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Número de publicaciónUS1764216 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación17 Jun 1930
Fecha de presentación14 Sep 1926
Fecha de prioridad14 Sep 1926
Número de publicaciónUS 1764216 A, US 1764216A, US-A-1764216, US1764216 A, US1764216A
InventoresWalter J Laubenheimer
Cesionario originalWalter J Laubenheimer
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Display carton
US 1764216 A
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June 17, 1930. w, J LAUBENHEIMER v 1,764,216]

DISPLA-Y CARTON Filed Sept. 14, 1926 3 Sheets-Sheet 1 Jun 7, 1930. w..1. LAUBENHEMER 1,764,216

DISPLAY CARTON Filed Sept. 14, 1926 3 Sheets-Sheet 2 s'rwenfog WaLTtRILRUOENHEIMER al'botucqi.

June 17, 1930. w. J. LAUBENHEIMER 1,764,216

DISPLAY CARTON Filed Sept. 14, 1926 5 Sheets-Sheet, 3

Wan-5R J: Luuaeu ueu len,

Patented June 17, 1930 WALTER .1. LAUBENHEIMER, or suicide, rumors DISPLAY CARTON Application filed September 14, 1926. Serial No. 135,445.

My invention relates to. display devices used on counters in stores and shops to set goods out more prominently, and more particularly to such devices as also serve as the regular containers of the goods, and my main object is to provide a display carton which combines ample containing capacitywith maximum display value.

A further object of my invention is to so design the novel display carton as to give it the most desirable. and compact form for storing and shipping purposes. I

Another object of the invention is to so construct the noveldisplay carton that it supports the goods in step-fashion, displaying morejthereof and adding charm to the exhibit.

Anqimportant object of the invention is to provide a support for the goods independ'fent of the carton support, to relieve the lat-,

terof the added strain.

A still further object of the invention is to assemble the bottom of thenovel display carton in such a manner that it. will be slightly concave and therefore permit the carton to rest'squarely with its ed es and corners upon the counter or other at surface uponwhich it is set.

'A final, but nevertheless essential object of the invention is to construct the same with few and simple parts, for economical manu-' facture and easy handling.

With the above objects in view, and any others which may suggest themselves in the I specification and claims to folloW, a better understanding of the invention maybe had by reference to the accompanyingdrawings,

in which Figure 1 is a perspective view of the novel display carton as encased for shipping;

Fifgure 2 is a perspectiveview thereof in the dsorm of a display stand exhibiting the goo Figure 3 is a longitudinal section of the showing in Figure 2 the position of the goods being suggested by dot-and-dash lines;

Figure 4 is a perspective view of the display carton minus the goods and with its units separated; and p Figures 5, 5, 5" and 5 are'plan views of is the general formation .of

the blanks from which the respective units are formed. i Figure 6 is a fragmentary cross-section of the showing in Fig. 4.

Referring specifically to the drawings, 10 denotes the front wall of the novel display carton, 11 the sides 12 the back, and 13213 the sections making up the bottom. This the base unit; and further description will develop additional features thereof, peculiar to its co operation with a article shelf, and, a back poster. 7

The sides 11 have their top ed es inclined in forward direction to lend the base a desk appearance, and have inturned-folds 14 for reinforcing purposes. The front wall is cut down near the ends, by way of slits -a to form a crease line b'from which extends a section, 15, the latter having in turn a crease line 0defining a reduced terminal tab 16.

The top of the back 12 is in the formof a crease line 0Z from which a section 16 is folded down; This section is cut with two angle-slots -e to expose the back, which is out slits f-.

The goodsfsupporting rack is a cascadelike strip l'Zdesigned to support a series of boxes 18 of the commodity contained and displayed, the steps in the rack beingso calculated that a series of boxes seated therein will. present a stepped efl'ect, rendering the upper face and part of the frontal face of each box visible to the patron. The rear end of the rack17 has a down-turnedtab 19, which engages the ;back section 16 and the back 12 by passing through the slots 'e'- and slits .fin these arts, sothat by being doubled and more firm the back of the base unit will form a rigid support for the rear end of the goods-supporting rack., A similar, but reversed securin means is provided for the frontalend of t e rack, the tab 16 in this instance engaging the frontal step 20; of the rack by way of a pair ofangle slots -g. In the construction of the rack, it will be seen from Fi re 4 that it is held in shape by rearwar wings 21 bent on goods-supporting rack, an

with correspondingly shaped 2 r ,i,7e4,aie

crease lines -,hlaterally defining the ners thereof to seat squarely on such surface frontal rack step 20, the wings being slitted and lend'the carton a stable support. I at -c' and receiving anchoring-tongues 22 lhe novel display carton may bear debent down from crease lines 7'- defining "scriptive or advertising matter in'connection i the shelf or base 23 of the first step in, the with the goods on all. the surfaces of its 70 rack. units, which are visible to the patron while The back poster 23 is a card bearing the goods are contained or absent. Thus, printed or ornamental matter in connection the removal of any one or more of the boxes with the goods and is creased 0n he line 18 will not expose-orreveal blank or unfin- 1 10 76 n r h bOttOm to r r rd S ished surfaces, as is the case with most dis- 75 tion or base 24. As shown in Figure 3, the play cartons, as even when all the boxes have POStBf m y he Set W i base 011 the real been sold the descriptive oradvertisingmatm S b X 18 in h 0W 1 POSitiOn 'ter on the parts of the carton will form the poster with a, rearward hilt, like an easel. an attraction" the display carton then serv- With the lower row of boxes 18 deposited i as a poster t adv rtise the goods. v i so in the rack 17 it will be seen from Figure 2 A di l rto i thu had which has that the hi fans depressions in the but few partsconsistent with its attractive row affords room for a 8 1 but y form, the manner in which it positions and one box 1es$ et the front o Provide for sets outthe goods, and its capacity as a con- 2o such a box with the Object Ot-Tehderihg h tainer; In addition, its vertical walls fur- 35 upper series complete, the article shelf 1s nigh th i Support f th goods, 5 PP 1 ing the bottom of the vgreater weight there- AS clearly shown in Figure this Shelf of, in order that its sect'ons may sufier no Comprises the main Section which is P strain while holding the carton in shape.

v25 tioned on the face of theslower frontal box; Th base h but one glued joint, which 90 a hanger portion 26 bent back from the main i f d b ti a t i l t b 30 Section in a crease line, '-3 and the Shelf side the rear edge of the adjacent side 11. 27 proper struck out in forward direction Th id ed e i therefore not visible from from the m Section-u When the hanger the front or sides, lending the carton a 80 Portion 2 inserted w e h pp and smooth and clean-cut appearance. 95

lowerfrontal boxes, the device is supported Whil th preferred f f th l di as Shown in Figure and W in turn play carton has been shown and described, "ceive the extra frontal box in the upper row many difi ti d d i may b d render h same eVeh- AS the b veloped therefrom without departing from v i a designed use as the regular e011 the principle of the invention; and I desire 10o taihelet the ei it will be Seen: thet the to include all'such modifications and designs compact grouping of the boxes as described s coming ithi the Scope nd spirit of the"v gives the container a large capacity; and d a 1 i the even stacking thereof facilitates the for- I l i n 40 metioh of a compact, rectangular pp h 1. A display carton having a base in the 105 or mailing package with the aid of a su tfo of t i g od -supporting rack able hood or cover 28, as indicated in Figure in h utt d i t rlo king connect ons 1. The back poster 23 is of course removed between th k a d ll of the container and laid over the top'row of boxes when the p f the Support f h rack, one f 594da carton is packed.

The formation and. assembly of the boti d by the container wall and having a tom'sections and 13b may he underetoed lateral end in flat contact with a. portion of by reference to Figures 4 and The said-rack to hold the same against the bottiohs which are QPP are cut with tom of the carton, and the rack having a matching notches m,-- in their contiguous p ti g ging said lateral end to hold 115 can only be unlocked by pressure from beedges; and the sections 13", which are posithe same i ative position. a I tioned adjacent to ,thesections 13 'are re- 2. A display carton h i g base in the. duced t' jorm anchoring-tongues 29, each form Gbntainer, a cascadeqike d tongue being passed from below and caught supporting rack extending f th r of 55 in the corresponding pair of notches t thereof and t The sections are thuslocked from'disen'gage the contamer to the on thh g iiest p re s iiie frdih wdtliiii (1 1 11; iiiiaiii g fi t s g g 3 w ortesuppor o erac,oneo sa olocks the sections more firmly. The sections nections comprisingaireverte P I P fl p 125 neath, this. characteristic giving the 'assem- 'te y the front W and hevlng t ii bly a lightl concave normal f ti end in flat contact with a portion of said rac This formation keeps the greater surface'of to hold the Same g t the h P 0f the the bottom off the surface on which the car- 3ar 0n and the rack having a portion engagton is placed, leavingthe side edges and corng said lateral end. 130

nections comprising a refierted prop-likefiap 11o locking connections between the ends of the c i v V supporting rack extending from 3. A display carton having a base in the form of a container, a cascade-like goodsthe rear of t e container to the front thereof, sections folded inwardly from the rear and front walls oft-he container, and interlockin connections between the ends of the rac and said sections for the support of the rack, one

' walls. 30

' half the distance said connections comprising a reverted prop-like flap car'ried by the front wall and having a lateral end in flat contact with a portion of said rack to hold the same against the bottom of the carton, and the rack having a portion engaging said lateral end.

4. A cascade-like goods supportin rack comprising a strip formed longitu inally with a series of steps, lateral wings carried by the steps, and interlocking connections between the wings of consecutive steps.

A display carton base formed with parallel side walls having bottom flaps foldable inwardly therefrom, each of said flaps having a width slightly greater than one between said side walls, end Walls, and means carried by said end walls for retaining said bottom flaps in edge to edge engagement above a plane common to the bottom edges of said side and end a 6. A display carton having a base in the form of a container, a goods supporting rack in the latter, the walls of said container engaging said rack to hold the same in goods supporting position, and one of the container walls having an interlocking connection with the rack, said connection comprising a reverted prop-like flap and having a lateral end in flat contact with a portion of said rack to hold the same against the bot tom of the carton, and the rack having a portion engaging said lateral end to hold the same in place.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


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