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Número de publicaciónUS1664255 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación27 Mar 1928
Fecha de presentación3 Mar 1927
Fecha de prioridad3 Mar 1927
Número de publicaciónUS 1664255 A, US 1664255A, US-A-1664255, US1664255 A, US1664255A
InventoresLesser Albert D
Cesionario originalLesser Albert D
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US 1664255 A
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March 27, 1928. 1,664,255

A. D. LESSER CAP Filed March 5; 1927 l atentecl Mar. 27, 1928. f 1,664,255


Application filed Maroh 3, 1 92?. Serial No. 172,245.

This invention relates to headvvear such as tom horizontal edge 6 of the strip is secured caps and has as an. object to provide a cap with the bottom edge of the V-shaped piece aving a series of small receptacles formed tothe sweat-band. The upper free edge of therein for the purpose of carrying conventhe strip is folded over and hemmed along 5 iently, and in a manner to provide ready 210- the line 7, and in order to provide individual cess, articles such as golf tees which it is dereceptacles of a size and type adapted for sired to remove and replace from time to holding articles such as golf tees, the strip time. is stitched to the body of the cap along a Other objects and advantages of the 111- pluralrty of lines 8, thus forminga plurality 10 vention will appear hereinafter. of individual receptacles 9.

A preferred embodiment of the invention I'Vhen in use, the receptacles may be filled selected for vpurposes of illustration isshown Wllll1 a plurality of golf tees Which may read- 1n the accompanying drawings, in which, 11y be removed from or inserted in the cap Figure 1 is a perspectlve VlGW' of a cap. Without involving the necessity of removing 15 Figure 2 IS an enlarged detail View, and the'cap from the Wearers head.

Figure 3 is a section through one of the It will be understood that the invention ta l a may be variously modified and embodied According to the invention, it is proposed Within the scope of the subjoined claims. to secure to the cap a strip of material, pref- I claim as my invention:

20 erably of the same character as that forming 1. A cap having a strip of material having the body'of the cap. The said strip is preftwo of its edges stitched to the body of the erably secured tothe cap along three edges, cap and having a third edge turned under the fourth edge being free. The said strip is the edge ofthe body of the cap and secured also preferably stitched to the body of the to the sweat-band, betweenisaid sweat band 225 cap along a plurality of spaced parallel lines and the body of the cap, said strip being fas- Which form individual receptacles for the tened by rows of transverse stitching to the articles. 1 body of the cap to form a series of compart- Referring to the drawings, the preferred ments. v V embodiment of the invention has been illus-V 2. A cap provided With vertical seams 3o trated as applied to a cap of usual design near the edge, said cap having a strip of consisting of a series of substantially *V- material two edges of Which are secured in shaped pieces of fabric 1 Which are stitched the seams thereof and having a third edge together along the scams 2. In. such caps, turned under the edge of the body of the cap the free edges of the pieces 2 are usually and secured to the sweat band, between said stitched to the sweat-band 3 inside the cap. sweat band and the body of the cap, said In order to form the receptacles for the arstrip being fastened by rows of transverse ticles to be carried, a strip of fabric 4, prefstitching to the body of the cap to form a erably of the same material as the body of series of compartments. 7

v the cap. is secured along the bottom edge In testimony whereof, I have signed my thereof adjacent the sweat-band, the vertical name 'to this specification thislst day of edges 5 and 5 of the strip 4 being secured March, 1927. l V


within the adjacent seams 2 While the bot-

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Clasificación de EE.UU.2/195.5, 2/209.13, D02/891
Clasificación internacionalA42B1/24, A42B1/00
Clasificación cooperativaA42B1/24
Clasificación europeaA42B1/24