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Número de publicaciónUS1905399 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación25 Abr 1933
Fecha de presentación28 Mar 1932
Fecha de prioridad28 Mar 1932
Número de publicaciónUS 1905399 A, US 1905399A, US-A-1905399, US1905399 A, US1905399A
InventoresTosca Wagner
Cesionario originalTosca Wagner
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Brush for eyelashes and eyebrows
US 1905399 A
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A ril 25, 1933. T. WAGNER 1,905,399


ATTORNEY Patented Apr. 25, 1933 UNITE ;,sTATEs Tosca AG ER, or SEATTLE; WASHINGTON,

BRUSH FOR EYELAsHEs Aim EYEnRows Application filed March 28, 1932. Serial Noll-501,575

This invention relates to brushes for treating eyelashes and eyebrows.

In the usual preparation for dress occasions, and evening gatherings of ladies it is customary to provide some treatment of their eyebrows and particularly of their eyelashes. Such treatments when properly performed, not only enhance the temporary beauty of the facial appearance, but are beneficial to the 0 permanent form growth and development of the lashes and brows.

As the hairs of the lashes extend out from the eyelids, and are preferably so maintained, it has been found difficult to treat them with the ordinary single brushes without bending them down against the eyelids. It is therefore one of the objects of this invention to provide a form of brush or brushes which will operate on both sides of the lashes simultaneously and in a direction away from the face, whereby the lashes will separately receive suitable pressure from above and below and also beheld in a desired position and direction while being so treated.

A further object is to provide a small light and convenient implement or article for treating eyelashes, with two sets of oppositely positioned suitable bristles, mounted on the inner sides of movable jaws. The jaws normally held apart by a spring, but readily compressed against each other with the hairs of either lash, between the same for treatment. The jaws curved to conform to the curve of the eyeball, with shields along one side of the jaws to protect the eyes from the bristles.

A still further object is to provide such a set of two oppositely positioned brushes, with a third brush or set of bristles on the outside of one of the jaws, for treating both lashes simultaneously, and also for treating the eyebrows. The combined brushes to be compactly formed so that they may be easily will occupy small space on a crowded dressing stand before a private mirror, or in a modern beauty parlor.

With these and other objects as will hereinafter appear, I have illustrated my invention by the accompanying drawing of which:

Figure 1 is a side elevation of the combination brush in open position, a Figure 2 is aside elevation with eyelash brushes in closed position as when treating the eyelashes,

Figure 3 is a top plan of the handle of the brush and outside bristles, j

Figure 4 is an enlarged cross section view of the lower jaw taken on lines 44 Figure 1, showing the eye guard, Figure 5 is a perspective view of the brush and several parts assembled, j I 1 Figure 6' illustrates the application of the brushes closed on an eyelash, and

Figure 7 illustrates the application of the brush on an eyebrow. I 7

' Like numerals on the different figures represent like parts:

Numeral 8 and 9' represent two oppositely positioned handles with the free ends or jaws '12 and 13 thereof provided with sets of bristlesor brushes as 10 and 11, extending inward from said jaws toward each other. The jaws and bristles are normally held spaced apart by a curved spring .portion 14;, connecting the handles. The resiliency of the spring however beingeasily overcome by pressure of the .operatorls'fingers in compressing the; two

brushes toward. each other :for treating eyea lashes as shown in Figure 6.

On the-outer side of-the jaw '13 is another set of bristles or brush 15 for smoothing and treating the lashes and particularlytheeyebrows, as illustrate-d in Figure 7 a In orderto insure against damages to the eyes of the person treated, I provide upturned edges or guards-16 :and 17 which extend out .from the jaws-and parallel with the=bristles approximately. a third of the length thereof.

These guards however do not detract from '90 the full resiliency of the bristles, The latter are left free to bend from their foothold in "the aws, and so: provide thedesireddeIicate carried by ladies in their hand bags, or that 7 so that, therefore, the bristles if unguarded would frequently endanger the eyesight of' q 1 1 The jaws may be conveniently formed from forward the user. My guards thus prevent the bristles or aws from direct contact with the eyes.

I It willbe understood thattheoperator gen erally treats the upper and lower lashessepa- I V v rately, with the eyes open, the" jaws in such use being allowed to separate, so that the bristles on the opposite awsmay be then closed f or:contact with the hairs of-the intervenlng lash, close to the eyelid. The operator then presses the contacting brushes outward'from carrying plates and being projected in the direction of the lengths of the sections, the brush-carrying plates being curved throughout their lengths, bristles carried by each plate, the bristles of one plate being projected toward the bristles of the other plate, and

of vthe "bristlesfthe guards, being relatively rigid and of materially less length than the length of the bristles.

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature.


thereye, thereby cleaning, smoothing and I straightening or curving the lashes.

It will be understood that the bristles of some brushes may have suflicient stifiness to serve as combs for the lashes while others merelysmooth the same; i

The outside row of bristles orbrush 15 entends below or outward from' one-jaw and thereby enables the operator to treat both lashes together simultaneously as is sometimes desir'able, especially for cleaning. In suchiuseit is customarytoclosethe eyelids and then Wipe downward over the combined --upper and lower'lashes compressed against the eyelid. Such use is often desirable in "alternate applications with inner brushes. 35v

for treating the eyebrows, as by smoothing Ithesame 'in' a compact line, by drawing the abristles along over the brows and also for This outer set of bristles is also important combining the same by pressing the bristles over the browsas illustrated in'Figure7.' J a My'compact combination of brushes for the several uses, is particularly desirable, as the j article 'is designed for such uses by'ladies not only at their homes, but to be transported about forready and frequent application in v 'travelling,-andis so preferably-carried in the handbag or purse of the owner where space is most important.

- The bristles may be attached into holes in the jaws by cement, or may be wire drawn, .or in any usualmanner,=.but I have illustrated the outsidebristles as attached to a plate 19,

guards carried; by the plates in the direction which maybe affixed over the respective jaw by rivets cement, or simple manner;

the'same piece of metal as the handles, and

over as at 20 5 for rigidity and convenience 1n manipulation.-

- 'iHavingdescribed my'invention I claim as new for-Letters Patent A brush for treating eyelashes, comprising a handle'of resiliently-connected sections, the free'terminals of the sections forming brush- 1 theied'gesof the latter may be bent'or crimped l

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