcnt to'a more interior portion the' arrange- "this embodiment a plunger 14u is employed and the stem l'L and spring lare located upon the same side thereof. Ifh'e' threaded end 13 of the chamber is provided with a .plug 171 having an axial borefor. the reception of the stem'. This bore. asl before, merges with a recess 21 but this recess is provided with a. spring catch -22 and the stern 15a is provided with a head 23 adapted to engage this catch and be retained thereby against the force of the spring 16u. In the present embodiment the catch 22 consists of a V-sbaped spring havingfin one of its sides an aperture adaptedto receive the head 23.

The medicament is inserted into the end of the chamber ras shown at 31.

In case it is desired 4to employ this device f' for the giving ofy enem'as the plug 17 is replacediby a. tube connection 25` the same l;a\ ing at its outerend a nipple 26 adapted fmwhc attachment of a suitable conduit 27 fand preferablyhavingits inner end extended as at 28 so'as to cover up the ducts 11 and prevent the escape of liquid therethrough.

Thus when the button is turned as shown in Fg. 1 the piston 11i-.is prevented from advancing and the It will be obvious that this instrument could be made in a large number of different sizes and diameters and With different designs While still retaining the important and desirable features hereinbefore pointed out. It will therefore be understood that the attached claims are intended to extend to and include all such modifications and variations of the said device so far as the same fallr Within .the sco-pe of my inventive idea.

Having thus described my invention, What I claim is 1. Ina device of the character described the combination with a cannula having an interior cylindrical chamber extending fro-m its oase to apoint adjacent -to the tip thereof, the wall of said cannula being formed adjacent to said base with a plurality of ducts communicating with said chamber, of 1 2. In a device of the character describedA rand arranged to be compressed against the inner end of said chamber, and a plu-g ,j

adapted for insertion into theouter end of said chamber and having a bore adapted to receive said stem, the space between said plug and plunger when the latter is repelled serving to receive medicament.

3. In a device of the character described the combination With a cannula` having an interior cylindrical chamber extending from its base to a point adjacent to the tip thereof, the Wall 'of said cannula being formed adjacent to said base with a plurality of ducts communicating With said chamber, of a slidable plunger for said chamber, a stem carried by said plunger and projecting froml its forwardside, a compression spring carried by the opposite side of said plunger and arranged tobe co-mpressed against the inner end of said chamber, a plug adapted for insertion into the outer end of said chamber and having a boreadapted to receive fsaid stem, and a manually releasable catch car-v ried by said plug and adapted to engage said stem and prevent the advanceof said plunger until displaced, there being a space iso 1 `living to receive medica# ith `acannula having an chamber `extending from said "with sa "plurality of nicatingwith said chamber, yof luragerIk for saidlchamber, a com;- rfing adaptedto Hbe interposed bet ldf vpluiigert" and tlieinner` end of nibell in 1is"fr-1closing the outer `ducts commu new@ infcoiinectionywith" said closing means a Imedicameli I frec-eivingspace, and displaeeblew plungervagainst "ed r cmg: movement.

the` combination, zvvith a cannula having an c mmunicaing;

p ug` and` `plunger when the,"

u character` descriloed" ber, said plunger When f *they forcejof its spring" or` maintaining saidn al "device` of @thewcharacter described,

Ainteriorvoylindrical chamber extnding from thefvvallf` ofsaidf, annula beingfo'rmed ad c 'jacent tofsaidfbis `vvithla pluralitycfducts 1 hsaidchambenof means n saidchamber vso as 2 d ,nient lthereln, n and lmeans" p for pressing said medicament toward said closing means so as to express the same throu 'h said ducts.

6; n a device ofthe character described, the combination, with a cannula having an interior `cylindrical chamber extending from b n b b p A` its base to a pointadjacent the tip thereof,

cannula being `formeel the wall of said cannula being formed adjacent lto said base Witha plurality of ducts communicating-With said chamber, of a plug adapted for insertion into the outer end of said chamber, said plug having a Vbore and an eccentric `recess With which said bore communicates, a slidable plunger for said.

chamber, a stern carried by saidA plunger .and adapted to extenl' through said bore,- a 'compresslon spring arranged to be introduced between'said plunger and the/inner end of said chamber, and a rotatable member in said recess, said member having an `ec` centrie'bore arranged to be brought into and out of alinement With'sald rst bore.

In testimony whereof, I hereunto aiiixmy signature in the presence of two Witnesses.





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