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Número de publicaciónUS1593947 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación27 Jul 1926
Fecha de presentación14 Sep 1925
Fecha de prioridad14 Sep 1925
Número de publicaciónUS 1593947 A, US 1593947A, US-A-1593947, US1593947 A, US1593947A
InventoresAlbert Miller, Jacob Dirschauer
Cesionario originalAlbert Miller, Jacob Dirschauer
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Jar wrench
US 1593947 A
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l Patented July 27,1926.

j ,-Anrnn'r-ivrILLnafN-nmoonrnmscrmunn, oF'nvAf-Nsvrnnn;inerente: 1

aanvaarde ppliicati'on,lediepteiber 1925i Sie'r'iial 516,504?

AThis invention relaties to" wrenches for" 'asli/ing amreniving are' S'Crewaps" or fruit 'jarsyV ,j j Y Our object 1s to provide a' s1'rnple,"dura'b"le compact and eicient wrench'of improved' construction-.whichl can beheld in the hand v and quickly and` easily. operated to yscrew up tightly, o'ftouisrew, tli'dscrew vcap of a `fruit jar.` v l The principle of the'invention resides in concentric relatively rotatableor turnable rings gripping jaws and cam surfaces to co` operate therewith to project,fand`cams to retract thejaws when the rings are relative- "915 ly rotated, and in otherv features and `improvements appearing more `fully hereinafter. l

A practical embodiment of the invention f is shown in the drawings and hereinafter de-v scribed, but we wish it to'be understood that y the invention is `susceptible of modilication from the form shown and described,fwith out departing from the principle of the invention.

In the accompanying drawing- Figure 1 is a top view;

Fig. 2 is a bottom view;

Fig. 3 is a top yview with the body removed, certain parts being in section; l' Fig.4 is an edge View showing the` jaws and their springs; y

Fig. 5 is a vertical section;yand l n i Fig. 5 is a side view showing the wrench -in use cn'the cap of a fruit jar.

The wrench has a body 1 and av retaining ring 2, there being-provided cam notches 3 i' in the retaining ring, said notches'having' shoulders 4. v

Concentrically arranged within `theretaining ring and body and mounted to turn therein, is an operating ring 5 `which is pro# vided with radial slots 6, one of whose walls `7, or bothl of them, maybe of theform f shown, providing` a fulcrum or ulcrums 8. 15 Slidably mounted in the openings 6 and j adapted to pivot or fulcrum on the ulcrum or fulcrums 8 are jaws "9 whose inner ends 10 are provided with teeth and whose outer ends are beveled at 11, the outer ends being adapted for reception in the notches 3. 4 The beveled ends'11 may 'slide against the cams of the notcheslfor the purpose of projecting the jaws 9 inwardlyk to exert a gripping.

action onthe fruit jar cap when the retain= in `r1nv 2 is'turned in aclockwise direction er, when Baia ring-Hs turned in the eppuste' desired pressureito be exerted .on thedisks rv111 and 15 `to hold them pressed inwardly.

"with a screw cap 19, and the wrench apf the jaws are released. What we claim is:

` springs tion.

direction j in relaties tof them eled ends'ff' the 1]' awsmay srap eetehesand by engagement- W. .1, @1ers 4 as fou-ifea anni@ feiern-fa s o release tlienifrorntheqjar lifIt'lie,l other' Aonly will'jthefjai ,I 4. ,Y w'ard the 'jar danbut therdcking* edition eri# erted on the jaws will more firmly wedge them` against the said" cap. l Each f fw is retracted o twardly, so that y it is adapted tosnap 'into thefcamnotch 3 if the ring 2 is rotated'in a counter clockwise direction by lits ow'n spring 12, said T0 spring being a curved leaf spring engaged with the j awand anchoredIinthe-ring 5 'and movable in a slot 13 therein. y

Containedwithin the body 1 is a metal* disk 14C and a rubber disk or rubber fabric or other suitable material disk- 15 ywhich bears on the'ring 5'; screw 16 threaded. through thebody 1 and. havingv its tip en-` gaged with the metal disk 14 enables anyy o The body has finger notches or grips 17 to ena-ble the user to hold the wrench in his hand and to manipulate it withoutslippage.

A fruit jar is'shown at 18 as provided85 plied thereto in Fig. 6 to illustrate the man- V'ner of use.

n Onturning the body 1 and lring 2 in av clockwisefdirection.' thejaws 9 are forced 90 inwardly7 by the cam bottoms of the notches 3. `causing the jaws'to bite 'on the cap 19 which may thenbetightlv screwed on the j jar. AOn reversing the direction of turning motion applied to the body. 1 and ring 2,

1. Ina wrench for screw caps, the combination of an outer body adapted to bel turned by the'operator, aninner operating ring having an `opening to receive the screw cap which is to be manipulated, rockable jaws Aslidably ymounted `in the inner ring, for retracting said jaws, and cam surfaces o n the outer body 'adapted to engage said j aws to press them inwardly when 'said body is turned in one direction and permitting the lsprings to retract said jaws when they body is turned in,4 the opposite `direcj the @ambi- 2." nV awrench for screw caps, nation with'an outryvbdjy, adapted Yto be turned by the operator, of an inneroperating ring having an opening to receive the screw cap which is to be manipulated, said ring being rotarily mounted inside of the body and having openings provided with fulcrums, jaws rockabie in said openings and adapted to rock on said fulcrums, the inner ends of the jaws beingr adapted to project into the aforesaid opening or to be retracted, and means on the outer body for operating said jaws.

3. In a wrench for screw caps, the combination with an outer body adaptedv to be turned by the operator, of an inner operating ring; having an opening to receive the screw cap which is to be manipulated, said ring being rotariiy mounted inside of the body and havinpl;` openings provided with fulcrums, jaws siidable and rockable in said openings and adapted to rock on said fulerums, the inner ends of the jaws being adapted to project into the aforesaid open-- ing or to be retracted, said outer body being; provided with cam notches and shoulders to cooperate with the outer ends of the jaws, and springs Carried by the inner ring' which are adapted to retract said jaws.

In testimony whereof we aix our signatures.


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