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Número de publicaciónUS1838699 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación29 Dic 1931
Fecha de presentación22 Jul 1930
Fecha de prioridad22 Jul 1930
Número de publicaciónUS 1838699 A, US 1838699A, US-A-1838699, US1838699 A, US1838699A
InventoresMcmonies Frederick J, Mcmonies Walter H
Cesionario originalMcmonies Frederick J, Mcmonies Walter H
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Top ring of golf bags
US 1838699 A
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Dec. 29, 1931. MCMONIES AL 1,838,699

TOP RING OF GOLF BAGS Filed July 22, 1950 m eH-a/r J Wave/71a;

Wa/fer fi/a/lan/EES INVENTOR BY W t ATTORN EY Patented Dec. 2%, 1931 res,v

we STA rnnnnnrox J. MCMONIES AND WALTER MCMONIES, or ronrnnnn, onEGoN PM N n s TOP nine oreonr'nncrs Application filed. July 22, 1930. Serial No. 469,688.

Our invention is primarily adapted for; placement, as standard equlpment, 1n the open end of the golf bags, the same being I comprlsed of a ring having flexible straps disposed within the inner surface ofthe ring 1 fer-ant compartments depending upon the wishes of the user of the same. The primary purpose and object of on invention is to place partitioning means within the open end of the golf bag to permit the user of the same for maintaining golf clubs of the same kind in the same comparte ment within the bag, and to prevent the mixing of the same. A further object of our invention consists? in providing a partitioning device placeable within the golf bag, at the point of manufac ture of the bag, or a device to be placed within bags already in use to permit the user of, the bag to divide the golf clubs into groups,- of his own selection. r

A still further object of our invention con-r sits in providing a partitioning device that will utilize a minimum of material and space,

that is, effective in the partitioning of the open end of the golf bag into the desired; number of compartments. The number to be predetermined by the user of the same.

With these and incidental objects in view, the invention consists in certain novel features of construction and combination of parts, the essential elements of which are set forth in the appended claims, and a preferred form of embodiment of which is here inafter shown with reference to the drawings which accompany and form a part. of this specification. i

in the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a perspective, side View ofa golf bag, illustrating one'of our new and improved devices in place within the open end of'the bag and illustrating the bag as being partitionefdinto four separate and distinct compartments. 1 5 v I 'Fig; 2 is a top, plan view of the openend of the bag-as illustratedin Fig.- 1.

. Fig. 3 i'sa top, plan view of the bag illus- ;;trating our new and improved device in place and illustrating thebag as being partitioned into three separate compartments.

Fig. 41- is a top, plan vi' ew of the bag illustrating the device in place but without the top of the bagbeingpartitioned forthe receptionrof th'e golf clubs therein, excepting in a single compartment. 1

Fig. 5' is a top, plan view of the golf bag 7 illustrating the device being used for tli partitioning of the bag into two separate. and :distinct compartments. l i Like reference characters refer to like parts throughout the several views. 1 1 p 1 is the body of a golf bag and 2 is ariiig' disposed and formed integral with theiopen end of the bag; the ring maybe made integral with the bag, or may be placed within the open endof the bag and made independent thereof and be secured in placeby any suitable fastening means, or be maintained therein by frictional engagement through the use of precise manufacturing'methods.

Flexible straps 3 and 4 are disposed within the ring, or within the open end of the bag. The straps are preferably made. of unequal length, each of the strapsbeing independently fastened to the ring by any fastening means as by rivets 5. The end of each of the straps are preferably spaced apart to give greatest utility." When the straps are placed,

, as illustrated in Fig. at with the partitioning bar 6 beingma'de to lie close to the inner wall of the inner ring, the golf bag may be used as an open ended bag without partitions being formed within its open end. The partitioning bar 6 has eyes 7 and 8 formed in its oppositely disposed ends to adapt the same for being moved relative-to'the straps 3 and 4.

When the partitioning bar 6 is placed as il lustrated in Fig. 3,the open end ofthe bag is divided into three independent and separate compartments as illustratedat 9, 10 and 11. When the partitioning bar 6 is placed as illustrated in Fig. 2 with the end of the partitioning bar being disposed substantially central of each end of each of the flexible straps, the bag is divided into four independent and separate compartments as illustrated at 12, 13, 14 and 15. When the partitioning bar is placed as illustrated in Fig. 5 with the 'istraps' positioned assillustrated, the open endbfthe bagis divided into two-separate and distinct partitions as illustratedsat-wlfi and.17.

It will thus be seen that we haveprovided a simple device that maybe-manually manipulated to divide the golf bag into one, two, three and four compartments.

lVhile the form of mechanism herein shown fill the objects primarily stated, it isto be understood that it isnotinte'nded to confine the invention to theon'e form of'embodiment herein' shown and described, as it is suscepti- -ble-olr'embodiment in various'forms, allcoming within the "scope I of "the claims which follow. lVhat l cla'im is:

1."-In a device of -theclass described, in

combination with a golf bag, of a ring place- -able within 1 the open end of the golif bag,

flexible straps disposedu-pon the inner surf itace of the ring and secured-theretoby any 0 suitable:fastening-means, one ofthe'straps being made longer than the other; -and apartltion ng bar havlng aneye disposed at either end and adapted fo'rbeing manually positioned along each of the strapsto divide the wing-into a predeterminable numberof partitions.

2 23 11-1 a deviceaof the class described, in combination with a golf ba of a ring place- =able within the open end 01' the golf bag and -forbeing: removably secured thereto, a pair of-straps of uneqi iallen'gth secured-to the inner 1 surface" of the ring,

and apartitioning bai slidably-positionable along the straps to dividetheTing into a predeterminabl e num- -be-r of- *-partitions depending upon the position and locatioirof the partitioning bar.

1! 3. 1m mrlevice of the class described, the

"combination? of an annular ring, straps disposedwithinthe ring and secured thereto, and

Q a partitioning bar secured to one'of the straps ateach end and slidable therealong.


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