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Número de publicaciónUS1633346 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación21 Jun 1927
Fecha de presentación29 Abr 1921
Fecha de prioridad29 Abr 1921
Número de publicaciónUS 1633346 A, US 1633346A, US-A-1633346, US1633346 A, US1633346A
InventoresMossberg Frank
Cesionario originalMossberg Pressed Steel Corp
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Carrier for braiding machines
US 1633346 A
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Patented June 21,. 1927.




' `Application led April 29,1921. Serial No.v 465,528.

This invention relates to vimprovements in yarn carriers for braiding machines, and has for its object to provide such a carrier having an improved movable yarn tension and take-.up member. v Y

A further object of this inventiony is the provision of a Spring-actuated yarn take-up member which is mounted to swing or oscillate about the axis of Lthe package and around which member they yarn is led to apply the required tension thereto and serve to take up the intermittent slack in the yarn due to the zigzag course of the carrier.

With vthese and other yobjects in view, the invention consists of certainnovel' features of construction, as will be more fully described, and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the accompanying'drawing Y Figure 1y is aside elevation partly in section illustrating my improved carrier with the yarn take-up in position to apply a tension to the yarn; also showing the bearing for the detent in section. Figure 2 is a vieW from the opposite side of the carrier illustrating the'cam on the take-up member for controlling the let-oft.l action of the detent.

Figure 8 Vis a' central section through the hub of the take-up, showing the lspring for operating the same. l'

Figure 4 is a top view ofthe device sectioned on line 4 4 with the yarn package shownin dotted lines.

Figure 5 is a perspective view showing a detail ofthe stop plateand its eye wire.

It is found in practice in the construction of carriers which are designed to run at a very high rate of speed through the serpentine raceway of a braiding machine, that quick operating means should be provided for exerting a practically uniform ktension on the yarn while the carrier is following its zigzag course in which its distance from the braiding point varies; also that the supply of yarn shall be released to permit the necessary quantity to be drawn off as required, and the following is a detailed description of one means by which this result may be accomplishedz- With reference to the drawing, 10 design y Y led. On the lower end offthis standard I natesthe base portion of a `carrier upon which isV mounted the usual yarn-packagesupporting-spindle, the llower end of which spindle ispreferably slightly enlarged as at 12. On this enlarged portion I have" mounted a sleeve`13 which 'has an enlarged central recess-'14 inwhich ismounted a coiled tension spring 15. One end 16 of the springextends through'the side wall ofthe hubv'while the opposite end 17 extends through a fixed collar 18 which is secured to the kenlarged package may be led around this rod as hereinafter more fully described. y v

On the side of this hub 13 opposite to that of the boss 20 I have formed a cam member 24best shown in Figure 2. p

In order to holdl my yarn package against rotation due to the tension of the lyarn Vthereon, until such time as it is required that more yarn `shall be let ofi' from the package, I preferably provide a set of ratchet teeth 25 on the lower end of the package and I also provide a pawl or detent 26 arranged to engage these ratchet teeth-for the purpose described. This pa'wl, detent, or latch, I have shownl as being made inthe form of a pin 27 mounted to slide vertically in the bearing '28"normally pressed upward into engagement with the-teeth by means of the spring V29 and in order to limit the rising motion of this detent I have provided a stop pin 30 1 adapted to slide in the slot 31 inthe bearing 28. The inner end of this pin 30 extends intol the path of movement ofthe cam 24 to be engagedthereby as the take-up sleeve 13 is rotatedinv one direction by an increasing tension onthey'arn.

. On thev end kof the base opposite to that of the detent latch I have mounted a standard 32, the upper end of which is provided with a guide eyef through whichthe yarn 23 is have mounted 'astop plate 34-the same beyenlarged `v portion of `ing 'provided with a lguide hole 35 through -fresh draft is made on the supply.Y

which the standard 32 extends and a guide hole 36 through which a guide pin 37 extends. This plate is also provided with an upstanding eye wire 38 having anpeye 39 which extends around the standard 32, the eye'fLO or loop of this standard-engagingY portionbeing of suiiicient sizel toalso serveas a guide eye for the yarn which is threaded therethrough to hold the plate normally in Vraised position when the yarn is -under tension. The inner edge of this plate is provided withpa pair of downwardly extending lips tl. which when the plate is down due to Aexcessive slackor a breakage in the A'yitn are adapted to engage the usual stop mechanism on the braider -to arrest the' motion of Ythe machine. f n

1n the operation of my improved carrier it will be seen that in threading up the carrier the yarn is led from the package around the tension rod-21 through* the eye 40 in the eye wire' 38- and up through the guide eye 33 inthe standard 32. -In this way when the .yarn slackens, due tok-an inward motion of thecarrier, towards the braiding center, the rod moves in the arc of a circle tothe left under action of the tension spring 15 thereby maintaining'the requireduniform tension on the' yarn. Y k

' As the yarn last let off from the package is now being used up the tension rod works naturally towards the right and when it drawn to a predetermined point in this direction, the cam 24 on the sleeve 13 of the take-up, engages the pin 30 and withdraws the detent 26 from engagement with the teeth 25 on the package, therebypermitting the package to move under tension ofy its yarn to let ol'the required amount of yarn and as soon as the tension on thevyarn is released the tension rod 21 moves back-to the left Aabout the axis of the package causing its cam 24 to againv release the-detent permitting it to rise and .engage the next` tooth of the package-and `so prevent the letting oi of an excessive amount of yarn. 1n this way the tension on the yarn Vis nicely Vcontrolled and at the same time the proper .amount is automatically fed from vthe package.

My improved takeup and `tension device is extremely simple and inexpensive in construction and e'llective in its operation and by its use a substantially constant tension is maintained on the yarn during its serpentine travel through the raceway of a machine and only the desired quantity of yarn is drawn from the cop eachtime a `The toregoing description-is directed Ysolol -Y towards the constructionillustrated,

but desire it to bo .understood that l ro- Serve Ithe privilege-:of Jrosortn tov all., ,the

susceptible, the invention-being defined and limited only by the terms of the appended claims. v Y,

I claim: o i v 1. A carrier for braiding machines having a vertical spindle onowhichV a yarn ,package is `rotatably mounted, means for'co'ntrolling the rotationof the package, and a verticallydisposed yarn take lup member having a yarn engaging portion mounted to rotate about the axis'ot' the package.

2. A- Acarrier. for .braiding machines having a vertical spindle on which a yarn package rotatablymounted,ineans Afor` controlllng the rotation of the package,anda

vertically-disposed yari'irftake up lmember having a yarn engaging portion located `intermediate the ends of the package. and mounted to rotate aboutthe axis of the package.

3. A carrierf ing a vertical spindle on which ayarn package of substantial length is rotatablymounted, and a. vertically arrangedfyarn take-up member having a yarn engaging portion of substantial length supported from a point below the package andto rotate about' the axis-of the package.

4. A carrier for braiding machinesl having a rotatable yarn .package mountedfthereon, a detent tor said package, a'A springpressed yarnl take-up member ymounted Vbe- Alow said package to swingV about the axisof' said package, and meanslocated below said packageon said take-upv for oper-ating said detent to'release saidpackage. e

5. Aicarrier tor braiding machines hav- -ing a rotatable yarn package mounted thereon, aspring-pressed deteiit for. said package, a' ,springactuated .yarn take-upmember mounted on a rotatable sleeve below said vpackage to moveabout the axis of said packfor braiding machines -havage, and a cam on said sleeve for operating n ,said detent to-release said package.

6. A` carrier for braiding machines having a vertical yarn package `rotatably mounted thereon, a detent forcent/rolling therotation of said package, a vertically disposed Y movable vrodA extending along lthe face oil" said package over which the yarn isled from the package, and means forcausing said rod to be revolved .about the axis ofthe package to take up theslack of thevyarn.

7. A carrier for`A braiding machines having a vertical yarn package rotatably mounted thereon, Aa detentv `i'or'said package, a

vertically disposed movable member extending-.longitudinally along theV face of said package overwhich ,the yarn Yis led to. take up. its slack, yand Vn negians operated by the movement of saidvniemberinone direction for causing a release moveinentof lsaid, de-

tent. v Y. e -k 8r A Carrier for braiclingniaohlies havins-a yar-I1. Package rotatably.moiuitodthoro- 011,5 a aderen# for Said packe-se arotatable sleeve mounted beneath said package, ayarn take-up standard extendingv alon of the package, and means Where y the rotating of said sleeve and standard controls the releasing action of said detent.

9. A carrier for braiding'machines hav ing a yarn package rotatably mounted thereon, a 'det-ent for said package, a rotatable the face spring actuated sleeve mountedv beneath said package, a yarn take-up standard carried 10 by said hub to move about the axis of said package, and a cam on said sleeve for causing sald detent to release Said package when more yarnis required.

In testimony whereof I aflix my signature.


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