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Número de publicaciónUS1524972 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación3 Feb 1925
Fecha de presentación9 Oct 1924
Fecha de prioridad9 Oct 1924
Número de publicaciónUS 1524972 A, US 1524972A, US-A-1524972, US1524972 A, US1524972A
InventoresJoseph Hampson, Samuel Simon
Cesionario originalJoseph Hampson, Samuel Simon
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Method and apparatus for designing striped effects
US 1524972 A
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Feb. 3. l 925.

J. HAMPSON ET AL METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR DESIGNING STRIPED EFFECTS Filed Oct, 9. 1924 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 @9 'INVENTOR @MM @9 HW SCM/mf, mmm- Patented Feb. 3, 1925.






Application filed October 9, 1924.

[o all whom t may concern:

Be it known that we, JosnrH HAMrsoN and SAMUEL SIMON, both British subjects, residing at Manchester, county of Lancaster, England, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Methods and Apparatus for Designing Striped Effects, of which the following is a specication.

rhis invention relates to the designing of coloured stripe effects` tor textile fabrics made from cotton, silk, wool, linen, jute, cellulose or other textile fibres.

lt comprises the use of a plurality of cards, some white and the others coloured in various colours, on one or more edges which when assembled or grouped together will prese-nt a variety of striped designs or effects either in single colours or in two or more colours according to the position in which the cards are grouped.

Textile manufacturers, designers, buyers, salesmen and others may create their own designs by grouping and regrouping the various white and coloured cards until the desired stripe effect is produced.

The invention will be fully described with reference to the accompanying drawings.

Fig. l. is a perspective view of a single card.

l Fig 2. or cards.

Fig. 3. is a perspectiveV view of a group of cards coloured on a plurality ot edges.

Fig. 4L. is a perspective view ot cards asseinbled in a holder where they can be grouped and re-grouped until a desired striped eflect is produced.

Fig. 5. is a. perspective view of cards grouped and arranged together and clamped in a case or holder.

Fig. 6. is a perspective view of a holder for several groups of cards separated by removable partitions.

ln carrying out the invention we provide a. plurality of cards A some of which are white and others coloured along one edge a or along two or more edges al a2. Any number of colours may be selected and any number of cards may be coloured one of such colours. The edges al and a? may be plain or may be the same colour as the edge a. or all three or tour edges may be ot differ ent colours so that in one card there may be two, three or four distinct colours and when grouped together two, t-hreeor tour differis a perspective view of a group Serial No. 742,6?6.

ent designs or stripe effects are produced. The edge a may be of a single colour or two or more colours may be on the edge a, to produce fancy woven effects such as are known as double-stitch, jacquard or printed yarn effects. The flat sides or faces a3 of the cards may be either white or coloured as found mostconvenient for sort-ing them.

The cards A may be made of card, cardboard, wood, metal or other suitably stift` material and the edges painted or enamelled in the various colours and the cards A may be of various thicknesses, some thicker than others to facilitate making broad stripes.

The cards are grouped together either on an open holder B as shown in F ig. 4 or placed in cases C as in Figs. 5 and 6 in juxtaposition, the different colours on their edges forming the stripe design.

Any portion of a design can be modified, reduced or enlarged by the addition or subtraction of one or more cards and any design created can be readily and quickly changed by adding to or reducing the number of' cards or by removing the cards and replacing them by cards of another shade or colour.

In the construction shown in Fig. 5 the holder B is provided with a thumb screw l) by which the cards A are pressed tightly together to give to the edge surface a of the cards an even appearance marked with coloured stripes.

ln application to produce a design one or a plurality of say twenty white edged cards are placed in the holder B or (l one, or a plurality of coloured edged cards say blue placed adjacent to them, one or a plurality of coloured edged cards say red, then one or more white edged cards, and so on until a design in any desired colour or widths of stripes is obtained. For a repeat the case C Fig. 6 may be employed, the pattern being repeated in each group represented therein.

The card design created can next be applied to the material it has to be reproduced in, taking as many white or coloured threads as may be required to equal the corresponding number of cards used.

What we claim as our invention and desire to protect by Letters Patent is l. The method or process of designing striped effects and patterns for reproduction on textile fabrics which consists in grouping and assembling together' side by side in lli) relation to one another a plurality of cards the edges of which are White `and coloured respectively.

2. Apparatus lor designing striped eftects and patterns tor reproduction on textile fabrics comprising a plurality ot' cards grouped together soine provided with White edges and others with coloured edges in a variety of colours.

3. A card for producing and patterns as in claim 2 one edge.

4. A card for producing striped effects and patterns as in claim 2 coloured along two edges.

5. A card for producing striped efl'eots and patterns asin claiin 2 coloured along three edges.

6. A card for producing' striped etlects and patterns as in Claim 2 coloured along tour edges.

7. Apparatus for designing striped effects and patterns for reproduction .on textile 'fabrics comprising `the combination of a striped effects coloured along plurality of cards provided with White edges, a plurality of cards providedA with coloured edges in various colours and a holder in which to group and assemble the cards in the desired order to produce the eilect required.

8. Apparatus for designing striped eftectsand patterns for reproduction on textile t'abrics comprising the combination of a plurality ot' Cardsprovided with Whit-e edges, a plurality of cards provided with coloured edges in various colours and a holder in which to group and assemble the cards in the desired order to produce the eiiect required and a thuinbsorew to press the cards together.

In testimony whereofy We have hereunto set our hands in presence of tw'o subscribingy Witnesses.`



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