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Número de publicaciónUS1712324 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación7 May 1929
Fecha de presentación23 Jul 1926
Fecha de prioridad23 Jul 1926
Número de publicaciónUS 1712324 A, US 1712324A, US-A-1712324, US1712324 A, US1712324A
InventoresTaylor Boyd John
Cesionario originalTaylor Boyd John
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Plant protector
US 1712324 A
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May 7, 1929. J. 1; BOYD 1,712,324

PLANT PROTECTOR Filed July 25, 1926 awmnto'o Patented May 7, 1929.


PLANT rno'rncron.

Application filed July 23,

This invention relates to plant protectors of that type embodying a support and a cover separably held thereby for the purpose of placement over young plants, to protect the same from extreme cold or heat and at the same time provide sufficient ventilation.

The improved protector solely comprises two parts, namely, the support and the covering device, which may be readily applied to and removed from the support, and may be manufactured at a comparatively small cost.

In applying the improved protector over plants, the support isreliably held in the position desired by embedding a portion thereof Within the ground, and to stabilize the support, an opposite member thereof serves to prevent the same from being overturned or loosened from its applied position. Prior to the application of the support relativelyto the plant to be protected, the cover member or device is easily associated with and positively held by the support, for practical application of the complete device over a plant.

The invention also consists in the preferred construction and arrangement of the several parts of the plant protector which will be more fully hereinafter described and claimed. v

In the drawing: 1

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of the improved plant protector shown in protecting position relatively to a plant.

Fig. 2 is a transverse vertical section through the protector shown in applied position.

Fig. 3 is a detail perspective View of the support.

As hereinbefore noted, the improved protector comprises a support, generallydesignated by the reference character 5, and a cover or shield 6. The support is arched and is formed of wire of suitable gage and preferably of a non-corrosive character, the

wire being twisted at an intermediate point,

as at 7 to give the same body strength and also to facilitate application or placement and Withdrawal of the support relatively to the ground. The intermediate twisted body portion 7 will be preferably located at the top of the protector when the support is completed. From this intermediate twisted body portion 7 the wire, which has been doubled, is continued downwardly at an angle at one side by long twists 8, to pro- 1926. Serial No. 124,500.

vide a supporting leg 9 terminating at its lower end in a prop loop 10, which is adapted to engage the top surface of the ground.

From the intermediate arched andtwisted body portion 7 the opposite side of the sup port comprises divergent legs 11 and 12 of similar construction and longer than the leg 9, sothat the lower free extremities 13 of the legs 11 and 12 may pierce to be embedded in the ground. The upper portions of the legs 11 and 12 are rebent, thus forming a substantially flattened S-shaped double loop on each leg to provide elongated slots 14. The parts of this rebent formation are parallel, or the Wire inits rebent shape is preserved in straight condition and the openings to the slots 14 are at the top, the lower terminal bends 15 ofthese slots having an equal dependence relatively to the upper openings of the slots and serve to limit theinsertion in theslots of a portion of the cover or shield. The slots 14 are of considerable length so as to positively ongage and hold the portion of the cover or protector 6 which is fitted thereto.

The cover or shield 6 as shown preferably in the form of a fruit basket of suitable dimensions having a rectangular contour, said fruit basket, aswill be understood, being formed from veneer strips and provided with an edgebinding. In this type of has ket the sides and ends flare outwardly from the bottom and thereby very efficiently serve as a cover or shield means for placement over plants when applied to the support 5, as hereinbefore explained. It will be understood, however, that other cover or shield means may be adopted, but the basket type has been found in practice to be durable and readily obtainable at a small cost and is exceptionally practicable inperforming its function as a cover or shield.

The improved plant protector is prepared for service by first inserting one side of the cover or shield S in the slots 14 and the legs 9 and 11 and 12 will be in such spaced rela tion that the leg 9 will lie close to the side of the cover or shield 6 opposite that fitted in the slots 14. After the support and cover or shield have been assembled, the free extremities of the legs 11 and 12 are pushed downwardly into the ground adjacent the plant to be protected and at such distance from the latter as to cause the lower open side of the cover or shield to be adjacent the plant to be protected, or, in other words, a

the basket is inverted and the closed bottomis uppermost and the open top downtype of baskets which are preferabl Wardly disposed adjacent the plant- In the. used as the cover or shield there are ventilating openings at the corners, as at 16, and if desired, the lower open side of the cover or 'shield may be brought down close to the ground surface and the plant Will be'suitably ventilated, In View of the insertion of the free, extremities ofthe, legs .11 and 12 in the ground andthe engagement of the prop "loop: 10. With the surfacev of the ground, the

improved protector will be held against overturning by the, action ofthe wind and always retain its protective position.

It. will be readily understood that the asseinbled support and cover or shield may be easily applied over the. plant, and after it has; served its purpose or after the plant has gained suficientv growth to resist the damaging elie'ct of thecold and heat, the improved protector may be removed for further servi' ice. In applying the improved protector to rows-of plants,'the application may be expeditiously carriedon in view of the simple operation involved in applying the, same to the plants.

It will be understoodthat the proportions and general dimensions-oi, the several parts of thesupport and cover or shield may be modified to adapt the same to various-applisingle leg with a propdevice at the lower' terminal thereof to, rest upon the surface of the. ground, and: a cover device separably eon-meted to the support and having a closed top and open bottom, one side of the cover device being removably fitted in the slotted portions.

, I 2, A plant protector of the class specified, comprising asupport having divergent legs at one side to partially enter the ground and upea slotted tions on said diver ent legs aids. single 155 011 the other side of the support having a loop to terminally rest upon the surface of the ground, and a cover device separably held within the support and provided with an open bottom, the support extending over the opposite top portions of the cover device.

3. A plant protector of the class specified, consisting of a support having two groundpenetrating legs at one side and each in provided with upwardly opening slotte means and a single leg at the opposite.side with a terminal ground-surl'ace-engaging device, and a cover with a fully open bottom separably applied at one side to the slotted means.

4. A plant protector of the class specified, consisting of an arched support having a cover device held within the sup mat, the arched support having a pair of cgs with slotted means to engage a portion of the cover device, said slotted means being intermediate of the ends of the legs, and also with an opposite leg with a prop device to hold the cover and support in stable position over a plant.

5. A plant protector of the class specified, comprising a support havinga pair of divergent earth piercing legs at one extremity and the opposite extremity formed with a closed loop, the divergent le S each being bent intermediately upon itself to form an upper slotted portion with the opening leading thercinto at the upper terminal thereof, and a cover device having one side removahly inserted. in and held by the said slotted portions.

6. A plant protector made from a. single piece of wire, said wire being bent u on itself to form a terminal loop and two iverging earth-piercing members, each of said members intermediate of the end thereof being provided with a substantially flattened S shaped double loop formed therefrom and open toward the terminal loop, said loops being aligned to receive the edge of a shade at two points.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand.


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