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Número de publicaciónUS1519016 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación9 Dic 1924
Fecha de presentación12 Jul 1924
Fecha de prioridad12 Jul 1924
Número de publicaciónUS 1519016 A, US 1519016A, US-A-1519016, US1519016 A, US1519016A
InventoresSamuel Bellitz
Cesionario originalSamuel Bellitz
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US 1519016 A
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Dec. 9, 1924 1,519,016

S. BELLlTZ SKULLCAP Filed July 12, 1924 Smue? ZeZlifz,


Patented Dec. 9, 1.924.




Application filed July 12, 1924. Serial No. 725,699.

useful Improvements in Skullcaps, of which' the following is a specification.

My present invention has reference to a headgear, in the nature of a skull cap, and

while primarily designed for straightening unruly or kinky hair may be also successfully employed by the user when dressing, bathing, swimming and sleeping for retaining the hair in proper condition.

A further objectis to produce a headgear for the purpose stated which includes a fabric frame having a fabric body and which has. associated therewith adjustably associated straps to surround the back of the body and hold the same properly on the head of the wearer.

To the attainment of the foregoing and other objects which will appear as the nature of the invention is better understood, reference is to be had to the drawing which accompanies and which forms part of this application. I In the drawing Figure 1 is a view'illustrating the applicaso tion of the improvement. v

Figure 2 is a; perspective view of the frame of the skull cap.

Figu 3-3 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a sectional view on the line 44 of Figure 2. The frame of my improvement comprises a bottom band 1, the same bein formed from a strip of tape or other suita le textile material. The band l is centrallyfolded upon itself and the ends of the tape constitutin the band are stitched together. Secure to the inner fold at the front and the back of the bottom band 1 there is a strip 2, which constitutes the to of the frame. The strip is arched u war y from its connection with the ban Y re 3 is a' sectional view onthe line 7 Between the folds of the band there are received and stitched the edges of the fabric body constituting the skull\ cap proper. The body, indicated by the numeral 3, is preferably in the nature of a mesh or loosely woven cloth, but also may be of any other desired fabric, it being desirable, however, that the weave thereof be loose.

Secured to the sides of the bottom band 1, between the folds thereof, and also preferably stitched to the body 3, there are straps 4 and 5 respectively. Preferably the straps are of elastic material and are adjustably associated through the medium of a guide 6 and a buckle 7. The straps are designed to be arranged around the back of the wearers head, as disclosed in Figure 1 of the drawing. By adjusting the straps, the skull cap is firmly sustained on the head of the wearer.

It is believed that the foregoing description, when taken in connection with the drawing, will fully set forth the simplicity and advantages of my construction to those skilled in the art to, which such inventions relate.

Having described the invention, I claim A skull cap for the purpose set forth, comprising a frame constitutln a non-yieldable band which is centrally f0 ded u on itself, an arched non-yiel'dable to strip aving its ends secured to the inner olds of the .band, a mesh body comprising the top of the cap arranged under the top strlp, stitched thereto and having its edges dis osed between the folds of the band an stitched therebetween, elastic strap members stitched between the folds of the band at the sides thereof, adjustable means connecting the ends of the strap members, and said straps designed to be arranged around the rear of the cap to enage with the head of the wearer for holding the cap thereon.


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Clasificación de EE.UU.132/274, 2/174
Clasificación internacionalA45D8/00, A45D8/40
Clasificación cooperativaA45D8/40
Clasificación europeaA45D8/40