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Número de publicaciónUS135145 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación21 Ene 1873
Número de publicaciónUS 135145 A, US 135145A, US-A-135145, US135145 A, US135145A
InventoresMeeeick Muephy
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Improvement in paper-bag machines
US 135145 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 135,145, dated January 21, 1873.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, MERRIoK MURPHY, of Cincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Paper-Bag Machines, of which the following is a specification:

Nature and Objects of Invention.

My invention consists, first, in a peculiar device for applying paste to the side of the sheet of paper as it is fed from the roll, consisting of an endless band stretched and operated by two rollers, one roller being immersed in a paste-vat, and the band being so arranged as to press, while in motion, upon one edge of the paper sheet, the latter being supported against said pressure by a loosely-revolving roller; second, in a peculiar construction and manner of attachment of the former-plate, around which the blanks are folded, by which its whole weight is made to rest upon the paper, and by which it is prevented from running forward with the paper sheet, which is fed by an endless belt; third, in combination with the former-plate of a drying-cylinder or belted pulley, so arranged that its belt is made to feed the blanks when out 01f; fourth, in a certain combination and arrangement of the reciprocating folding and pasting blade, for folding and pasting the bottom seam of the bag, and the drying-cylinder with its endless belt, by which the said belt is made to assist in the formation of the bottom seam of the bag; fifth, in combination, with the reciprocating folding and pasting blade for forming and closing the bottom seam of the bag, of a pastevat having a revolving roller fitted to its bottom, from which the said blade is made, in its own reciprocating motion, to receive paste upon its front or folding edge only.

a diagram of the paper blank cut out to form a bag.

General Description.

A is the sheet of paper from which the bags are to be formed, wound upon a roller, B, and passing over and between guide and feed rol1- ers b b b b, the second of which, b, presses one edge of the paper again st the endless band. C, which is stretched over two rollers, c c, the upper one, 0, being driven by a belt connected with the driving-pulley Z, and the lower one, 0, being immersed in a vat, D, containing paste, so that the belt applies a continuous coating of paste to one edge of the paper A.

The feed-rollers b b deliver the sheet to the cutters, one of which is a peculiarly-shap ed fixed blade, E, over which the paper passes, while the upper cutter, E, consists ofa straight knife- .blade, attached by means of screws, by which it is adjustable, to the plate 0, whose ends are set in the two plates or heads F F, set ona revolving shaft which is driven from Z. Each revolution of this cutter measures off the length of paper necessary to form a bag, which is severed by the contact of the knife-edges, and these are so shaped as to cut it to a pattern, (see X, Fig. 1,) leaving in the middle a pro jectin g flap, g, to be afterward turned over to form the bottom seam of the bag. The shaped blank is now passed between the feed-rollers h h, and delivered onto the feed belt G under the former-plate I, which rests with its weight upon the paper, but is withheld from lateral or longitudinal motion by the hook-plate i, embracing a recess in the roller It. On each side of it are the bent folding plates i i i i, which gradually bend up and double over the sides of the paper blank as it passes between them, finally pressing the pasted edge firmly down upon the lap from the other side. The shaft of the cutter-heads F F, by means of an eccentric wrist-pin,f, pitman f and bell-cranks ff, is so connected with a shaft, 70, as to give a reciprocating motion to the bent fold ing and pasting blade K, secured to the shaft k by two arms, I l, in such a manner that at each stroke its front edge is brought into contact with the roller m, fitted to and revolving in the bottom of a hopper-shaped paste-vat, L, and receives a charge of paste therefrom. As the folded paper blank traveling upon the feed-belt passes between the rollers h h', the descending stroke of the folding blade K presses it down between the belt G and the cylinder M in such a manner as to double the flap 9 back upon the bag, at the same time pasting the inner surface of said flap, and the now completed bag passes on, firmly pressed between the belt and the cylinder, till it is de livered over the apron at N.

The space cut out to form the flap g for the following bag leaves one side of the finished bag longer than the other, forming a convenient mouth, and affording a flap to be turned down by hand, if necessary, for closing and sealing the mouth.

The cylinder M is a metal drum, heated by steam, or in other preferred manner, for speedily drying the paste in the seams of the bags, which are pressed firmly against it by the belt G. The belt may be stretched over the auxiliary pulleys P P P P.

I am aware that applying a continuous belt of paste to paper as it is drawn from aro1l,by means of an endless belt, is not new, broadly. I therefore limit my claim of this feature to the specific arrangement of the parts, which is such that the paste-belt can travel over stationary pulleys, and, bearing against the guideroller over which the paper passes, will continue pasting the latter to the end without requiring adjustment of the reel or any other part.


1. The arrangement of paste-vat D, belt 0 and its rollers c c, and guide-roller b, for applying paste to the edge of a continuous sheet of paper, substantially as specified.

2. In combination with the former-plate I, the hook i and grooved or recessed feed-roller h, as and for the purpose set forth.

3. The combination of the former-plate I, endless carrying-belt G and its guide-roll h, drying-cylinder M, arranged outside of the said belt, and a folding-blade, the whole operating substantially as specified.

4.. The combination of the folding and pastin g blade K, drying cylinder M, belt G, and its gnide-rollerh for forming the bottom seam of the bag, substantially as specified.

5. In combination with the elements of the fourth claim, the paste-vat L and paste-roller m, the Whole arranged and operating substantially in the manner and for the purpose spec ified.

In testimony of which invention I hereunto set my hand.




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