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Número de publicaciónUS1839489 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación5 Ene 1932
Fecha de presentación25 Abr 1930
Fecha de prioridad25 Abr 1930
Número de publicaciónUS 1839489 A, US 1839489A, US-A-1839489, US1839489 A, US1839489A
InventoresNickolas Meroussis
Cesionario originalNickolas Meroussis
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Swimming appliance
US 1839489 A
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Jan. 5, 1932. N. MERoussls SWIMMING APPLIANCE Filed April 25 1950 l mh.

MmaL/s/Swkauggn 9'* ATTORNEY Patented Jan. 5, 1932 NIcxoLAs MERoUssIs, or `NEW Yoan. '1m-Y.

SWIMMING APPLIANGE Y Application led April 25,

This invention relates to swimming appliances and has for an object the provision of a simply constructed and effective device which will make swimming easier and more enjoyable to those who wear it. With the above and other objects in View, the invention further includes the following novel features and details of construction to be fully described and illustrated in the accompanying drawings and the appended claims.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 illustrates a swimmer equipped with my improved swimming appliance and its parts in sections.

Figure 2 is a perspective view showing a swimmer from the side, wearing the swimming appliance shown in Figure 1 and in the act of swimming; and

Figure 3 is a rear view of the swimmer wearing the appliance of my invention `and in the act of swimming.

Referring to the drawings for a more detailed description thereof, the numeral 5 indicates a triangular web positioned between the legs as clearly shown in Figures 1 and 3. This web is secured to the legs of theswimmer by means of holding members 7 each comprising front straps 8 and rear straps 9 which are secured together by meansy of buckles 10, the straps 8 and 9 encircling the legs of the swimmer.

The triangle 5 is secured to a body portion 12 by means of divergent straps 14 which are secured by means of buckles 15 to straps 16 depending from the lower edge of the body portion 12. The body portion 12 may be made of any suitable material such made of a flexible water-proof material such for example as rubberized cloth. Y The portion 12 is fastened by buckles 12a.

The body portion 12 has extending from the upper edge of its front portion a pair of straps 18 which are secured by means of buckles 19 to respective members of a pair of straps 20 which run over the shoulders of the swimmer and are secured to the upperV edge of the back portion of the body member 12. Secured to the respective sides of the j body member 12 are a pair of triangular 1930. [serial No. 447,250.

webs-22, one between each'arm and the lswimmers body. The webs 22'are secured to the arms of the swimmer by meansof fastening' members 24, each of which has front straps 25 and rear straps 26, the front and rear straps being` secured together by means of buckles 27. The webs 22 are'secured tothe body member 12 along the lines 30, which `it will be noted are a litt-le to the front of the side of the body. 1 Whenthus attached-Q.:

the webs 22`extend backwardly about fifteen degrees tok the arms. This disposition of the-webs is suitable for ordinary swimming. However if the'backstroke is vto be used in swimming` the webs are to be reversely inclined. That is to say, the lines of attachf ment of the webs to the body member will be slightly back` of the side 4of the body member or in other'words back of thedotted lines 32 which indicate the side of the body. While my appliance is shown' and described as a two piece device, itis to be understood that it can be united by cloth or canvas and serve as a swimming suit without departing from the invention. n f f VTo enhance the foldingand unfolding movements of the web, resilient reinforcing elements may be used such as resilient blades arranged or, molded in the web in such a way that will allow the folding and unfoldi:

- ing of the web.

From the above it is apparent that this device will give to the swimmer the means a fish has. Lifting the arms parallel to the body to a distance allowed by the triangle webs 22, opening one elbow at the right and v `the otherv elbow t th l ft t l t for example as canvas but 1t 1s preferably a e e a 'an ang e O the body and making fast backward movement of the arms and feet from a bended position of the body, will result in a powerful forward propelling force with less eiiort than will be required of a swimmer not wearing my device, as myappliance involves simply the movement of the elbows and not the full extension of the arms as applied to or-KH dinary swimming.

From the foregoing the advantages and novel features of the invention will be readily apparent.

, What I claim is:

1. A swimming appliance comprising a body portion, a pair of Webs, one under each arm, secured to said body portion, and means for securing said Webs to the arms, said Webs being secured to said body portion at an angle .to the body.

2. A swimmingV appliance comprising a body portion, a pair of Webs, one under eaoli arm, secured to said body portion, and means .20 means-for securing the last mentioned Web to the ylegs and means vfor securing the last ,mentioned Web to the body fportion.

l4;. .1A .swimming appliance lcomprising a body portion, a pair of Webs, one under each arms, Vsecured to said body portion, means Vorseeuring said Webs to the arms, said Webs being secured to said body portion at an an Igle of about 15 degrees to the body, a Webbetween fthe legs, means Jfor securing the last 3.o .mentioned Web to the legs and means for .securing the last mentioned Vweb to the body portion.

r5. A .swimming v appliance comprising -a body portion, a pair of Webs, one under each arm, securedtosaid body portion, means for securing said-Webs yto the arms, vsaid Webs being :secured to said body portion at an angle to the body, and shoulder straps for hold- .fing :said body portion. In testimony herein I aiix ymy signature.


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Clasificación de EE.UU.441/59, 441/60
Clasificación internacionalA63B31/00, A63B31/12
Clasificación cooperativaA63B31/12
Clasificación europeaA63B31/12