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Número de publicaciónUS1589517 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación22 Jun 1926
Fecha de presentación4 Abr 1925
Fecha de prioridad21 Nov 1924
Número de publicaciónUS 1589517 A, US 1589517A, US-A-1589517, US1589517 A, US1589517A
InventoresBruno Desmarquoy Leon Emmanuel
Cesionario originalBruno Desmarquoy Leon Emmanuel
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Resilient padding
US 1589517 A
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Julie 22 1926.

L. E. B. DESMARQUOY RESILIENT PADDING Filed April 4, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 INVENTOH ['ean/ [mmdnw izfund Zesma HTTORNEY June 22,1926;

L. E. B. DE$MARQUOY RBSILIENT PADDING Filed April 4, 1925 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 w 9 W E a U U n N. N5 U r LG T W M Bv 5 0] F L Patented June 22,1926. I i 1,589,517 UNITED STATES PATENT orrics.



Application filed'Api-il 4, 1925, Serial No. 20,770, and in France November 21, 1924.

For the various padding utilized in coachding, Figure 45 a side elevation thereof, and building as'well as for airplanes and do- Fi ure an end view of Figure 3. mcstic purposes, horse hair, palm fibre and n all the figures the same numerals denote felt are commonly used. the same parts.

6 Besides their high cost price these mate- As shown by the drawing, the stufiing O0 rials also have the disadvantage of being -which is the subject matter of my invention injured by moisture. is essentially constituted of spongy-rubber Furthermore, the said fibrous materials waste cut into bits about 1 to 2 centimeters have no resiliency of their own, and therein size. Said stuffing is enclosed in a canvas fore do not permit resilient paddings to be envelope 2 inside which it is maintained by 66 obtained; moreover they are liable to sag machineor hand-made seams which may in some parts of the quilting or upholstering be arranged in any suitable manner accor,dand to pile up in other parts so that hitherto ing to the form that the packing is to have. known paddings ofier, after a comparatively In the embodiment shown I have formed short use, parts more or less unstufl'ed and by means of the canvas covering 2 a main '10 parts compact and hard. member or body 1 and two other members Despite their utter. lack of resiliency and or arms 3 and 4, integral with the aforesaid multiple drawbacks, such stuffings are combody member 1 (which they prevent from monly used, in airplane buildin for inturning), and kept in shape, on the one hand stance, to pad the gunwale of t e car or. by stitching 5 or by any other means, and 7 cockpit in order to protect from shock the on the other hand, by flaps 6 made with the pilots or passengers head. v canvas on the edge of the said padding. They can also be used for padding cells The whole is covered with a flexible envelope in lunatic asylums. 7, made of parchment, leather or any other 2 In their practical uses as shock-protectors similar material, the edges 9 of which are or absorbers hitherto known stuilings are adfolded over and cover the said flaps 6. mittedly in adequate, and, especially in the On the flaps 6 are suitably spaoed and two cases above mentioned as examples, numsecured at intervals eyelets 8 which fasten erous preventable accidents, some of them the leather or parchment part 7 to the flaps fatal, have been oflicially ascertained to have 6. The padding so constituted is fitted on resulted from such defective padding. the part to be covered by engaging the latter The object of my invention is to provide in the central'space or gutter of the padding a novel cushioning or adding material dcand closing the flaps 6, then threading a signed to do away with the above stated wire or thread through the eyelets 8 and obectionable features and which, while apthrough holes previously pierced through phcable to paddin in general, is essentially the part to be padided, so as to register therecharacterized by tfe fact that it consists of with. Any other suitable method of secursmall particles of spon rubber waste ening, may, of course, be substituted for this closed in a canvas or ot er fabric wrapper lacing.

4 made of the form suitable for the "proposed Moreover the above application is depadding and which may or may not be conscribed merely as an example and the padtained in an outer envelope of flexible mateding' may be given according to its intended rial, as leather, kid or parchment, for inpurpose various forms widely different from stance special devices being devised for fixthe one shown.

45 ing the stufiing on the part to be padded. Whatever its exterior form the padding 11 order to make my invention more which is the subject matterof my invention clearly understood, I have illustrated an emis constituted, as already explained, by small bodiment thereof, as applied to the cockpit bits of spon rubber contained in a stitched of an airplane, in and by the drawing apcanvas enve ope forming a compact quilt pended hereto and wherein: which, owing to the special nature of spongy Figure 1 is a diagrammatic cross sectional rubber, is very light and excessively resilient. view of the improved padding and Figure The padding obtained according to my in- 2 a plan view showing the padding in place vention is practically im utrescible, so that on the gunwale of an airplane. the resiliency of such p ding remains con- Figure 3 isa perspective view of the padstunt and item therefore be efiiciently used 1 0 as a shoclcabsorbing or damping lining or armor. v

Such padding is furthermore insulating and far more comfortable than the present horsehair paddings and offers also, as compared with these, the important advantage of a much inferior cost-price. Obviously, applications of the filling material covered by my invention are numerous, since such material can be used not only in constructing the hereinbefore described paddings but also in making resilient "pads, cushions, etc.

Having now particularly ascertained and described the nature of my said invention as well as the manner in which the same is to be 1performed, I declare that What I claim is: esilient cushion padding, comprising a filling, a wrapper enclosing the same, said wrapper and its filling being shaped to form a member of troughor U-section, the opposite arms of which are provided at their inner ends with stitching and at their'frec outer edges with flaps; and a flexible outer envelope enclosing said wrapper and having its edges folded over said flaps.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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