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Número de publicaciónUS1681167 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación21 Ago 1928
Fecha de presentación26 May 1928
Fecha de prioridad10 Jun 1927
Número de publicaciónUS 1681167 A, US 1681167A, US-A-1681167, US1681167 A, US1681167A
InventoresBeldam George William
Cesionario originalBeldam George William
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Golf or similar game ball
US 1681167 A
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' steady, and we have found that this is due.

Panarea Aug. 21, 192s.




This invention 4has reference to golf and similar balls which are struck in playing ly is to promote a steady or true flight of the ball, and without which the flight is irregular. In many forms of surface, the actual outer surface whichis struck by the golf club is in the form of circumferential or intersect ing ribs or bars in relief, the ribs or bars being truly circular or more or less irregularly circular, whilst in others` they are in zig-zag form, or partly ring or partly zig-zag form or arrangement, the zig-zag lines or ribs or bars in some cases extending from ring to ring. Thus ythe ball surface is in some cases made up mainly of rectangular or other, res cesses with the upstanding bars orribs all joined up in one continuous manner so as to form a striking surface on the outside.

While as stated balls havingsuch a character of surface have a better -or truer and steadier flight than balls not so formed, nevertheless the flight is not completely true or largely` to the absence of grip between the playing club, and the surface of the ribs, which as a whole offer a relatively smooth surface; and the primary object of the present invention is to rovide a form or character of surface by w ich a better grip of the club with the ball of the kind, referred to when struck, is obtained, so that there is no slip or relative movement between the surface of the club, and the surface of the ball, and in consequence the truth and steadiness of flight of the vball yis thereby enhanced. p According to this invention, this improved effect is produced in connection with balls having a ribbed or ringed surface of the kind named, by providing on these striking surfaces themselves, a local uneven surface, soV

that wherever the ball -s struck by the club,

`it will strike a part having an uneven or i`r regularityof such a character that the grip referred to takes place; and this 1n theprelferred form may consistof a narrow groove formed inthe surface of the ribs or bars,

`forming more or less sharp edges on each side ofthem. The grooves andthe edgesat each side may extend along the bars either truly rectilinearly, or in lines other than a straight line from point to point; and in a ball having ,engagement and grip Vthesurface of theball without slip or relaf;

tive movement, is provided, by which theV vgrip of thegreen, and hence a truer run.

The invention, the nature ofV which is Appncatipnv, nieu May 26,' iezaseriai No. 280,899, and in Greatnritain June 1o, i927.

`the ribs or bars all ramifying Vinto one an i other, the narrow grooves will forma net or chequer work formation over all the ball, `the grooves running in different directions, runningor merging into one anotherin a true net work or chequei work formation. Vhere the grooves run into one another or intersect i there is formed a substantial sunken area say ofrectanguiar, triangular, or like forin`,wliich is produced bythe edges of the grooves diverging atthe points of intersectionor runz ning into one another; and the' parts ofthe surface of the ball within` eachmesh orarea vof the'chequer work or net, will consist of an isolated frame, separated from all the other adjacent frames or units of the surface with a sunken space within it. The corners of the net or chequer work frames will be cut oft' or rounded by this formation, and the inner corners of the framesinay, if desired, be rounded or cut off, or sharp.

It is found with a ball having a construction or formation of surface described, a true of the club face with flight eect referred to is improved. Also the grip between the air and the ball surface flight due to the stream of air which flows through the grooves (coupled with the action of the air with the recesses,) is such that it promotes truth or steadiness of flight, and the formation also similarly furnishes a better above described, is illustrated in `the "anneXed drawings, in which Figure l is a section showing a part of the ball according to the invention, and Figure 2 is a face view illustrating the form or construction of the surface of theball.

The surface of the -ball is shown with the recesses or sunken parts'l-in the case shown square recesses or sunken parts, and the crossing ribs or raisedk rings 2; in the centre of which, running into one another at the points of intersection, are theV shallow grooves 3, by which thesurfaces of c theribs or rings 2 are cut up; Vand the ,edges of the. grooves are preferably in the formof provided as y angles 4, and wherever the ball is struck by Y the club it will strike a part which is broken up or uneven'as regards its surface, s o that;

a frrip between the striking instrument and this surface will take place, it being arrested if the edges .are angular as gust'speciecl,

Therefore instead of, as usual, there heing only the edges or angles of the ribs on the outside surface of the hall, immediately round the recesses 1, there are in this hall in addition the edges l forming the edgeso'f the crossing grooves` 3. This characteristic exists when the edges of the grooves 3 are quite shar i, or slightlyT rounded.

It will lie plain that this construction of goltl or similar halls which have to he struck with a club or like instrument, will apply to halls having various patterns ot rihs :2, and recesses-1, that is halls in which the rihs run in dillerent angular relationship to one another-of which there are many on the market and having recesses or sunken parts ot' rectangular, triangular, or other forni.

In the construction shown in the drawing, at the points the grooves 3 run into one 'another or intersect, the edgesv or sides of the grooves are rounded as shown, and the Width of these portions of the grooves` is relatively great.

What is claimed iszl. A golf or similar gaine ball having surface cross ribs or rings, and recesses or sunken parts within or surrounded hy sueh rihs or rings, and wherein the surfaces olt the rihs or rings within their outer edges are proq vided along the same with continuous small or narrow grooves, which intersect or run into one another, for the purposes specified.

2. A golf or similar hall having a striking or contact surface consisting ol' cross rihs 2, rectangular recesses l surrounded h v said ribs, and Small V-shaped grooves il, having sharp edges 4;, which intersect and run into one another, substantially as set lorih.

In testimony whereof l have signed my name to this speeilication.


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