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Número de publicaciónUS1582055 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación27 Abr 1926
Fecha de presentación16 Jun 1925
Fecha de prioridad16 Jun 1925
Número de publicaciónUS 1582055 A, US 1582055A, US-A-1582055, US1582055 A, US1582055A
InventoresKrissiep Max
Cesionario originalTextile Machine Works
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Thread-tensioning braiding carrier
US 1582055 A
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ril 27 1926. l l Ap M. KRlsslEP THREAD TENSIONING BRAIDING CARRIER Filed June 16, 1925 A TT ORNEYS.

Patented Apr. 27, 1926.

YUNITED STATES` l y treatise PATENT oFricE.



Application filed June 16, 1925.. Serial N'o. 37,439.

To alt iti/0m it may concern:

Be it lnownthat I, MAX Knissrnr, a citi- Zen of the German Republic, residing at Wyomissing, in the county of Berks and State of Pennsylvania, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Thread-Tensioning Braiding Carriers, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates particularly to braiding machine carriers; and it consists mainly in improved thread-tensioning means as hereinafter fully set forth in connection With the accompanying drawing, the novel features of the construction being clearly defined in the subjoined claims.

The main object of theinvention is to provide for insuring uniform thread tensioning' in such manner as to enable use of the carriers in other than the usual vertical position Without impairing their satisfactory operation; and to thisV end it comprises a springtensioned thread-tensioner device which is sivingable about the centrally mounted bobbin so as to control the let-ott from the latter as indicated in the preferred specific construction illustrated.

Fig. 1 is an elevat-ion of a carrier embodying the invention, a threaded bobbin being shown in posit-ion.

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section, With the bobbin omitted, and showing the thread spreader in section on the line 2-2 vof Fig. l. i

Figs. 3 and 4t are cross-sectional views on the lines 3 8 and i-*t respectively of Fig. 2.

The carrier frame comprises the usual supporting-foot having spaced plates 2, 2 conncctedgby a shuttle piece 3 and provided with a drive-gear-engaging pin 4.; the rigid bobbin spindle 6; and threading stem 5 having threading eyes and 5*. An ordinary bobbin 7 is indicated :1s-indirectly mounted upon the spindle 6.

in my improved construction the supporting foot is provided With a pavvl l() pivoted thereto at 10 and normally spring-pressed into stopping engagement with the toothed base portion 1la of a rotary bobbin holder sleeve 11 upon which the bobbin 7 is tightly titted. The sleeve portion l1 of this bobbin holder loosely enc-loses the spindle-mounted sleeve portion 12 of my improved thread-tensioning device; which latter is carried by the supporting foot of the carrier and is connected with the spindle G by a tensioning spring 13 adapted to resist turning movement thereof on the spindle. To provide for varying the tension exerted by this spring 13, the sleeve portion i2 of the thread tensioning` device is shoivn with a relatively rotatable part 12b attached to the free end of said spindle-connected spring anditself adjustably connected to the base portion 12 of the sleeve 12 by means of a projection 12 on the latter engaged in one or another of a series of openings 12d provided in said part 12b. v

The base l2 of the spring-tensioned thread tensioner,-is formed With an eccentric portion 12e which engages the pavvl l0 during its extreme swinging movement so as to release the bobbin holder 1l for Withdrawal of additional thread; and this swinging` movement is effected by the pull exerted upon the tensioner through a thread-spreader portion if of the latter, which rises from said base portion l2 beyond the periphery of the fully loaded bobbin 7, so as to support the thread extending from the bobbin to the threading eyes 5"'1 5" in the threading stem 5. Thisthread spreading portion lf of the swinging tensioner is preferably formed as a cylindrical segment concentric with the mounted sleeve portion l2, so as to provide a considerable Contact With the thread passing from the bobbin (Fig. 1 as well as su pport it free of Contact With the bobbin periphery.

The operation of my improved carrier is not affected by its position in the machine; the bobbin, Whether kstanding vertically or horizontally for instance, being intermittently released tooth by tooth as the swinging thread-tensioner is. swung by the pull of the spread thread, against its adjusted spring tensioning and .vith releasing action upon the controlling paivl. rthe specific construction set forth may obviously be readily modified without departing from the essential features of the invention as set forth in the claims.

that I claim is:

l. In combination ivith a carrier frame having a fixed bobbin spindle and threading standard, and a movable paivl; a swingable thread. tensioner comprising a spring tensioned sleeve on said spindle having a panfloiierating base portion, and a spaced threadspreading riser from the latter; and a bobbin-holder rotatable upon said sleeve portion mii of the tensionornnd hawingaJ pawlfengaging base portion.

2. In a carrier as set forth in claim l, n swing'able thread tensioner having an adjustable tensioning-spring connection to the Spindle,

3. In a. carrier as setforth in claimV 1. a swingabie thread tcnsioncr having a relatively adjustable sleeve part to. which one end of a. spind1e-connccted tensioningvspring isk attached.

4f. Ina. carrier as set forth in claim l, a swing'bic thread tensioner having'afn cccentrically shaped pand-operating base portion.

5. In a carrier asset forth in clziiin l.. u Swing'ahle thread tensioner having' thc spaced thread-spreading portion thereot` foi-ined as :L cylindrical segment concentric with its sleeve portion.

In Atestimony whereof I affix my signature.


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Clasificación de EE.UU.87/22
Clasificación internacionalD04C3/14
Clasificación cooperativaD04C3/14
Clasificación europeaD04C3/14