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Número de publicaciónUS2011446 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación13 Ago 1935
Fecha de presentación14 Ene 1935
Fecha de prioridad14 Ene 1935
Número de publicaciónUS 2011446 A, US 2011446A, US-A-2011446, US2011446 A, US2011446A
InventoresJudell Julius S
Cesionario originalMilwaukee Flush Valve Company
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Bathtub shower-spout fixture
US 2011446 A
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Aug. 13, 1935.

J. S. JUDELL humus SHOWER SPOUT' FIXTURE Filed Jan. 14, 1955 INVENT OR. 21

Patented Aug. 13, 1935 mm s. Judell, Milwaukee, we,

ukee Flush Valve Company, Milwaukee,

a corporation of Wisconsin" asslgnor to'Mil WI! Application January 14, 1935, Serial No. 1,754

12 Claims.

The present invention relates in general to im-' provements in the construction of plumbing fixtures or fittings, and relates more specifically to an adjustable shower-spout fixture for tubs and other wash'receptacles, which can be manipulated and adjusted for use as an elevated shower spray fixture, or as a lowered filling or rinsing spout.

Heretofore, it has been common to provide combination bathtubs and shower appliances, but

all of such installations required an excessive.

amount of plumbing work and many fittings and fixtures. For instance, a common example is an installation wherein the tub is provided with the usual water spout and flow therethrough is controlled by valves having projecting handles. W th I shower spray head, through w ch the flow of water is controlled by separate v and handies. mixing valve may be provided for the. tub spout and another mixing .valve for the shower spray head. Obviously, a great number of fittings and fixtu'res are required, and the tub has the spout this form of installation there ?is an eleva d and fixtures projecting thereinto and forming fixed obstructions and'protuberances.

It is, therefore, a general objectof the presen invention to provide a single, convertible showerspout fixture, and a single set of control valves (or a mixing valve) therefor, which will serve for bathtub spout and shower spray'purposes, eliminating the expense and objections incident to the use of multiple fixtures for the same purpose, as heretofore described. I

In certain forms of plumbing installationsfor large buildings, wherein washing units are vertically superimposed, considerable difficulty is As an alternative of this arrangement, a

sometimes encountered with back siphonage resulting from over-filling of one of the washing receptacles, above the water supply spout thereof. With the present invention this difflculty is overcome due to'the fact that fixed spouts-within the tub or other washing receptacle are eliminated.

A specific object of the invention is to provide a convertible and adjustable shower-spout fixture, which, while serving for both shower and tub purposes, requires but one water discharge member and one set of valves (or a mixing valve), thereby materially reducing the number of parts and fittings heretofore required in tub-shower installations. 4

Another specific object of the invention is to provide a plumbing fixture for use with a bathtub which can be used as a shower spray to spray water onto a persons head or which can be' manipulated to spray a portion of a person's body without wetting-the head, which can'be adjusted to spray any portion of the human body normally difllcult of access, or which can be used as a spout for filling, rinsing, or flushing a tub.

Still another specific object of the invention is to provide a convertible bathtub fixture which can'be changed from spout by a simple manipulation, and in the latter case it can be used for manner.

Another specific object of the invention is to provide a combination bathtub shower-spout fixture, which eliminates the necessity for fixed fittings projecting through the walls of the tub -which mar the smooth interior of the tub.

Other specific objects of the invention are to provide a bathtub fixture of the character described which is simple in construction, which may be conveniently installed, assembled, or dismantled, which is easy to manipulate and adjust, and which is highly effective and efficient in operation.

- be apparent from the following detailed description.

A clear conceptlon of an embodiment of the filling a tub in the ordinary I These and other objects and advantages will a shower spray head to a improvement and of the mode of constructing,

manipulating, and operating devices constructed in accordance therewith may be had by referringto the drawing accompanying and forming a part 'of this specification, in which like reference char!- acters designate the same or similar parts in the various views.

Fig. 1 is a fragmentary, perspective view of abathtub and adjoining wall-portions and showing the improved shower-spout fixture installed over one end portion of the tub, there being broken-line showings of various positions -of adjustment of the fixture;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged sectional view through the upper knuckle joint member and the spray- I spout; 1

\ Fig. 3 is a transverse se'ctionalview taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2; I

Fig. 4 is an end view of the spray-spout; and Fig. 5 is an enlarged side view of the lower knuckle joint member and the mounting plate therefor.

While the invention has been shown herein as being specifically applied to a bathtub, it will be apparent that the novel features are more generally applicable to other stylesof. tubs, con-. tainers, shower stalls, sinks, and the like.

Referring now more particularly to the drawing, it will be apparent that a conventional bathtub of'the 'built-in" type is indicated by the numeral 8, and adjoining end and side walls of the room wherein the tub is installed are represented by the numerals 9 and I0, respectively.

The tub is provided with the usual bottom drain opening I i and an elevated overflow opening l2.- Hot and cold water pipes II and I4 extending from a source (not shown) are con cealed rearwardly of one of the walls 9, and

within said pipes are hot and cold water control valves I5 and I6 operated by valve rods and handles l1 and I8 projecting exteriorly of thewall 9, a suitable distance above the tub. In lieu of the separate valves and valve handles it is obvious that a conventional form of mixing valve may be used, if desired. Above the valves l5 and IS the hot and cold water pipes merge into a single pipe I! which extends upwardly a suitable distance and then is extended angularly through the wall 9 Ma considerable elevation with respect to the tub.

A bracket plate 20 embraces the outwardly projecting portion of the pipe l9, and said plate is secured to the outer surface of the-wall 8. The bracket plate carries a lower knuckle joint member designated generally by the numeral 2|. Said knuckle joint member is similar in construction to an upper knuckle joint member 22 shown in detailin Figs. 2 and 3 and to be described fully hereinafter. Suiilce it to say that the knuckle joint member 2| is composed of two relatively movable sectionshaving flat engaging surfaces and pivotally held together by a pin 23. The end of the pipe l9 which is embraced by the bracket plate 2|) opens'into a hollow reservoir within the knuckle joint, and through certain ports water is discharged into a boss 24 into which is threaded the inner end portion of an elongated, rigid, tubular connection 25.

The other end portion of said connection 25 is threaded into a boss 24' on the knuckle joint .22.

With special reference to Figs. 2 and 3, it will beobservedlthat the knuckle joint member 22 includes a substantially semi-spherical section 26 which'is integral with the boss 24'. Said'sec- 7 tion 26 has a-flat face which is in engagement V spring. Adjacent inwardly from with a flat surface on a complementary, semispherical' section 21. the latter section having an integral, externally threaded stem 28 pro- "vided with an interior duct 29. There is a pair of ducts 30 in the section 26 establishing communication with the tubular member 25, at one end; and said ducts. at their other ends, open into a chamber 3| in said section 26. Said cham her is complementary to a smaller chamber 32 in the section 21 which communicates with the inner end of the duct 29. The sections 26 and- 21 are pivotally held together by a pivotpin a extended through a central portion of the section 21 and threaded into a portion of the section 2|. Within a recess 34 in the section .21 and surrounding a portion oi the pin 32 there is a tension spring 35. This spring is seated against the inner face of an adjustment cap 36 on the outer end of the pin, and said cap maybe turned in either direction to vary the tension of said the meeting portions of the sections" and 21, disposed in flat faces of the is a sealing ring or washer suitable recesses,

21* to prevent leakage between said sections. As previously mentioned, the knuckle joint member 2|, is exactly similar in construction .to said knuckle joint member 22', the only difference being that the'tension spring employed in the member 2| is somewhat heavier and stronger than the spring employed in the member 22.

Threaded onto the outer end portion of the stem 24 is a sprayspout member indicated numeral 38. Said member iI m 1, ,Q ,eonsists'of a bell-shaped outer head 24 with a hollow interior.- Spanning the inner chamber, the discharge end, is a rib or plate 40 having a bored-internally threaded, central opening to tumably receive a threaded v and. also, 1: the disc stud 4| projecting inwardly from an adjusting disc 42. The head 22 is formed interiorly with an annular, slightly inwardly tapered seat 43 to receive'the disc 42, whose side wall portions are also similarly tapered. Adjacent said tapered side wall portions the disc is provided with a plurality of discharge grooves or recesses 44, which grooves only become entirely enclosed or surrounded by stock when the disc is seated in its innermost position. The outer face of the disc is provided with projecting wings 45, by which means the disc may be manually turnedinto tight engagement with the seat .48, or outwardly removed therefrom. When the disc is tightly seated. the recesses 44' become spray orifices; and the member I8 functions as an or-' dinary shower spray. head, discharging a plurality of minute streams. However, if the disc is slightly loosened, the recesses 44 become inefl'ective; and water discharges through the annular space between the disc and the seat. As thus adjusted the member stream of water as an, ordinary spout.

Obvio ly. the section 21 of the knuckle joint member 22 may be turned in a single plane relatively to the section 26, and as the section 21 carries the spray-spout member, arcuate adjustments of I the spray-spout may be readily attained, the force required to adjust said member being determined by the tightness of the cap The flow of water through the apparatusis as follows: Assuming that both of the valves l5 and it are opened, water flows from the pipes l3 and I4 into the pipe I! and mixes therein, as well as in the subsequent connections. From the pipe IS,

the water flows into the knuckle joint member 2|, through the chambers and ducts therein, and then into and through-the elongated connection 25.v From the outer end of the connection 25 the water passes through the adjusted knuckle joint member 22 and then is discharged by the sprayspout member, either in a solid stream or in a plurality of minute streams as ashower, depending upon the adjustment tubular member 25. carrying the spray-spout, may be swung arcuately in a plane on the inner knuckle Joint member 2|; and the spray-spout may be separately adjusted on the other knuckle joint member 22.

with the improved apparatus installed as shown, all of the fixtures and fittings are a substantial distance above the bathtub. and nothing normally Projects directly into break the smooth continuity of the inner walls 'thereof. Iftheapparatusistobeusedasa shower bath, it may be adjusted in a manner similar to the full-line position or the ilrst adjacent broken-line position in Fig. 1; and'the disc 42 should be tightly'seated-so as to issue shower streams. For shampooing or showering other portions of the-body the device may be manipulated to other intermediate positions, and it may be adjusted to spray any portions of the body. A person-may .stand in the tub or be seated exteriorly of the tub and lean over the latter. In a lower position of adjustment the devicemaybeusedto rinseor flush out the tub 42 is turned outwardly slightly, the head 38 will issue an ordinary spouted stream of water; and in this manner the tub may befllled' in the same manner as the ordinary tub'bath. l

The device is of particular advantage and is inexpensive to manufacture and install in that it of the disc 42. The 4 the tub so as tov 38 issues forth a solid eliminates onecomplete set of valves and spout necessary in the former combination shower and tub installations; and due to the fact that there is no fixed spout vwithin the wash receptacle, danger of back siphonage is entirely eliminated. The adjustability of the shower'head through-- out a relatively wide range also makes it possible to use the improved assemblage without excessive described, for various modifications spray-spout fixture.

pivotally connected to the latte splashing, even if the ordinary shower curtain is dispensed'with. .While the improved plumbin fixture has been shown and described herein as being specifically applied to a washing receptacle designated herein as a bathtub", it is the intent to have this term, wherever employed, cover other types of wash basins. The entire structure is unique and attractive in appearance and may be manipulated and adjusted with the greatest of ease, and has demonstrated its practicability in actual use. v

It should be understood that it is not desired to limit the present invention to the exact details of construction and operation herein shown and 7 within the scope of the claims may-occur to persons skilled intheart. we a What is claimed as the invention is: t,

1.- A bathtub fixture, comprising a support adjacent a bathtub, an adjustable and convertible and an elongated, rigid conthe fixture and the support and the fixture and duit between the outer end of the conduit being swingable from an elevated. position overthe tub and remote therefrom to a position within the tub. 2. A bathtub fixture, comprising a convertiblespray-spo'ut nozzle, for supporting said nozzle for disposition throughout a range, one limit point of which is considerably above and the other limit point'oiwhich is directly adjacent a bathtub.

3. Abathtub fixture, comprising an elongatedrigid-tubular member movablysupportedat'one end adjacent a bathtub, and a convertible spray-- spout nozzle movably carried the other end portion or the tubular member, the elongated member being movable to, position the nozzle throughout a range, onelimit point or which is elongated swingable'means directin asprayor lotub considerably above and the other limit point of which is directly adjacent a bathtub; 4. A unitary dual purp bathtub fixture, comprising? a. convertible spray-sp ut nogalc and for movably supporting said nonleior movement throughout a range in a single plane-relative to the bathtub, one

rangeoi move-- aboveand the other or movement being .dithe bathtub f r interchan eably" a stream of waterinto the rectly adjacent 6: A bathtub nature. support adjacent a bathtub, an adjustable and convertible throughout a vertical plane of swinging movement being considerably and the other limit and elongated movable means "adjacent awash receptacle, charge nozzle,

outer end of mote therefrom to a beptacle.

' knuckle joint member therewith, and posed betweensaid knuckle 'a convertible spray spout, 7 swingable means for mo formed with means 'ceptacle,

spray-spout fixture, and an elongated, rigid conduit between the fixture and the support and pivotally connected to the latte the fixture and the outer end of the conduit being swingable throughout a. dinally of a bathtub from an elevated position over the tub and remote therefrom to a pomtion within the tub.

7. A bathtub fixture, comprising a support adjaoent a bathtub, an adjustable and convertible spray-spout fixture, and an elongated, rigidconduit between the fixture and the support and pivotally connected to the latter, the outer end of the conduit being swingable extending longitudin'ally of a bathtub, one limit point of the range above point of the range of movement being directly adjacent the bathtub ior interchangeably directing a spray, or a stream of water into the tub. 8. A bathtub fixture, comprising asupport adjacent a bathtub, a unitary dual purpose adjust able and convertible spray-spoutflxture constitutingthe sole means'ior: introducing water into the'bathtub, and an elongated, rigid conduit bepoint of the range of movement being directly adjacent the bathtub for interchangeably directing aspray or a stream oi water into the tub, v

9, A plumbing fixture, comprisinga support an adjustable disand an elong ted rigid conduit between the nozzle and the'support and pivotally connected to' the latter, the nozzle and the the conduit being swingable from an elevated, position over the receptacle and rel0. A plumbing comprising a knuckl joint member mounted on a supportexteriorly ofv the confines of a wash receptacle,

an elongated rigid knuckle joint. members.

nxture, comprisin a knuckle ale, and between said 11. A plumbing vertible spray-spout nozzle knuckle ioint an elongated 12. A-unitarydual purpose fixture,

' supporting said throughou 5 of movement being considerablyfabove and the other limit point of the rang or movementbeing directly adjacent the receptacle, the nozzle being for selectively. and inter-. changeably directing either 'a spreading spray or a-soIid-annuIarstream of vertical plane extending longituthe fixture and] being considerably above and theposition within the re-* discbargenca-- water into the re-.

theflxtureandtheouter. 4 end of the conduit being ;a vertical plane extending longitudinally of a bathtub, one limit point of the range of swing- 'in movement other limit arangerela-1

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