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Número de publicaciónUS1435047 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación7 Nov 1922
Fecha de presentación10 Mar 1922
Fecha de prioridad10 Mar 1922
Número de publicaciónUS 1435047 A, US 1435047A, US-A-1435047, US1435047 A, US1435047A
InventoresBlum Elisa Von S S
Cesionario originalBlum Elisa Von S S
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Hosiery spat
US 1435047 A
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APPLICANON msn MM2, lo, 1922.

mali@ @mooier/l Nov, 2",

Hosmm SEAT.

Application filed March 10, 1922.

To @Uw/0m 'it muy concur/i:

Be it known thzitLELisii #oN l. S. BLUM, zi citizen of the United kilatesj i'csiilingify at Dallas, iii tlio county of Dallas and Blote of Texas, liiivc iiivcntcilcciiiiii new and nso fnl mpi'oveiiieiis in Hosiery Spills, of wliicli lic following;` is a specification.

n L 1 his irivcnion i'cliisis Lo iicw iin-l iisoini ini iiovcniciis in lioisoi'y anni pci-mins inoi'c pzii'icnlai'ly to ii legging oi' simi. io lic worn iiiiilciiicutli llie hosiery iis zi pro ootioii lo tlio .foot iii'iil ankles, without iicccfsitaingg lie use of zi lai-geislioe than is oi'fliniii'ily Worn, ilioobject 'being primarily o provide s'iicli protection when fancy open wol-li" oi' liiii liosicry is worn, iii particular, iiltliougli it aims to pi'oviflo a protection o this pari of lic fcct and limbs in a general way and it slionld be unclestood that lie invention is not limited in this cxiont nor to any color. Eloois ol ficsh coloi' are, pioci-i'ml "loic fancy', open work or thin hosiery.

The inventionwill bei more l l stood by reference to the foil descrip llLion, taken in comioelfioii n" no accoiiipiiiiying (li-owing foi-ming hoi-coi in wliich- Figure l is a View of the spots in position on a fool'. n

ligiiio is :i sitio i. :iw ol ono of the spiis icilfiovefl 'ioin lio foot and illusi'iilzin v foini of consfiiiotion.

iigiiics 3 and Il iro ii.- longucliiin cross sectional View, respocfivoqI mlicnon lines 3-3 iii/nl. eli-fl of i* Referring more iii doi'ilil l 'lle Serial No. 542,782..

l denotes the spatoi legging made of any kind of material, preferably knitted goods, and bypi'cl'cioncc of fclcsli colo?, in position on thc foot. l. 'lllie Dart 3 of lie split is pliiceil oi'cithe instep and is provided on lie low/ei' odge lioi'oof With straps ii-4. for icll in one piece with the l o ly of ilio lcggiiipf oi' sp2-,53, oi' iiiiiy be scciii'ed in any pi'ei'fcii'cil Way thereto. The sti'iips l-l pass under and :iiound the fooi, und i'ctiiiii `clic spots in position. il', should also be undoi'sood liat the log p0rtion 5 muy liclong'oi oi' shorter according to i'cqnii'cinens. lllfhci-c lioisei'y of'tli'in ie turc oi of open work iii-e vorn the iicsli col.- oi'cd spilt will not bo detected and will perniit thc artistic ind noot appearance of the liosici')v to bc i'lisplziycfl, :it tho saiiic time affording pi'otcc'ion lo the icc und The. fron si'iip 4, uns' liolfliiig down 'liie iront poilioii .o o locking is alii -fn over lic sono, and ilio zfeiii strap iioiils 'dic :in lc 'ig parl; iii posiigion. 5

llilliiit is claim #L spuii'oi'iiicil lor n'eiii' on lie fool; and lcgi liciiczilli tlic liosici'y and 'having ai body engaged with ziiiil "limit lie ankle und over the top of tlic from part of the foot, and a pail' of spaicci iiiciiiliois connected to the sides of lic body, ozio of said members locaicil ociiczitl'i lie ankle engaging portion und ille oiihcilicnciitli 'lic 'front foot-engaging poiion c in liosimiinj; Wl'iei'oof l liavc signed my name to this specification.

oiilrsli Voir b5. irl. lilium.

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Clasificación de EE.UU.2/61, D02/901, 2/242
Clasificación internacionalA41B11/08, A41B11/00
Clasificación cooperativaA41B11/08
Clasificación europeaA41B11/08