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Número de publicaciónUS1580598 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación13 Abr 1926
Fecha de presentación3 Dic 1921
Fecha de prioridad3 Dic 1921
Número de publicaciónUS 1580598 A, US 1580598A, US-A-1580598, US1580598 A, US1580598A
InventoresGrotta Sidney S
Cesionario originalGrotta Sidney S
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Soap-bubble pipe
US 1580598 A
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Aprilxl3 1926. 1,580,598

I s. s. GROTTA SOAP BUBBLE PIPE Filed Dec. 1921 QfZUIZZOI. Sidney 8. Grafla Patented 135, 19;.5.


soar-Burners mm.

Application filed December 3, 1921. Serial No. 519,743.

1 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, S. Gno'r'ra, a citizen of the United States, residing at T'TtlitTfOl'Cl, in the county of: Hartford and State of Connecticut,have invented a new and useful Improvement in Soap-Bubble Pipes, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to those toys for the amusement of children which are designed to form soap bubbles and which are lrnown as soap bubble pipes.

The object of the invention is to produce a simple and cheap toy of this class that has a reservoir for the saponaceous liquid which can be readily filled with a charge that will permit the blowing of a large number of bubbles at each loading, which reservoir and the filling and bubble forming mouth are so constructed that the liquid will not run out or be .pilled regardless of the position to which the device is turned, but which are always ready when primed to cause the formatron of large bubbles by blowing upon the stem that opens into the reservolr.

This object is attained by providing the reservoir for the soapy liquid with a conical tube or mouth that has its larger end opening out through one wall of the reservoir and its smaller end opening in the interior of the reservoir near the opposite wall, the larger opening permitting the easy filling oi the liquid into the reservoir and insuring the formation or": big bubbles, and the smaller opening preventing the outflow or leakage of liquid under normal conditions and holding a film of the saponaceous liquid that, when pressure is exerted in the reservoir by blowing on the stem, expands as it passes out or" the tube and forms the bubble at the larger end. The stem desirably has the opening at the inner end choked by reducing its area, to prevent the outflow of liquid.

In the accompanying drawings Figure 1 shows a vertical section of a pipe which embodies the invention. Fig. 2 shows a section of the reservoir and conical mouth inverted. Fig. 3 is a similar view showing a bubble formed at the large end of the mouth. Fig. i is a plan view ofthe device looking into the mouth. Fig. 5 is a view looking at the small or inner end of the stem. Fig. 6 shows a section of the invention embodied in the form of a common pipe.

The reservoir 1 is desirably made .in the shape of a metallic drum. The mouth 2 is an axially located conical tube with its larger end opening through one end Wall of the drum and its smaller end opening in the interior near the other end wall of the drum. The stem 3 projects through a side wall of the drum and its inner end is preferably flattened so as to restrict theinnero-rifice. The desired quantity of soapy liquid 4 filled into the reservoir through the mouth. lVhen the reservoir thus filled is inverted a film 5 of liquid remains in the orifice at the smaller end of the mouth and then on blowing on the stem and exerting pressure in the reservoir this film gradually expands as it passes out through the. mouth until it forms the large bubble 6. It the reservoir containing the soapy liquid is shaken so as to gen erate suds in the interior it is not necessary to invert the device for the purpose of providing the film in the small end of the mouth as a film of suds gatheres in the orifice when the device is shaken ready to be expanded by the pressure generated by blowing on the stem.

The mouth 7 instead of being formed a part of the reservoir as above described, may as illustrated in Fig. 6, have a flange 8 and may be thrust into a stopper or cork 9 shaped to be inserted into the mouth of a pipe of common form.

The conical outline of the month of this device permits the reservoir, whether in the form of a drum or pipe bowl, to be readily filled with saponaceous liquid and the gradual increase in the diameter outward oi the mouth insures the necessary expansion of the film to form a large bubble. The reduced inner end of the mouth prevents the accidental outflow of liquid when the device is not being used and yetgathers and retains the film of liquid necessary to form the bubble.

It is desirable, in order to utilize as much of the charge of liquid as is possible in blowing bubbles, to provide a well 10 in the portion, as SllOWll in Fig. (3. In either case when the charge of liquid is nearly exhausted the residual portion will be concentrated in a substantially circular pool of liquid of conuoarativeiy small area adj'acent to the opening in the inner end of the tube 2. In this manner practically the entire charge may be utilized, reducing the residue to a minimum.

The invention claimed is:

1. A soap bubble pipe comprising a reservoir for containing a charge of saponaceous liquid, with a depression formed in one Wall of the reservoir to provide a Well for collectingthe residue of said liquid when said charge approaches depletion, a substantially conical tube extending through another Wall of said reservoir and having its apex opening disposed adjacent to the bottom of said depression, and a stem extending into said reservoir and terminating adjacent to the wall of said tube for blowing a film of said liquid through said tube to form a bubble, said stem having a restricted inner opening for minimizing the escape of said liquid therethrough.

2. A soap bubble pipe comprising a substantially cylindrical reservoir for containing a chargeoi saponaceous liquid a well formed in an end Wall of said reservoir for collecting the residue of said liquid when said charge approaches depletion, a substantially conical discharge tube extending axially through said reservoir and through the other end Wall thereof and with the apex opening of said tube disposed Within said well, and a tubular stein extending into said reservoir and terminating adjacent to the "all of said. discharge tube for bowing a film 0t said liquid through said tube to form a bubble. V

S'IDNE T S. G110

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