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Número de publicaciónUS1589889 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación22 Jun 1926
Fecha de presentación10 May 1924
Fecha de prioridad10 May 1924
Número de publicaciónUS 1589889 A, US 1589889A, US-A-1589889, US1589889 A, US1589889A
InventoresMas George N, Nellie Zaki
Cesionario originalMas George N, Nellie Zaki
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Invalid bed
US 1589889 A
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Junev 22 1926. 1,589,889

G. N. MAS Er AL INVALID BED Filed 4May 1o. 1924 @ttor-mcg Cir Patented June 22, 1926.



This invention relates to certain improvetress a substantially circular opening 3 ments in invalid beds of the type wherein an opening is provided in the mattress to permit the patient to perform the necessary evacuations where it is impossible to leave the bed, due either to ltemporary illness or to a paralyzed or bed-ridden condition.

One of the chief objections to mattresses of this type. is that they soon become mashed down around the opening, forming a hollow Spot to the discomfort of the patient and spoiling the matress for general use.

A. further disadvantage is that thc mattress, around the opening also becomes soiled and unsanitary iu a very short time necessitating a replacement of the whole mattress.

Another objection to the usual construction of this character is that no special arrangement is provided to obtain a sanitary connection between the receivingvessel and the mattress attachment and still retain the resiliency of the bed or mattress, when the vessel is supported upon the floor.

The object of this invention is to provide a bed construction comprising a mattress and cooperating parts of the type indicated, involving certain improved details eliminating the above enumerated objectional features, thus adding to the convenience and comfort of the patient. and providing` a simple, inexpensive and sanitary device and one adapted for use in connection with beds of different heights.

The preferred embodimeot of the inven` tion is illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which,

Figure 1 isa view partly in section and partly in elevation of the various parts completely assembled;

.Figure 2 is an enlarged fragmentary plan View;

Figure 3 is an enlarged view partly in section and partly in elevation of the resilient supporting ring for the mattress at the opening;

Figure 4 is a modification; and

Figure 5 is a view of the mattress section to be inserted in the opening when the mattress is in every day use.

Referring to the drawings in detail, the mattress 1 is supported upon the usual type of bed springs 2, as shown, or in place of a coil Spring construction a woven spring may be used as the case may be.

In approximately the center of the matf Application led May 10, 1924. Serial No. 712,250.

.is formed and the ticking or other covering 41: of the mattress is continued around the edgesof this opening in an obvious manner to reta-in the filling.

Positionedl around the periphery of the opening 3 and enclosed by the covering l is an annular telescoping` member 5 of any suitable material, but preferably metal, for the purpose of sustaining the mattress at this particular point. lt is necessary oi course to have this member more la. resilient and this is accomplished in the preferred arrangement by forming the member 5 of two telescoping members G and 7, the member being substantially V-shaped in cross section. Supporting the member ('S upon the member 7 is a series of springs 8. the lower ends of said spring seating in recesses 9 formed around the upper edge of the member 7; and the upper ends of the springs being maintained in proper position by pins or the like 10, depending from the member 6. To prevent the metal of this telescoping member from coming in direct contact with the mattress covering 4f, the upper annular edge of the member 6 and the lowei` annular edge of the member 7 are preferably covered with rubber or the like, as shown at 11 and 12.

Adapted to be suspended within the opening 3 is a funnel-shaped member 13, made of any preferred substantially rigid material, having an upper annular flange 14 for supporting the same upon the upper surface of the mattress. Overlying the upper portion of the funnel 13 and extending partially into the same is a rubber mat or shield 15. The shield 15 is substantially circular in shape except for a tab or extension 16 to be used when desired in an obvious manner during the operation of the device. The under face of the mat 15 and the top covering 3 of the mattress are provided with complementary snap fastenings 17, all of which is Clearly shown in Figures 1 and 2.

The lower end of the funnel 13 is provided with a neck 18 having telescoping engagement with a screw coupling member 19 which latter is adapted to be threaded into the neck of a receiving vessel 20. With this arrangement there is a direct and substantially closed connection between the bed opening and receiving vessel and by reason of the telescoping arrangement of the parts lo and l) this coi'ineetion is not disturbed by any rising or sinliing oit the mattress or springs and the device as a whole will be equally well adapted to beds of different heights. Furthermore any transverse movement ot the bed will not interfere or dis arrange this connection. However, 'it desired, in order to maintain the bed in any predetermined position the legs of the same may be provided with anchoring Hoor plates 22. '.lhe vessel 2() is also provided with an e.-\;ternall \y threaded neelr portion to receive a closure, 24C, when removed from the bed.

Figure elillustrates a modiied 'form of support lor the mattress around the opening 3 comprising a coil spring 25. ljositioned between the top and bottom edges oit the spring 2,5 and the mattress covering -1 are flat annular members 26 and 27 respectively, to preventthe edges of the spring from cutting through the covering 4i.

y lVhen the device hereinbe'lore described is not in. use the opening 3 in the mattress may be closed by a mattress section 28.

Having described the invention what is claimed is:

1.111 an invalid bed7 the combination with a mattress provided with an opening theretln'ough, of an annular telescoping resilient member for supporting the mattress at the edge of said opening, a tubular member positioned in said opening, a receiving vessel and a telescoping connection between said tubular member and rcceivino vessel.

2. ln an invalid bed, the combination willi a mattress provided with an opening there' through, o'i an annular member comprising` telescoping parts lor supportingv the mattress at the edge ot said opening and resilient means for normally extending said teleseoping parts.

3. In an invalid bed, the combination with a mattress provided with an opening therethrough ot telescoping parts tor supporting the mattress at the edge oi" said opening and springs for normally extending said telescoping parts and means for anchoring said springs between the telescoping parts.

In an invalid bed7 the combination with a mattressI provided with an opening there through, ot an annular member comprisii telescopmg parts for supporting the inattress at the edge ot said opening, protective coverings applied to the upper and lower edges of said annular mattress supporting member, and springs Ylor normally extend ing said telescoping parts and means :l'or anchoring said springs between the telescoping parts.

In testimony whereof we allix our signatures.

(irEORGrE N. MAS. NELLIE ZAKL an anmilar member comprising (ill

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