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Número de publicaciónUS1637538 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación2 Ago 1927
Fecha de presentación16 Jul 1924
Fecha de prioridad16 Jul 1924
Número de publicaciónUS 1637538 A, US 1637538A, US-A-1637538, US1637538 A, US1637538A
InventoresSampson Harold A
Cesionario originalSampson Harold A
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Golf-club carrying case and bag
US 1637538 A
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Patented Aug. k2, 1927.



,Ayppiication nica Juiy ie, 192,4. `sei-iai No. 726,337.

My invention relates to golf rbags and carrying cases for golf clubs, and oneof the objects of the invention is to provide a com-y bination caseand bag. so that in the carrying case form of the device, it may be usedl to carry `balls and special or other clothing in? addition to the clubs, presenting in this form the appearance of a neat traveling case.

In the bag form of the device, a portion ofk the completecase is used to carry theclubs in the same manner as a golf bag, from which it-diifers in no material respect.

Referring to the drawings:

Figure 1 is a rside elevation of the carrying case, a portion being broken away to disclose the structure.y

Figure 2 is a plan view of the carrying case, a portion being broken away to disclose the structure. c

opened out to permit accessto the packing space in the center of the case.

Figure 4f is an end view of the golf bag, the cap section of the case being omitted.

Figure 5 is a sectional view, ythe plane of section being indicated by the line 55k of Figure 1.

Figure 6 is a detail of the edge of one of the case sections showing the method of fastening the carrying strap. c

The combination golf bag and carrying case of my invention comprises two like sections 2 and 3, connected along one edge by the hinges 4. and adapted to be closed together to formy aca-se as best shown in Figure 4. Suitable means 6 of conventional form are provided forlocking the sectionsy together. and a handle 7 is disposed on the upper wall of one of the sections in the usual Way.

Spaced about the'lateral walls of both of the case sections 2 and 3, are the compartments 8, of suoli size as to' receive the handles of golf clubs 9. the ends of the compartment being open to permit the insertion of the clubs from one end. The arrangement of the compartments about the lateral walls leaves a convenient packing space 11 in each of the case sections and this space may be conveniently used for 'clothing which it is desired to carry. When the device is used as al golf bag. the space 11 `is of course preferably empty andyonly the clubs are carried in their compartments.

Means are provided for carrying the de# Figure k3 is a plan view of 'the' golf bag iire .6, o ne of the edges of one ofthe sections is provided with a notch 13`crossed by a bai 14y about which a vstrap 16 is permanently looped and secured. Because the cross bary lathes on the edge of the wall, the strap may be swung outwardly or inwardly withvrespect tothe case. The other end ofthestrap is provided with detachable means, such as a buckle 17, for securing it to a ring 18 adjacent the opposite end of the case.L

Whengthe strap is fastened to the ringv 18 itvthus forms the conventional carrying means for the golf bag. ByiinfaStening the buckle 17 thestrap may be turned into the end of the case adjacent the heads of the golf clubs where it is concealed in the carry,- iiig case form of my device.

'Means are provided. for ,concealing the heads of the clubs and converting the `golf bag into acarrying case of attractive appearance.` A cap section 21 is provided to fit over the flanged. edges 22 of the hinged sections 2 and 3, and alock 23 of conventional type is provided on each side to hold the cap in place when it is applied. y

Preferably I provide alarge compartment 26 iii the bottom yof the case in which an umbrella may be placed and other compartments 27 ai'e provided with tubes 28 adapted to hold a supply of golf balls,'the ends of the tubes being closed by 'fiap covers 29 provided with suitable snaps for keeping them closed.

lVitli the cap 21 inr place as shown in Figures 1 and 2 the device provides a carrying case of large capacity and in which golf clubs v 1,637,538y y g UNITED STATES yPaTrini OFFICE.

and balls as well as other needed articles may y be conveyed, thus makingr ity unnecessary for the golfer to carry a grip or suitcase in additionto his golf bag. Before going on the course. the cap 21 is removed and the strap 16 attached to the ring 18 and the packing space 11 emptied. The device then provides f curing it to the hinged sections over the projecting clubs.I a' bag carrying strap secured at one of its ends to the notched edge y of the open. endk of one of theliinged sections and detachably secured at its opposite yend to the lower portion of the same section leo f 1. A combination case and bag for golf lll whereby the detachable end may be placed in the cap section when the parts are assembled as a carrying case, and a handle for the carrying case arranged on one of the sections.

2. X golf club carrying ease and bag 'oom-f prising hinged Sections formed with endopening compartments for the clubs on the lateral si des and with a central packing space open at one end, and a cap section Ideniou'ntably'secured to the hinged sections over the open ends of the club compartments and said packing space. Y

A golf club carrying ease and bag comprising hinged sections formed with end-j opening con'ipartments for Jthe clubs on the lateral sides' and with a central packing 'space open at one end, a cap section de# mountably ysecured t0 the hinged sections over the open ends of the club compartments and said pacling space, and carrying ,golf club retaining pockets within said sections arranged around the sides thereof so as to Vleave a central packing space, said pockets so shaped and arranged as to provide a fiat Walled boundary for said packing space,'and a straight sided cap Vdemountably secured to said sections and shaped to combine with said hinged sections in forming a neat traveling case.

y In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand.


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