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Número de publicaciónUS1821715 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación1 Sep 1931
Fecha de presentación15 Mar 1929
Fecha de prioridad15 Mar 1929
Número de publicaciónUS 1821715 A, US 1821715A, US-A-1821715, US1821715 A, US1821715A
InventoresKuchinsky Matthew K
Cesionario originalKuchinsky Matthew K
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Surface washing machine
US 1821715 A
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Sept. 1, 1931. M. K.,KucH|NsKY .1,821,715

` I SURFACE WASHING MACHINE I I Filed Marchv 15. 1929 I 2 Sheets-Sheet l ATroRNEY SePtl, 1931- M. K. KucHlNsKY 1,821,715

SURFACE WASHING MACHINE Filed March 15, 1929 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 v mi l ATTORNEY ,a fhroughrigu Figure 6 1s a sectional view throughFigure- Patented Sept.A 1, 1931 MATTHEW K. KUCEINSXY, 0F IRVINGTON, NEW JERSEY SURFACE A`WASHING- MACHINE I Application ld March 15, 1929. Serial No. 347,358.

This inventionrelates to awashing machine, and particularly to a surface washing machine, thel object -being to provide an improved construction which may be readily 5 moved over a Hoor, wall or other surface and clean the surface as it moves.

Another object of the inventionv is to provide a washing machine for cleaning surfaces, wherein a suction is provided for removing the washingliquid and dirt as the machine moves over the surface.

A further object of the invention, more specifically is to provide a surface washing machine wherein a rotating brush is used for applying liquid and detergent to a surface while tubular members act as conduits fortwithdrawing the dirt, water and detergen v ln the accompanying drawings,-

Figure l is a plan view of a surface washingl machine disclosing an embodiment of the invention; y

Figure 2 is a sectional view through Figure l approximately on the line 22;

25 Figure 3 is a bottom plan view of the struc`l ture shown in Figure 1;

Figure 4 is a sectional view through Figure 2a .proximately on the line 4 4;

lgure 5 is a fragmentary sectional view re 1 on the line 5 5;

2 on the line 6-6.

Referring to the accompanying drawings by numerals, 1 indicates a metal casin which ,5 has been shown rectangular, but whic ,if desired, may be made of some other shape.` This casing is formed with a .pair of upstanding ears'2 and 3, each ear bemg apertured so as to receive the pivotal screws 4 and 5 extending through the arms 6 and 7 of the clamp 8.

The clamp 8 is adapted to be clamped to a handle 9, whereby the arms and 7 may function to move thecasing 1 around.- The ear 3 is provided with notches 10, as shown par- 5 ticularly'in Figure 6, and the arm 7 is pro,-

'ter and a detergent has been vided with a number of .notches 11, said notches being adapted to register so that a locking pin 12.may be inserted and thereby lock arm 7 at any desired angle.

The casing 1 is provided with a projection 50 13 acting as a journal box upon the lshaft 14 connected with the pinion 15 andwith the liexible driving shaft 16. The shaft 16 is adapted to extend through the handle9 between the conduits or pipes 17 and 18` (F ig- 55 ures 2 and et). Casing 1 is also provided with a hollow boss 19 to which the pipe 20 is connected, said pipe in turn being connected to the pipe or conduit 17. The plpe or conduit 17 is connected to a source of rarefaction or 43e suction, as for instance, a suction pump (not shown). Casing 1 isI also provided with an aperture or opening 21 through which the shaft 22 extends, said shaft being hollow and carrying a sprinkler member 23 at the inner 65 end. The outer end is connected in any suitable manner with the flexible hose 23 which in turn is connected through pipe 24 with the pipe 18, whereby water or water and a .detergent may be directed to a point within the casing l, and as shown, to a point substantially centrally of the brush 25. The brush 25, as shown particularly in Fig. 3, is irregular in shape, though provided with a num-v ber of arc-shaped sections 26 and 27, said 75 sections being connected together, as clearly shown in Fig. 3, and in turn being connected to the gear wheel 28 through arms 29. Preferably ordinary' screws 30 act to clamp the arms 29vto the gear wheel 28, whereby the 80 par-ts may be removed at any time forrepair or replacement. The irregular or arc-shaped arrangement of the brush lis to cause Athe brush to engage a larger surface `as it rotates and at the same time cause sections to ass intermittently over the same surface. en wadischarged into the space within the brush a washing and cleanm action is produced by the rotation of the rush A25. As the parts .continue to 90 function the liquid will gradually move out- An outer ,peripheral rubber wall 34 is also.

provided, said wall being arranged exteriorly of all of the tubes 31. This Wallis positioned sothat the edge will engage the surface being cleaned sli htly before or at the same time that the lrlstles 25 engage the surface to be cleaned. 1n this way all of the space 'within the wall 34 is subject to'the cleaning action of the brush 25 and to the suction above-mentioned, whereby the water, detergent, dirt and other matter icked up will be automatically carried off. y reason of Ithis ccnstructionand action the device may be moved over a licor or wall and the floor or wall cleaned without wetting any other part than that being cleaned. Also, by reason of the suction the floor after be substantially dry. In case the suction should become too great and have a tendency to cause the tubes 31 to collapse, air valve 35 (Fig. 5) will function.v This valve includes a stopper 36, a spring 37 for normally holding the stopper closed, and a supporting ring 38 for holding the spring in place. hen the rarefactic-n reaches a certain point this valve will open and thereby cause the tubes 31 to function in the usual manner as air is let into the space adjacent the brush so that air, water, etc. may move toward the tubes 31.

As illustrated in Fig. 3 there is provided a group of bristles 39 in each corner of the casing 1', said bristles acting as brushes for loosening the dirt. As the tubular shaft 22 and its sprinkler head 23 act in the double capacity of means for dispensing water to a point within the brush 25 and also as means for supporting the gear wheel 28, whereby the brush may be readily supported and rotated by pinion 15.

In operation the handle 9 is grasped and the device moved over the floor or other surface. While this is being done the brush 25 is rotated through the .action of the flexible shaft 16 driven by an electric motor or any suitable power (not shown). At the same time that the brush rotates water, andif desired, a detergent',is discharged through nozzle 23. As the brush, water and detergent act to clean the surface suction withdraws the water, detergent oand matter removed throughthe tubes 31, so that the floor or other washed and substantially dried as moves thereover.

What I claim is 1. surface washing device, comprising a casing open on the bottom, a suction tube the device being cleaned will illustrated in Fig. 2,

surface is' connected to the upper part of the casing for applying rarefaction in the casing, means for directi ig a washing liquid into the casing, a brush rotatably mounted in extending into the casing for rotating said brush, and a plurality of flexible tubular members carried by the casing at the periph ery for causing the suction to act substantially in the plane of the outer end of the bristles of said brush.

2. A surface washing machine, including a rotary brush, a series of. flexible suction tubes arranged around the brush so as to enclose the brush, and means for applying suction through said tubes to the surface engaged by said brush.

3. A surface Wash`ng machine, including a casing open at the bottom, a brush rotatably mounted in the casing and projecting to a plane below the bottom of the casing, an annular flexible structure formed of a plurality of tubes carried by the casing and extending to the plane of the outer end of the bristles of the brush, means for applying suction to said tubes for drawing up matter from withliln the casing, and means for driving said 4. A surface washing machine, including aV rotatable brush, means for transmitting power to the brush for rotating the same, means for discharging a li u1d washing solution adjacent the brush so' t at the brush may use the solution in its action, a ring formed of a4 plurality of independent flexible tubes surrounding the brush and means for applying suction to said tubes for removing the liquid and all particles suspended in the liquid from the surface being operated 5. A surface washin machine includin' a substantially rectangu ar frame, a dou le row of flexible tubes carried by said frame at its periphery, a suction conduit connected with said tubes, a brush carried by said frame, said brush being ring sha ed and positioned within the confines of sai rows of tubes, means for rotating said brush, and means for'discharging a liquid within the confines of said rows of tubes.

6. A surface 'washing machine including a casing o en at the bottom, a ring formed of a plurality of flexible substantially vertical tubes carried by said casing and extending from the bottom thereof towards the surface to be cleaned, a brush arranged within said ring, a gear wheel connected with said brush, means Afor rotatably supporting said ear wheel, said last mentioned means being o1- low and acting as a conduit for directing liquid to a position-within the contines of said ring, a pinion meshing with said gear wheel, a flexible driving member connected with said pi 'on for rotating said pinion,

u bular means for applying suction through said rmg to the surface to be cleaned where y the casing, means a liquid and the particles suspended in the liquid may be drawn away from said brush.

7. A surface washing machine, comprising a casing having a closed top-and an open bottom, a ring formed of a plurality of ilexible substantially vertical tubes carried by said casing and projecting from said bottom, a rotatable brush arranged Within said ring, means for rotating said brush, a suction conduit connected with said rin and means for directing liquid to a position within said casing.


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