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Número de publicaciónUS1546346 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación14 Jul 1925
Fecha de presentación5 Abr 1924
Fecha de prioridad5 Abr 1924
Número de publicaciónUS 1546346 A, US 1546346A, US-A-1546346, US1546346 A, US1546346A
InventoresSahatiel G Mandalian
Cesionario originalSahatiel G Mandalian
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Enameled armor-mesh fabric and method of finishing same
US 1546346 A
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July 14, 1925 1,546,346


Patented July 14, 1925.




Application filed. April 5, 1924. Serial No. 704,363.

My invention relates to metallic mesh fab ric adapted to use in the construction of mesh bags, purses, and other ornamental articles; and particularly to that ty e of mesh commonly known as armor mes or fish scale mesh. This type of mesh com prises arallel series of cruciform links or plates achhaving four corner prongs converging in the rear of the plate and englalge front of the metal fabric thus composed has a coating of colored enamel. The metals which are suitable for this construction are, like brass, German silver, silver plate, and the like,'of a bright or shiny character; the different links are jointed and to a limited'extent movable with relation to each other; and the top surfaces of ring links lie in a slightly lower plane than those of the plate links. Therefore to attempt a blanket 'deposit of enamel upon the surface of a mesh strip has not heretofore been com- -mercially feasible because it failed to effectu'ally cover and permanently conceal the-joints and occasional ring links, but imparted to the complete article a tinny, raw, and unfinished, rather than a salable uniform, and soft appearance.

The essential objects of my invention are to remed the 'above defects, and attain the recited advantages, as well as to enable the successful use of more delicate shades of enamel than has been heretofore possible.

To the above ends essentially my invention consists in such parts and combinations, and in such steps and combinations of steps as fall within the scope of the appended claims. I

In the accompanying drawings which form a part of this specification Figure 1 is a front elevation of an armor mesh fabric, greatly enlarged, embodying and made'a'ccordingto my invention,

Fi re 2, a section of a cruciform link on line2 of Figure l," and Figure 3, a section of a ring link on line 33 of Figure 1.

Like reference characters, indicate like parts throughout the views.

In carrying out my invention an armored mesh fabric is constructed in the usual manner from German silver, brass, silver plated or nickel plated stock, or other thin bendable metal. This consists of parallel circular or ring links, represented generally by 4,

.each four of which links are loosely ongaged to a flat cruciform link or plate, represented in a general. way by 5, by four corner prongs 6 converging in the rear of the plate.

It is sought to apply enamel to this fabric, but in order to attain the results hereinabove referred to I have ascertained that it is necessary to impart a dark finish to the fabric prior to the application of the enamel. This preliminary step of darkening the metal may be effected in various ways, such for instance as dipping the fabric in sodium sulfide solution.

After the darkening step, the enamel of any desired ornamental color is a plied to the face of the mesh fabric in an convenient manner. That is to say the enamel in liquid state may be applied tot-ne front face of the fabric and then baked thereon.

In Figure-2 the body of a link 5 is indi cated by 7, and the enamel coating thereon by 8. In Figure 3 the body of the linkis indicated by 9, and the enamel by 10.

To physically apply the enamel to the fine and flexible fabric is very difiicult, and necessarily certain parts of the fabric, such as portions of the ring links 4', do-not re ceive their intended share of enamel. This defect, however, is not apparent because of the darkened condition of the metal stock, and it is thus possible to produce a commercial article, and with speed as well as at small expense.

1. In a metallic mesh fabric for ornamental articles, cruciform links, ring links engaging the corners of the cruciform links, and an enamel coating u n the exposed surifaces of the cruciform links and the ring lin s.

2.In a metallic mesh fabric for drnamental articles, cruciform links provided r with darkened exposed surfaces, ring links engaging the corners of the cruciform links and provided with darkened exposed surfaces", and an enamel coating upon the exposed surfaces of the cruciform links and the ring links.

3. A method of finishing metallic armor mesh fabric for ornamental articles of interengaging constituent metallic links, by darkening the surfaces of the links, and depositing a coating of enamel upon the darkened links.

4. As an improved article of manufacture a metallic mesh fabric having interstices through which portions of the rings of the mesh are visible, the said portions being darkened so that the portions of the rings in such interstices are made less conspicuous, the exposed portions of the mesh being enameled.

In testimony whereof I have afiixed my 2" signature.


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