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Número de publicaciónUS1653858 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación27 Dic 1927
Fecha de presentación7 Ago 1926
Fecha de prioridad7 Ago 1926
Número de publicaciónUS 1653858 A, US 1653858A, US-A-1653858, US1653858 A, US1653858A
InventoresKankas John J, Kindler Joseph C
Cesionario originalKankas John J, Kindler Joseph C
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Shielding tape for use upon clotheslines
US 1653858 A
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Dew., 27,192?. ,653,858


SHIELDING TAIE FOR USE UON CLOTHESLINES Filedmm. 7. 1926 Z7 infondo/Q indie/1 patented 2l?,




Application filed. August 7, 1926. Serial No. 127,880.`

This invention relates to shielding tapes for use upon clothes lines "and more particulaily to a device of this character for preventing marring of freshly washed clothes by a dirty clothes line. y

A further'1 object of thewinvention is to provide a device of this character particularly intended for use 'in connection with the ordinary pulley type of clothes line and of such construction that as the clothes are being removed from the clothes line, the tape is automatically spooled into a container where it is shielded from the elements Iand from dirt and dust.

A further and more specific Aobject of the invention -is the provision of means for supporting the tape and its concealing casing from the clothes line pulley.

These and other objects we attain by-the construction shown in the accompanying drawings, whereinfor the purpose of illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of our invention and wherein .J

Figure 1 is a vertical sectional view through a vtape and holder therefor conr structed in accordance with our invention emhaving one end 11 thereof closed and the opp'osite end thereof provided with a removable cover 12. Adjacent to and parallelling the closed end 11 is a partition wall 13 and the closed end, together with the partition wall 13, 'are provided with axial openings 14 through which is directed a shaft 15. Within the chamber 16 formed between the removable lcap 12 and the partition wall 13, the shaft has secured thereto a drum 17 having wound thereon a tape 18. Between the partition wall 13 and the end 14, the shaft 15 has secured thereto one end of a spring 19, which spring is of the clockwork type and has its opposite ends secured to the casing wall, as at 20. The spring constantly tends to rotatethe ldrum 17 in a direction to' wind the tape 18 thereon. Within the'compartment 16, a brace 21 preferably extends outwardly from the wall of the casing to engage and support the free end of the shaft 15.

The end 11 of the casing has secured there- .to opposed U-shaped brackets 22, at present greater than the diameter of the pulleys 28 ordinarily employed with clothes lines and the arms of the U are spaced apart a distance slightly greater than the thickness of the clothes line pulley, so that the arms 25 can oppose one face of this pulley while the` arms 24; and the casing the opposite side thereof.

In the application of the casing to thefpulley, care is taken to place the casing at the opposite side of the pulley from that at which a person stands when placing clothes upon the clothes line. The tape is employed in the usual manner, being withdrawn from the casing and placed upon the clothes line prior to placing the clothes thereon. As the tape is drawn from the casing, the spring is tensioned and accordingly as the clothes line is shifted to bring the clothes into posi- 10 are arranged at tion to be removed, the tape will be withdrawn within the casing and wound upon the drum 17.

Since the construction hereinbefore set forth is obviously capable of a certain range of change and modification without materially departing from the s irit of the invention, we do not limit ourse ves to such specific structure except as hereinafter claimed.

An attachment for the pulleys of pulley clothes lines comprising a casing, a tape therein withdrawable therefrom for engagement with the clothes line and means or securing the casing to the pulley comprising opposed U-shaped clamps secured to an endk wali of the casing, the arms of said clamps having a clamping set-screw directed therebeing spaced afart a distanceequal to the through.Y thickness' of t e tclothes line pulley, bhe In testimony whereof We hereunto affix 10 bight portion of the clamps being spaced our signatures.

5 apart` a distance greater than the diameter of the pulle one arm of each clamp being JOSEPH C. KINDLER. secured to t e casing, the other arm thereof JOHN J. KANKAS.

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Clasificación de EE.UU.211/119.18, 242/389, 242/564
Clasificación internacionalD06F53/00
Clasificación cooperativaD06F53/005
Clasificación europeaD06F53/00B