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Número de publicaciónUS1742279 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación7 Ene 1930
Fecha de presentación9 Abr 1928
Fecha de prioridad9 Abr 1928
Número de publicaciónUS 1742279 A, US 1742279A, US-A-1742279, US1742279 A, US1742279A
InventoresThomas G Reynolds
Cesionario originalThomas G Reynolds
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Water container
US 1742279 A
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Jan. 7, 1930. T. s. REYNOLDS WATER CONTAINER Filed April 9. 1928 Irn en for:

Thomas G. Reyna/d5.


Patented Jan. 7, 1930 THOMAS G. REYNOLDS, OF TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA WATER CONTAINER Application filed April 9,

The principal objects of this invention are to provide an equipment, particularly adaptable for use by tourists, campers and others for carrying a supply of clean water and with it a wash basin, towels, drinking cups and soap, all in one convenient package.

The principal feature of theinvention consists in the novel arrangement of towel and cup holders on the side of a rectangular 1 water container with a cover for same, which provides a convenient wash basin.

In the drawings, Figure 1 is a perspective view of my container, showing the towel and cup holders.

Figure 2 is aperspective View of the cover for the towel and cup holder.

Referring to the accompanying drawings, a receptaclel in the form of a rectangular 1 container is provided with a suitable screw cap 2 for filling and dispensing.

A pair of handles 3 are arranged on one end of the receptacle 1, which are adapted to fold down'flat over one another and provide a means for holding the container securely.

On the side on which the screw 'cap 2 is arranged is secured a metal box 4 provided with a suitable removable cover 5, which .may be used for holding soap and any other small article thatmay be desired for convenience. i

On the larger side of the rectangular shaped container and adjacent to the ends are a pair of metal strips 6, the outer edges 7 of which are flanged inwardly.

lel with the strips 6 and spaced apart centrally between the strips 6. The strips 8 are formed with-double flanged outer edges extending both ways with the flanges 9 extending toward the outer strips and the flanges 10 extending inwardly.

The spaces between the outer and adjacent central strips are adapted to hold the folded papers ,towels 11 and the space between the centre flanges is adapted to hold paper cups 12.

i A rectangular cover 13 having side flanges 14 is adapted to fit over the flanged strips 6 and to fit snugly to the side of the container, closing in the towel and cup receptacles t0 Another pair of strips 8 are arranged paral- 1928. Serial No. 268,627.

keepthem free from dirt. This cover when removed provides a very convenient form of wash basin. v

A water container such as herein described will be very convenient for tourists and campers, as it is not always convenient for them to obtain water, either for drinking purposes or for washing when such may be desired and with the equipment of soap, towels and wash basin, the convenience will be readily appreciated following road-side repairs.

A device such as described is inexpensive to produce and may be placed to many uses.

What I claim as my invention is:

1; A water container, comprising a recep- 05 tacle having a filler cap on the top thereof, channel-shaped pockets extending vertically from top to bottom of said receptable and opening outwardly and forming a permanent part of said container and a cover removably enclosing said pockets and having flanged edges forming a basin.

2. A water container, comprising a rectangular closed receptacle having a plurality of metal strips secured to one side thereof parallelly spaced and having flanged outer edges forming pockets open atone end to receive and to dispense folded articles, and a flanged rectangular cover forming a wash basin adapted tobe inserted'over said flanged strips so and to enclose the contents of the pockets.

.3. A water container, comprising a closed rectangular receptacle, a pair or sheet metal strips secured to one side thereof adjacent to the ends extending outwardly and having inturned longitudinal edge flanges, a pair of metal strips spaced apart centrally arranged between the aforesaid strips and parallel therewith and having double flanged outer edges forming with the end strips pockets to receive towels and forming central pockets to receive cups, and a flanged cover adapted to fit over said flanged strips.

V 4:. A water container having a filler cap on the top, a hollow basin'receptacle adapted to be secured on the side of the container and means enclosed by said hollow receptacle for holding cups, towels, etc.


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