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Número de publicaciónUS1755205 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación22 Abr 1930
Fecha de presentación19 Mar 1929
Fecha de prioridad19 Mar 1929
Número de publicaciónUS 1755205 A, US 1755205A, US-A-1755205, US1755205 A, US1755205A
InventoresJens A Christensen
Cesionario originalJens A Christensen
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Pneumatic mattress
US 1755205 A
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April 22, 1930. J. A. HRlsTENsEN PNEUMATIC MATTRESS Filed MarCAh 19, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet l FigJ. 5,



l il 7, 2f

v Bg J.A.Chrinstensen Z4' 0-` JZ (Ittorneg April 22, 1930. J. A. cHRlsTENsEN v 1,755,205

PNEUMATI C MATTRES S Filed March 19J 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 nventor Bi,.LA.Christensen Gttorneg y Patenteclpr. 22', y193() 'Y 'i .TENS A. CHRISTENSEMOF OMAHA, NEBRASKA PNEUMATIC MATTRESS i "Application led MarchA 19, 1929. Serial `1\To,.`,348,239.

rlhe present invention relates to improvements in pneumatic mattresses, and has for an object to provide an improved pneumatic Ymattress constructed for particular use in connection with metal bedsteads.

Another obj ect of theinvention resides in providing animproved pneumatic mattress for use in the home, and also in hospitals for vproviding body comfortY during the restful periods of sleeping hours.

` y A further object of the invention is to provide a soft flexible form-fitting mattress,

which will yield a maximum refreshment toy Y the person lying on same, and which will also r be impervious to moisture, such as perspiration from bed-ridden patients. A j A still further object of the invention is to provide an improved mattress, which will facilitate Ysurgical operations after which the mattress may be washed and ysterilized for future use. I

A still further object of the invention is to provide a rectangular mattress frame, which will fit a' conventional bedstead, as well as the channel iron type of bedstead frames encountered in' hospitals.y 4

A still further object of the invention is to provide an improved means, whereby the air pressure may be applied and maintained '30 in pneumatic mattresses, and whereby the rubber mattress sheets employed may .be se-` y cured in theframe in avoidance' of leakage of the pneumatic pressure, and in which the edge portions ofthe sheets will be protected.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, ther inventionk will-'be more fully de-` scribed hereinafter, and will be moreparticyularly pointed out in the claims appended vhereto. `v f In the drawings, wherein'like symbols refer to like or corresponding parts throughout the several views,

-Figure 1 is a plan view, with parts broken away showing u a pneumatic mattress constructed according to the present invention.

Figure 2 is an edge view ofthe same. Figure 3 isa fragmentary vertical sectional view taken through the improved mattress.y i'.

y -5o Y Figure 4 is a fragmentary vertical section metal, and which extend upon the inner surwebs 12 and 13 are formed with out-turned taken on an enlarged scale through the pneumatic'valve vstructure and Vadjacent parts.

i' 'Figure 5 is a vertical section rtaken through a bedstead withvthe limproved mattressin o, place thereon, andrwith a v.personindicated '5,5

'in dottedilines as recumbent upon the mattress, and jY lF'gure is afra'gmentary perspective view l ofthe liner employed.,

Referring more particularlyto drawings the frame of theimproved mattressis preferably composed of frame bars lOof wood or other appropriate material and ofmetallic or other liners 11, which may be Yof sheet faces ofthe baresi() and have 'webs 12 and 13 above and below the barsv for lthe purpose of providing Seats on which the rubber or other sheets 14 and 15,v may be'placed. The

flanges 16 and17attheirfreevouter'edges, f and thefreeedges of the flanges y16 are rolled or clinched over, vas indicated at 18 toyimpart-l y strength to these upstanding free edges and to present smooth surfacesto avoidcatching andtearing the bed-clothing or marring ,the -be'dstead` c I i Bolts or otherappropriate fastenings 19v arey yshown as passingl through the metallic orvothe'r securing strips 20an'd through the margin portions ofthe rubber sheets 14 and v`I15,-through the webs-12 and the bars in order to secure all .of` the partsftogether and Y to bind the margingof' the rubberisheetsin Icc'impressed lcondition between the fpointer strips 20 and the webslQ., whereby to'form an air tight joint all about-the frame Ato V4avoid the' leakage Aofthe air pressure,}which is conf tained lwithin, the central chamber Y,fr )rmed within the rectangular framelcompolsed of the barslO andthecoveringof the laminated' sheets aboveand belowgthe frame. 1

It will, be noted that the innermostfslieet V15 is preferably' of greater-thicknessgto-sustain the weight ofthe patient while theou'ter sheetlcis thinner. ,The inner'sheetsv 15 are preferably 'substantially@` one-eighth of' an inch in: thickness; the `outer sheets .14Libeing Qomparatiyelythinner. .The bolts 19arepro- 'ico vided with nuts 2l by which the saine may be tightened on the various parts. t

Referring to Figure 4, an air valve is shown as having an externally threaded rvalve steni 22 threaded through openings 22 is aninternally threaded socket 25 for receiving the'threaded valve head 26, which is adaptedto receive a hose or other connection 27 'by which the interior of the mattress may be iniiated. The valve 28 maybe of a collapsible rubber form, which fis VWell known, and which is adapted to receive air from the hose 27 and admits such air to .the interior of the mattress, but which may auto matically collapse and 'close .upon v.the in 1. pressure .on the exterior of the mattress In Figure 6 l have shown the liner ll With the ,Webs and flanges in perspective view, and yas having the perforations29 `to receive the bolts 19.'

In Figure 5 is shown ahead ,board 30 and a foot board 3l and the bedstead imm@ 32 for receiving the improved pneumatic inat- ,tress i In dotted lines Ihave shown a person 33 as lying .upon the mattress with the inattress assuming a Wave-like forni V,to fit the contour of the body land to support 4the Vbody throughout. This support Of the body .at all surface points is found to he more restful Yand refreshing and less prone tosetting up spinal and nerve troubles. The mattress may be used for any ordinary home purposes or vit may be used in hospitals Where it is valuable von .aooollllt of its liquid proofrqualities, kand the fact that it may .be ,sterilized readily I .do not wish to be restricted ,to thesis@ form all@ proportions of the Serious parte, and Aobviously Changes ACould be modo lio .Construction ih ereri described without Clepartng from the Spirit Yof the invention, it lbeing 4only necessary that-.such changes fall Within thesoone .of the apron-ded Claims 1 What is claimed is i l. An improved pneumatic imattress coinprising a frame composed of Wooden bars, .and a'metal liner for'l thebars havingwebs abovefand below-'the bars andflanges extiending out `from fthe avebs,'sheets stretched-across the frame, and fastening ymeans passing through said sheets, Webs and the bars.'

2. Ali-improved pneumatic mattress comprising an .open traine composed ,of bars, and a liner for the insidev faces .of .the bars and having :webs above .and below the bars and provided with vflanges .outstanding from -the free `ends. of' .the -.;xiebs, said anges .having overturned edges, rubber sheets stretched over said frame and having the margin portions seated on said Webs and the ends protected by said flanges, strips on the sheet inargins, and fastenings securing said sheets and strips to the flanges and bars.

111 testimony whereof, I Vhave aiixed my signature.



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Clasificación internacionalA47C23/047
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Clasificación europeaA47C23/047