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Número de publicaciónUS1579379 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación6 Abr 1926
Fecha de presentación6 Jul 1925
Fecha de prioridad6 Jul 1925
Número de publicaciónUS 1579379 A, US 1579379A, US-A-1579379, US1579379 A, US1579379A
InventoresMarbel Myer M
Cesionario originalMarbel Myer M
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Surgical instrument
US 1579379 A
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Aprilne, 192s. 1,579,379

M, M. rvumlsix.

SURGICAL INSTRUMENT Filed July 6, 1925 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 April 6;, 192e. l 1,579,379

M. M. MARBEL- SURGICAL INSTRUMENT Filed July 6.. 1925 4 5 Sheets-Sheet E;`

Apil 6, 192e. 1,579,319

M. M. MARBEL SURGI CAL INSTRUMENT Filed July 6. 1925 y 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 Patented amt 1926.

emissie man 1v1. maaar, ce ambisce ini-.mois

Ap'piieation ered iify e, 1925. 'serii if. 41,564.

Be it kfnoiv' that I, ll/IY'ER M. MRREL, "a eiti'zen'o the United States, a'nd a 41"esidei"1t 'of the city of Chicago, 'county of Cook,- 'ad Sia-tei of lllinois, have invented e'ertaiii iifetv and useful lliiipVe'ments iii 'Surgical `1- vsti"iiiieats, of which the follotiii'gf is a speei- 'cation.

My pi'eseiit iiiv'ei'itioii relates to siiigicl instii'mi'e'nts, more partieiil'aily to 'surgical instruments for use iii pei'foiiiiingff se'wiiipj opei'atioiis such as 'sewing tpfethei" the of Cuts, im'z'isioiis,V gashs and the like, alii my iiive'i'itioii has 1to1; itsv 'iiiaiii objeety the' pioifisio'i of an iiiipioi'ed eo'iiibiiied i-nstinient of this eliaiaete'i Whiehw'ill iiibody eeifaiii desired features ol" sii'iiplii'zity, elieieiiey aiid eoi'eiiieiiee. l

AnotherV object isto provide a surgical ii stiument oi: this eliaiatei Con'ipiising" a coiiipact combination oi' the faiioiis iii'stiiinieiits iisiially employed iii sewingopeiatioiis; *which will enable a sai/ing iii time and labor, ce-iid to avoid C01ifs`iii, .iiiduee eondeiie "aii'd'allaj'y iieifoiisiless oil 'the fvtlie opeatoig arid Whih Vwill igneialeilable Ys'eiviii; eperatioiis to be performed at greater spe-.ed 'and Awith increased slill.

The invention coiisist's the ombiiiations andl arrangements of parte hereinafter Vdeseiloed and claimed. f

Theiventon will be bstuiiderstood by referee@ 11:01h.@ acompa-Dying'. dma/'mes iformiiig a part (if this speeifitioii; and in which,

3 is an enlarged detail 'View illustrating in partida@ fheneedle ehreadig iii'e'aiis Combined `With the feeding pieta" Fig. 4 is a siiiiilai"` vieijv but 'sl'oi v the stitchingmateriali is loopedl arie applied in C'nii'etioii Y with Athe needle threadingl tion, as illustrated iii the acompaiiyihg c'ljraiviiigs, veo'ii'xpi'ises t'w'o blades l5 and 16 i'ifiovalgl'e 'on a pivotl W'hiol'i they are he d tegetli'ei, -aid blades hai/'ing eoopei'atin" uttiig edg s 18 'and V'19, aiid 'also having coopeifatie ljaws 18 aid 19. The blade-I5 iia'de with a 'thumb receiving eye 90 and the blade 16 With a finger reeeif'- iiig eye 21-7 s'o that this 'sti'u'etiue may be conveniently used like a pair of seissois in "cittiiig' Athe stitchingmaterial with the Cooperative jaWslS and 19. and iii holding the sewing' needle with the Toughened jaivs 1S andr 19', ai'd in. i/aiio'usl-igf manipulatiiig the sti'ii'ct'ue for 'elil'eetiiig the sewing operatioiis ai'd tyiiigi, the stitching' iiia'tei'ial iiito inlets. Oife df the arms, herein 'ehem as the 15 may lie. piovided iiith a toothed pio j'etioh 22,v While thev other blade 1G is formed with hooked iii'eiiibe 2 3 adapted to eoprat'e With the tthed piojeetio for the 'ed 191 damped 'lapso-f1 .thesewile needle me ,the degree Gf iieidiwifisired, Iii this bm of eoii"stijtietioii foi the iiedle hfldeif2fl ofeyliiidrieal foi'inyzidliaving an @een laid, Within this leak .holder is dis- Peed. as, vg''la, P @rabbi ih ,the ferie ofabottle25, tliedeigtli ofthe bottle with fessee-c @am ai the mi; boitier belagprefsuel1 tli at l the liottl e wil l piotifiide slightly beyod the open eiid the tank holdt iii i'c'l'i" fea'di y tobe grasped forJ appleatioii removal. This bottle ,is iitted with einem@ map Needing plug 2,' 6 ffd1 1ef s titelii .1g ateriah f tvliielia 1'011 27 (Fig. 2)', disp d Witliii tlie battle in tabli' Slilzllie quid O1 .'iidiiim. '26 sipiffrably if@ ,set 1 needle so as to carry a line of the stitching material therethrough. By means of this arrangement a roll of the stitching material is kept in proper sterilized condition within the holder, and an end of the line 2S is also available exteriorly of the tank holder, vhile the line of material in the feeding piece is frictionally held. the rubber material of the feeding pipe affording liquid-tight engagement with l e line of stitching material.

rfhis plug or feeding piece Q6 carries a sewing needle if), a needle thro-ader and a clamping member 3l for suitably clamping the stitching material while the needle being threaded on the needle threader 30. To thread the needle a loop A (Fig. is formed from the stitching material. and this loop is engaged over the needle threader 30 subsequently to the application on the needle threadcr of the sewii f needle Q0 (Fig. di). .frfter the loop A is L.pplied to the needle tlneadcr. the line of sewing material doubled upon itself 1) is clamped in the clamping member 31. 'Thereupon the needle is withdrawn from the needle threader and over the loop A so to be threaded upon the stitching material as best illustrated in Fig. 5.

The threaded needle is thereupon secured between the `iaws 18 and 19 and applied to the edges an incision as 3:2 which is be sewed up. ik loop B is then formed and slipped upon the ving needle which is then drawn entirely through the edges of the incision. The loop B is then tightened so to form a knot C at the connected edges of the incision (Fig. 7). From the reserve material in the holder. there is then drawn through the feeding piece a. supply of sewing material sutiicient to form a loop D through which is passed the sewing needle and a portion E of the sewing material. doing this a new loop F is produced through which the needle with the portion E attached thereto is drawn by a forward move mentof the needle holder as shown in Fig. 10. This step in the operation serves to close the loop B. Thereupon the sewing needle is removed from the of the instrument and the line of sewing material is drawn in opposite directions as indicated b v the arrows G and H (Fig. 11) thereby forming a second knot l (Fig. 12). Having thusA formed the knots and drawn them tightly for securing the edges the incision 39 together the sewing material is severed from the knots by the Cutting edges 1S and 19. Each time, therefore, the sewing needle is passed through the edges of the incisione two securing knots are made and drawn tightly after which the sewing material is separated from the knoty in order to ret-bread the needle for the sewing of the next stitch. The needle holder is held in the right-hand (if the user be right-handed) during the entire time the stitching and other operations are performed, the left hand being always free for threading the. needle, making the loops and for use in other activities during the sewing operation. lilith a little practice in thc use of this improved instrument an operating surgeon becomes very skillful with the result that he is able to sew more rapidly, producing a great man v more stitches per minute than when working under the usual conditions where the sewing material must be located at one place. the sewing needle at another place, and under conditions where formation of the loops for the knots must be made entirely by hand in separate lines or strings without having the advantage of the adjacent continuous line of sewing material as provided in the present invention. From the use of this improved instrument, other advantageous results also How: Namely. there is no confusion in locating the instruments; the sewing` thread is employed at once upon its removal from the anesthetic therein; less assistance by wav of attendants is required; the flow of blood is stopped quicker; tighter knots are insured; and the, operating surgeon in view of these various conditions is able to perform his work with less nervousness. Adverting to the tank holder. it will be observed that the same is provided with a proiccting flange havinga laterally projecting pin 3l. Adapted to cooperate with this tiange in order to inclose the feeding piece with the various parts carried thereby, is a cap provided with a bayonet slot 36 for the suitable reception of the pin 8l. lVhile I have herein shown and described tank in the form of a bottle as inserted in the tank holder Si. it will be obvious that, if found desirable, the tank holder itself may be employed as the tank or well for the materials to be carried, although the form illustrated and described preferred since it permits of the ready application and removal of a bottle as Q5.

In Figs. 13 and 14; I illustrate how the tank holder may be applied to needle holding instruments as 3G and 37, respectively. In each of these instances, due to the eXpansion of the blades, which are without thumb and linger receiving eyes and which are manipulated by being embraced by the hand iu a. manner that will be readily understood` the tank holder is secured to the inner side of one of the blades as shown.

Vhile I have illustrated and described the preferred form of construction for carrying my invention into effect, this is capable of variation and modification without departing from the spirit of the invention. I, therefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise details of construction set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifications as come within the scope of the appended claimsl Ulf) Il l) by having means Vfor holding a needle and cutting stitching material; a tank holder for stitching material on one blade; a plug removably litting said holder and constituting a feeding piece for the withdrawal of the stitching material and cap enclosing said plug and engaging said holder, substantially as described.

3. A surgical instrument including a pair of pivotally connected bladesv characterized by having means for holding a needle and cutting stitching material; a tank holder for stitching material on one blade; a feeding piece for the holder; and needle threading means arranged on said feeding piece, substantially as described.

el. A surgical instrument including a pair of pivotally connected blades characterized byhaving means for holding a needle and cutting stitching material; a tank holder for stitching material on the blade; a stitching material feeding piece; a member for threading the needle; and amember for holding the thr ad during the threading or the needle, substantially as described.

5. A surgical instrument including a pair of pivotally connected blades characterized by having means for holding a nedle and cutting stitching material; a tank holder for stitching material on one blade; and a plug constituting part of the tank holder and adapted to be pierced by a needle for the Withdrawal of stitching material therethrough, substantially as described.

6. A surgical instrument including a pair of pivotally connected blades characterized by having means for holding a needle and cutting' stitching material; a tank holder for stitching material on one blade; a stitching material feeding piece in the holder; means for threading a needle arranged on said feeding piece; and a cap engageable with the holder for enclosing said feeding piece and needle threading means, substantially as described.

A surgical instrument including tWo blades held together by a pivot; a tank on one blade for holding sterilizing liquid and stitching material; a removable feeding pieceiorming a closure for 'the tank and having a passage through which the stitching material may be taken as needed for cooperation with the blades to effect stitching operations, substantially as described.

8. A surgical instrument including tivo blades held together by a pivot; a tankon one blade for holding sterilizing material and stitching material; a removable feeding piece forming a closure for the tank and having a passage through Which the stitching material may be taken, needle threading means carried by said feeding piece; and a cap engageable With the' tank and enclosing the feeding piece and needle threading means, substantially as described.

ln testimony whereof I have signed my name to this speciicaton.


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