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Número de publicaciónUS1247107 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación20 Nov 1917
Fecha de presentación2 Sep 1914
Fecha de prioridad2 Sep 1914
Número de publicaciónUS 1247107 A, US 1247107A, US-A-1247107, US1247107 A, US1247107A
InventoresThomas F Graham
Cesionario originalThomas F Graham
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Steel-reinforced-concrete fence.
US 1247107 A
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nrrlmwu man $591.2. 19m

,Patented Nov'. 20, 1917. f



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented N OVVZ, 1917.

Application filed September 2, 1914.` 'l SeralNo. 858,809.

To allie/101m t may concern? Be it known that l. Tnonas F. GRAHAM, a citizen of the United States', and resident of Braddock, in the county ot Allegheny and State of. Pennsylvania, have invented certainnew and useful Improvements in Steel-Rein'Foreed-Concrete Fences, of which the `following is a specification.

of fences and more particularly relates to fences constructed .of reinforced concrete having;l novel means whereby the several parts of the fence are connected and held in interloekine, engagement.

One object of my invention is to provide a concrete "fence structure havinr` novel means whereby a stroingt andl durable fence is obtained with a 'minimum amount ot' niaterial,l and whereby liability of cracking or other damage by reason of settling' or elimatie changes is avoided and overcome.

notherobjeet ofthe invention is to pro- 4vide a fencel structure formed of steel reinorced concrete'whieh is easily and quickly I nade and in the mai'iufacture ot' which thel cost of erection is materially lessened.

. AAnother object ol the invention is to provide a concrete fence havingfthe novel. combination and arrangement ofparts hereinafter described in detail and speciticallypointed out in the appended claims.

Referring to theaeeompanyi-ng drawing" Storming' part of this specification, Figure l isa longitudinal side elevatmn-showing ,a portion' oty a fence eonstrnctc'd and arranged in accordance .with my invention.

Fie'. 21s a transverse sectional el vation of the same.. the section being taken on the Fie'. il is an end elevation of the posts forming part ot my invention and showing' ythe rabbets` or recesses in the 'side faces thereof.

Fig. flis a detail sectional plan. .the see-l Ition beine" taken on the line VlV-'V o base n''tho fence. the top of this wall usually being located at or slightly above the ground line.

Positioned at suitable intervals in the.

length of' the Wall are vertically extending posts 3 which as shown, arefi'ectangnlar in' Mv invention relates to the constructionfi in the posts provides eonlraction.' and in this wav/avoids possible,

cross section and have an inwardly tapering recess or groovell in each of two opposite sides thereof, these grooves having inwardly in clined sidefaees .5v-5 extending lengthwise for substantially the entire length of the postAhat-'is above 'thetop of the foun-A (lation A metal beam (i (a T rail being form of beam shown) is embedded in the concrete posts. this beam extending downwardly into the foundation wall 2..

.The posts are provided with caps 7 which are held in place by means of a series of n'ietal pins 8, the pins -being embedded in the posts in'ojecting upwardly into` the 4caps.

Between each pair ot' adjacent posts is a concrete panel 9 whichv is providedvwith tongues l0 that extend into the recesses or A,gfrom'es fl in the sides 0i thel posts to retain the panel in place. The panels 9 are reinforced with metal in anv desired manner, the reinforcing wire l2 shown, (a product made especially for reinforcing concretev work) usually being employed.

lln constructing the -fence. the foundation wall Q' is first 'formed with the vertical metal reinlm'cine l'nembers 6 of the posts 3 erected at suitable intervals iu the length of the' wall. A form is then built around each of the metal beams 6 and the conf-rete is poured into the forms'. come set the forms are removed. `When the posl's'l have set forms toi-'making' the panel 9 are set up and after the reinforcing wire il() is placed in the forni. the panel is peered. y ln pouring the panels .provision is made for preventingy a bond .being formed along the lower edge 1l et the panels with the foundation wall and provision also made toy prevent bonding"- lietween the meeting'v faces of ihe panels fl and posts. One Way .of seenrinp; -this result is te, afliitewaslror paint the surfaces ol the foundation and the posts which contant with 'the panels bef :tore the panels. are poured.

l"llllhen a panel S'l'beeomes set it contracts and pulls away slightly troni the posts' and the so foi'n'ifid clearance latween the tongues l@ et' the pant s and the grooves eraf-king oi the tenne whir'lil will otherwise oecnr hy reason of uneven settling or varia tions 'in atmospheric eenditions;

'After the panels Il are orinedbetween After the concrete hasbel Tor expansion andv the posts 3 the caps which preferably are l y formed beforehand in al'su'i'table mold are placed on top of each post,the pins 8 emedded in the top ofthe posts entering suitable holesin the lower faces of the caps to prevent sidewise movement of the caps relative to the posts while the weight of each cap will be sufincient to maintain it in position.

y The adwla'ritages of my invention will be appreciated by thosel skilled in the art. My improved fence construction is simple and is easily and cheaply made. By the provision of a loose connection between the foundation wall and panels and the posts the expansion occurring in the wall is prov-ided for and liability of cracking of the fence is avoided and prevented.

The metal reinforcing member in each post provides a rigid connection between the posts and the foundation wall.

Modifications in the construction and arrangement of the parts may be made without departing from my invention.

The foundation may be made to extend but a 'short distance beyond each post or may be omitted entirely 'when found necessa'ry or desirable and other changes may be made within the scope of the appended claims. A

' I claim:

1. vIn avfence, the combination of a series of lengthwise vertical concrete posts, said posts each having a metal beam embedded therein to rigidly secure the fence in uprightj position, and opposite faces of said posts having grooves with closed ends therein, and a metal reinforced concrete panel betwecinadjacent posts, said panel being molded .Zit situ and having tongues on the ends thereof projecting into said groove t0 fasten the panels in place, and means between the meeting surfaces of said posts and panels to prevent bondin thereof in forming 'the panels and loose y secure the panels in upright position between the posts. Y

2. In a fence, the combination of a concrete foundation, a series of lengthwise vertical concrete posts located at intervals in the length of said foundation, said posts having a metal beam embedded therein and the beams extending downwardly beyonc the lower end of the concrete posts into said foundation to rigidly secure the fence in upright position, said posts having recesses with closed ends in opposite faces thereof, and metal reinforced concrete panels between adjacent posts, said panels being formed n situ and having tongues on the ends thereof projecting into said recesses, anumeans between the contacting surfaces of the posts and panels adapted to prevent bonding thereof in forming the panels and arranged to loosely secure'the panels in upright position between the posts'.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand.


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Clasificación cooperativaE04H17/16