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Número de publicaciónUS1749686 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación4 Mar 1930
Fecha de presentación12 Jul 1928
Fecha de prioridad12 Jul 1928
Número de publicaciónUS 1749686 A, US 1749686A, US-A-1749686, US1749686 A, US1749686A
InventoresAgazzi Theodore
Cesionario originalAgazzi Theodore
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Combination article of furniture
US 1749686 A
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March 4, 1930. T. AGAZZI Filed July 12, 1928 C OMB INAT ION ARTI CLE OF FURNIi'URE 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 WITNESSES MM/M v INVENTOR Tfiaadure flyazza BY o I ATTORNEY March 4, 1930. T. AGAZZI COMBINATION ARTICLE OF FURNITURE Filed July 12, 1928 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 w wf lNVENTOR Tl; 7%eocZo1-e bfi yazzi/ ATTORNEY WITNESSES Patented Mar; 4,1930



be swung from a closed mating position to open active position, and which sections are respectively provided with a horizontally di's- A posed table swingably carried thereby for '15 movement from a normally housed inactive position to an exposed active position, to-- gether with aswingab'le mirror normally f housed in one of the sections and adapted to be exposed and arranged in active positionover the table to render the article of furniture useable as a dressing table.

The invention further contemplates in a cabinet of the character set forth, a drop leaf swingably carried by the upper portion of one 2 section and movable downwardly from a normal vertical position to a horizontal position extending outwardly of the section.

The invention further embodies a mirror provided on the outer side of the drop leaf adapted to cooperate with the other'mirror to obtain a double reflection when the drop leaf is in its normal raised or vertical posis tion.

The invention has for its outstanding object the provision of a combined article of -by doors 20 which areliinged at 21 to the infurniture, which serves in a capacity of a clothes closet, a dressing'table, a desk, and

a storage cabinet for various articles;

Other objects of the invention reside in the p comparative simplicity of construction,the.

economy with which the same may be produced, and the general eificiency derived therefrom.

With the above recited and other objects in view, reference is had to the following specification and the accompanying drawings, in which there is exhibited one embodiment of the invention, while the claim points out the V actual scope of the same. Y

.50 In the drawings-- 1928. a Serial No; 292,304.

1 is va perspective view of the cabinet in closed condition.

Fig.2 isa similar view ofthesame opened. Fig. 3 is a horizontalsectional view there through takentapproximately. on the line indicated at 3 3zof.Fig. 1n v i Fig. 4: is a vertical sectional View there- -through, taken approximately on the line 4:4 of Fig.2, and illustrating the table moved to an active position.

Fig. 5v isa fragmentary vertical sectional view similar to-rFig. 4,. illustrating the dropleaf moved to itsactive outwardly projecting position. V I

Fig. G-is .awsimilar view illustrating-the mirrorswung. to the active position.

Referring to the drawings by characters of reference, the cabinet includes a pair of sections designatedlby the reference characters 10 and 11, which sections are preferably,

' although not -necessarily,- .ofsemi-cylindrical configuration including a semi-circular wall 12,and top andbottom wallsli; and 14. Preferably, the flat sidesof the sectionare defined by vertical stiles 15 to which the semi-circular walls 12 are attached, and horizontal upper and lower frame members 16 and 17 to which the 'stiles15 are connected. The sections are joinedby hinges 18 .which are attached to-the stiles 15, and, each section is formed -with supporting casters-19which allows for the relative openingmovement of the sections or the rolling of the entire cabinet over the supporting surface or floor. The open flat sides of the sections are preferably closed ner edgesof the stiles 15. 7 One of the sections, namely, the section 11 is designed as a clothesc loset, and is hence equipped with a clothes- ;hanger supporting bar 21suspended from-its ipper end tovreceive the usual form of clothes hangers 23. A mirrorB/i is fulcrumed on a ,verticalaxis of a bracket 25, which bracket in turn is hinged on a vertical axis to the inner stile 15, whereby the mirror may be swung from an inactive housed position within the cabinet section 11 to an active outwardly proj ecting position as illustrated in Fig. 6.

The other section 10 is provided with a horizontal tab e 30 which is fiwivelled at 31 on' a vertical axis to a bracket 32, which in turn is fulcrumed on a Vertical axis at 33130 the inner stile 15 of the cabinet section, and 7 g is designed to be swung froma housed inacv ti've' position within the cabinet section as p illustrated in Fig. 2, to a projecting" active v position shownin Fig.4. The cabinetsece 7 tion 10 is further provided with anfiupper series of horizontal shelves 355' which are normally concealed by a drop-leaf 36, fulcrumed at 37 on horizontal axes for swinging move I ment downwardly to an outwardly projecting position to serve as a-writing desln The usual elbow braces38 support the drop-'leaf 36 in its lowered position as clearly illustrated in Fig. 5. Theouter face or sideof the drop leaf carries a mirror 39, which mirror isdesigned to cooperate with the mirror 24 for obtaining a doublereflection by relative adjust a 3 ment of the mirror 24 with-respect to the mirror 39 when the drop'leaf is in a "raised normal position. The lower partof the sec-' tion 10 may he provided withashelf 40 and.

with pockets 4:1 for receiving shoes or other articles.

VVhen not in use,- a suitablecatch 42 on the section 10 is engageable with the keeper l3-on the section 11 to hold the section in closed matedrelation as illustrated in Fig. The sections may'also be provided with handles 44 to facilitate'swinging of the seotionsto an open 1 relation.

I claim The combination of a cabinet'having a pair of hingedly connected se'ctions,a horizontally disposed table swingably carried by one 7 section for movement from a normally housed mally' vertically disposed position to a horizontal position extending outwardly of the 50,

inactive position within said section 'to an exposed outwardly projecting active position, and a vertically disposed mirror swingably' carried by the other section for movement from a normally housed inactive position within said section to an exposed active po sition over the table to render the cabinet useful as acdressing table, a drop-leafswingably carried by the upper portion ofone section and movable downwardly from a nor section, said leaf having a mirror 'on its outer side adapted to cooperatewith the'first mentioned mirror to obtain'a double refiection when the leaf is in its normal vertical position.

' Signed at New York, in the'countyof New York and State of New York, this l-lthfday of July; A. 1 1928.


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