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Número de publicaciónUS1413569 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación25 Abr 1922
Fecha de presentación3 Feb 1921
Fecha de prioridad3 Feb 1921
Número de publicaciónUS 1413569 A, US 1413569A, US-A-1413569, US1413569 A, US1413569A
InventoresJacob Bloch
Cesionario originalJacob Bloch
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Mechanic's apron
US 1413569 A
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MECHANIC'S APHON. APPLlcMioN Flu-:D fia. a. 19m.

1,41 3,569, Patented Apr. 25, 1922,

31a/undo@ l JAooi nmol-or oilxiornixieri, onio.

Be itknownthat I, JA'coB ',BLocH, aV citizen of the United States,l residing at'v Cincinnati, in the county of'Hamilt'on andjStateof ful Improvements in Mechanicsv Aprons; andI do hereby 'declare the followingfto'be a full, clear, an'd'e'xact description ofthe iiivention, such as willv enable othei'sfskilledin the art to which it appertains to makeaifid use the same. A

This invention relates to wearing apparel, and more particularly to an apron designed to be used by automobilists on thefroal or at home in the garage'whenchanging a tire or doing other work on a car ,without putting on overalls or changing their clothing. It is also adapted for use'byl mechanics in the shop, or butchers oi' grocery men in the store.

'Ilie objects of the invention are to provide a simple and inexpensive apron of the character referred to that can be easily and quickly put on or taken off and secured to the wearer iii position for use without using buttons and button holes or similar :fastening means, and which will. cover and protect the front andother portions of thesbody that are exposed aiidliable to be soiled in doing the kind of work thatrenders it necessary' to wear an apron or the like to prevent soiling ones clothes; the rear portion of the body being left uncovered, so as to avoid unnecessary warmth in warm weather and prevent waste of material and unnecessary expense.

The inventionV will first be hereinafter more particularly desciibed,wvith reference to the accompanying drawings, which are-to be taken asa part of this-specification, and then pointed out in the claims at the end of the description. l

In said drawings, A l ,Y Fig. l isa front view'of an apron embodying my invention; and

F ig. 2 isarear view of the same, the sleeves being removed.

Referring to said drawings, in which the same reference letters are used to denote corresponding parts in different views, the letter A denotes the main or front portion of the apron which is preferably of such length and width as to cover completely the front part of the body of the wearer from the neck tothe shoes,`although it may be made shorter, if desired, and which may consist of a single piece of cloth havingasubstand Specification of ietters .tntef An@ application fiie'd February a, iezij l* l siaino. y 442,039. l

4tially Vvsemi-circula-r Vportion thereof -at its lupper endcutfaway to itaro'und the neck Vand provide rearward extensions@rv to which l Y Y l A V,are sewed thefront ends of shoulder pieces- Ohio= have invented'L certain new "and use'-V 'S-TINT rrr.

or yokes B, which extend rearwardly around 'the arm' holesA and aresecured to the'sleevesfV Q ,along voneedge. ',Assliown, the shoulder 1 pieces'or yokes B extend ffjrom apoint' over with the two vends thereof tied together. as at Z1 to hold the apron in proper position.

It may be desirable, however', in some cases Y to shorten said extensions d, cl,and provide Y 1 hooks or eyes on the ends thereof for connectl for tightening said ends around the wrists,

'thefshoulder to fa `point under-'the arm. pit whereth'eii" lower zends" are secured to Esaid l Y `mainc )rbody,portion A, rtheir outer edges Y Ybeing slightly concave"forfaboutfone"third of their length and the'Jremainingportion` thereof convex, and to said concave edges are secured approximately triangular shoulder e ,piecesfor lapsfD, having reduced extensions 5 "d of su'ilicient length to't around; the body Ving them with hooks or eyes on .the front of 1 f It may also be desirable to provide f to Yinsure a covering for the cuffs'and prevent the latter from being soiled. The apron is also preferably provided with a pocket E,

which may be divided into sections, as in-Yv Y dicated in dotted lines, for holding" me.- chanics tools, etc.

I thus provide a very simple and'rinexpensive buttonless apron, which will completely .Y

cover and protect the front'of the body from the neck lto the shoes, or as far down as may be desired, and also the sleeves and'shoulders, butleaving the backzexposed,fwhere no covering is required, so as to yafford pros tection for those parts of the body which are liable tobe'soiled and which it is defA sirable'` to protect, andpleaving uncovered Y those parts which are not 'liable to be soiled and which it is undesirable to cover, especially when the. apronisused iii warm Weather or in a close room or warm atmospliei'e,.and reducing vthe quantity of ma# tei'ial used and thecost of manufacture to a minimum,

Y Having thus described my invention,what Y. I claim'as new and desire to secure by Let- Y ters Patent is:V

lyAnapron vof the character described, comprisingV a"main portion of suflicient length and width to entirely cover the front' of the hody und extend part-Way around both sides, leaving an open space at the back; the upper portionfthereotbeing-'eut away so as to provide a neck opea-riilglpg/,vandl rearwardly extending' shoulder-pieces on opposite sides, yokes secured at one end to Athe rear ends of said shoulder-pieces and `extending rearwardly and downwardly there-V;

from to a point under the arm pits and havring their loWernends secured; to. 1sir-id main portion; erin holes being formed partly by said shoulder-pieces `and partly -loy said yokes and gsleeves secured tliereto, Aand flaps of `arpproxiin utely triangular .forni having their edges at jthe base ot lthe triangle secured to saidlfyokes and provided tvithre- .duced portionswhieh y,extend aroungll vthe ,length andfwidth, tocornpletely Cover the front of lthe loody und extend part-wey around both Esides, 'leaving i an 4 open spacevat thebaok, said portion having 21neelopening `at thewupper end thereofjendrearward extensions or shoulder pieces the outer edges ot which form a part of the arm holes and to the rea-r endsof which are secured the ifrontends of yokes which extend partway around" the arm holes to a point under the arm pits and having their lower ends seouredto Vsaid front portion, the '.outerfedges of saidv yolgeslheingenrved in continuation of the curvaturepf those portions of the arm holes which-irretermed A,insaid front hertendtheininheemse/being www@ .for portion of,E in length und Convex the remainieefrertme.itherefifsnd rearwardly and laterally nrQiQCtneilnpS Of @Piemmmfxtel'yf-trieegnlarltefn hyiesisubstentelly convex l edges lat the y,loose ,of ,the triangle l secured to the eognoave edges ofsaid yokes und having', reldued .extensions edziptedY to fit nronndgthe ,body .und secured et :the trout A of the apron.

InftestimenyvwheteofletXfmyeenatul'@ in .-tl'ieipresenee :ot two A=Witnesses.


i Witnesses Y relsrsXifzElneCH, LOUIS Melese

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