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Número de publicaciónUS1644508 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación4 Oct 1927
Fecha de presentación11 Jun 1926
Fecha de prioridad15 Sep 1925
Número de publicaciónUS 1644508 A, US 1644508A, US-A-1644508, US1644508 A, US1644508A
InventoresBlake Ernest William
Cesionario originalBlake Ernest William
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Surgical bandage
US 1644508 A
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oet. 4, 1927:v

E. wit- AK'E SRQICAL BANDAGE Filed June 11'. 1925 IJWUV lllllllu 'lll fwd.

Patented @eta 4, 19275 ERNEST WILLIAM BLAKE, or LONDON, ENGLAND.


ApplicationA led Julien, 1926Seral No. 115,184,'and in Great Britain September 15,'1925. v y

This invention relates to surgical bandages and has for its object to provide an improved forni of bandagefastening which can be readily secured in any desired position without the aid f pins, clipsv or the like and in which the fastening means employed will not become adherent to the bandage proper or to any part of the-body on which the bandage is used. v

Accordingv to the invention improved means for fastening a surgical bandage in position are provided comprising a tape o r thev like threaded through a slot or slots in one end of the bandage and secured in place l by causing its end to adhere to itsm'ain por` tion, the said tape Vor the like being of a known character and such that it will in stantly adhere to itself butwill not adhere to the ban-dage er to any portion of the bod on which the'bandage is used.

Referencewill now be made to the accompanying drawings which illustrate by way of example a construction according'- to the invention and in which Figure l is a front elevation showing-one end of a bandage withfastening means attached and Figure 2 is a vertical section taken on theV line 2 2 of Figure 1. v

In the drawings a indicatesone endof a .surgical bandage which may be of any desired kind, this end portion of the bandage being formed with three slits b, c and di The fastening'means comprises a tape e, the face e of which is of such a character that one portion of the tapeV will instantly adhere to another portion thereof but will not adhere to the bandage orto the skin of the user. The tape e is attached tothe bandage a by threading it successively through the slits b c and d in the directions shown in is capable of being rendered .self-adherent.

yond the end of the bandage.

Figure '2, theend f of the tape beingethen bent upwardly into engagement with the main portion of the tape to which the end adheres atfthe points g and L, the connection at 'g preventing any relative movement between the bandage a andthe looped end ofr the tape which may tend toloosenthe completed bandage orto formcrea'ses therein.

Y lln'use,v a bandage arranged as abovede- 50 scribed is placed in position around the part of the body to be treated, .such part being l encircled by the tape e, the end of whichcan he secured to the main portion of thetape at the exact peint requiredy to make a tight bandage by simply pressing the two portions of tape together. Alternatively,y each endvof a bandage may beprovided with tapes arranged as above described and as shown and the free ends of such tapes caused to adhere y i Y to maintain the bandage in place. The in-A vention is not limited, however, tothe pan v ticular shape of bandage shown in the'dravshv ings and any number of straps may be emf ployed attached to the sides or corners of 65 the bandage inaccor-dance'with the-requirements 'of particular cases. Furthermore, the member e may be constituted by any suitable iexible tape, cord or strapping which I claim :-V

VMeans for fastening a surgical bandage in position, comprising in Combination `va i Vbandage formed with 'three slits, a self adhesive tape threaded throughV the slits and bent 7 back on itself so that the two portionswhen f pressed together become mutually adherent between the outer and middle slits and be'- In wit-ness whereof IV affix my signature.


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