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Número de publicaciónUS2116241 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación3 May 1938
Fecha de presentación6 May 1935
Fecha de prioridad6 May 1935
Número de publicaciónUS 2116241 A, US 2116241A, US-A-2116241, US2116241 A, US2116241A
InventoresHeumann John P
Cesionario originalHeumann John P
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US 2116241 A
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May3,193s. J.P1HEUMANN Y 2,116,241 l PROTECTOR 4 Filed May 6, 1935 gin."


The protector of this invention is a shield guarding orices of the body, such as mouth and nose, and also serves to support filters, absorbents, medicaments', inhalants, disinfectants or germicides to be applied to said orifices.

It is one object of this invention to intercept direct or straight access to the said orifices.

I further arrange my protector so as not to impede breathing or speech.

Another obje-ct of my invention provides for properly positioning or securing the protector.

Still another object of my invention provides for means securing suitable carriers for medicaments etc. o n the protector.

These and other objects of my invention will be more clearly recognized from the following description in connection with the appended drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 shows a back view of a protector of my invention.

Fig. 2 shows a corresponding central crosssection.

Fig. 3 indicates the back view of a symmetrical half of a modification of my protector.

Fig. 4 shows a corresponding central crosssection.

Fig. 5 is a back View of another modification of my invention.

Fig. 6 is a corresponding central cross-section.

Fig. 7 illustrates, in a detailed view,`an adjustable holding feature used for my protector.

Fig. 8 shows a cross-section of another arrangement of my protector.

Fig. 9 is the back view of another modification of my protector. V

Fig. 10 is a corresponding central cross-section.

Fig. 11 illustrates the use of a protector of my invention.

Similar numerals refer to similar parts throughout the various views.

The shield of my protectors is generally made of stiff, exible material, Celluloid for instance. In certain instances, for instance where it is folded over and engagesupon fabrics slid thereunder, I rely on the resiliency of the material of the shield, for the purpose of clamping, stretching or detachably holding the fabric.

The shield S of Figs. l and 2 vis shaped and perforated so that it may be positioned over the mouth and nose, in the position indicated in Fig. 11 by means of a suitable string or elastic slung through such perforation. Along the central, part the top and bottom edges I5 and Il are folded back onto the shield. A piece I8 of gauze or absorbent or medicated material may be (Cl. 12S-139) slipped underneath the folded-over part I6 and Il and will be clampedly engaged thereby upon the back of the shield S. The air inhaled or eX- haled by the user of my protector vwill flow over and Contact the piece I3, which absorbs or medi- Cates foreign matter. The piece I3 may contain medicaments or disinfectants which slowly evaporate or volatilize and/ or absorbent liquid may be applied thereto.

In the modifications of Figs. 3 Aand 4 suitable hooks I9 take hold of the material of the shield S, and extend up and down from the edges of the folded-over parts i6 and Il in the back of the shield. The absorbent material or gauze 2U is perforated, and through the perforations extend i the hooks E9 so that the material 2l) is stretched in theV back of the shield S, in "front of thenasal and/oral orifice. i

Instead of providing eyelets in the shield for the purpose of extending a string or an elastic therethrough, around the head or over the auricle, ear 2l may be suitably attached to the shield, on opposite sides thereof, then fastening means areslung therethrough around the head or over the ear, or a bow 22, is passed therefrom over the root of the auricle.

The bow 22 comprises a tube 23, which is exemplarily close, flattened and transversely perforated at one end where it is linked to the ear 2 I. Into the open end of the tube 23 slidably extends the straight end of the hook 24. The hook 24 may be provided with a flat, perforated end 25, a looped wire 26 suspendedly extending through said perforation.

The free ends of the wire 26 may be bent back upon themselves, and it is preferably made of a at spring or resilient wire, so that it normally assumes the shape indicated in Fig. 7.

The free ends of the wire ZE may be momentarily pressed together, inserted in the tube 23 ahead of hook 2li, and the released wire will frictionally engage upon the inside of the tube, as indicated in Fig. 5, sol that the hook 24 is normally securely positioned in the tube 23, but may be adjusted therein, in order to provide for the correct length of the bow, as required by the indiv'ldual user in securing the shield in a position in which it is strapped without undue pressure over mouth and nose, resting upon the chin, the bow retracting the lateral ends of the shield.

The modified protector of Fig. 5 adds the horizontal platform 28 as an extension of folded back part I6 of the shield S. The free end 29 of the platform is folded back over the platform, and provides a clamping or engaging means for absorbent material 30. Under these circumstances the material I8 protects the mouth only, the material 3U protecting the nose.

Hook 3| may be cut out of the shield S in the plane thereof, as indicated in Figs. 9 and 10. The gauze 32 is strapped over the hooks 3| in a manner analogous to the modification of Figs. 3 and 4. The corners 33 of the gauze will then be disposed to the front of the shield. The folded back bottom edge i1 may be used in connection with this arrangement, as in the prior modications, in order to prevent a cutting of the chin.

Hooks 34, similar to the hook i9 of the modifications of Figs. 3 and 4, and to the hook 3l of Figs. 9 and 10, are applied to the modification of Figs. 5 and 6, the absorbent material may be strapped over the said hooks 34 and will then extend over the back of the platform 28, as indicated in Fig, 8, thus being closer to the nose and to the mouth. The gauze or absorbent material I8 may be dispensed with under these circumstances, or it may be provided, and may for instance be medicated, the medicament contained therein reacting through the gauze 35. The back edge 36 of the platform 28 is shown to be folded down.

It should be noticed that the folded over edges like I6 and l1 reduce the transverse flexibility of the material of the shield, particularly when the absorbent material is wedged therebelow. I thereby gain the advantage, that the shield, particularly adjacent to the mouth and the nose, does not lie flatly against the face, but provides for a certain amount of clearance, which offers ample space for circulation of the air to be breathed in and out.

When, however, more circulation of air is required, or the shield lies too close to the skin, as might for instance be the case in the arrangement of Figs. 9 and 10, because there the upper edge is not reinforced, the shield may be suitably perforated as indicated at 37, in Fig. 9.

Although I have shown and described one form of embodiment of my invention in detail, yet I do not Wish to be limited thereby, except as the state of the art and the appended claims may require, for it is obvious that various modications and changes may be made in the form of embodiment of my invention, Without departing from the spirit and scope thereof.

What I claim is:

1. In a protector for mouth and nose, absorbent material, a flexible shield with a bent-over edge formed in the material of said shield and supporting said material, and elongatable bows extending from said shield adapted to lit over the ears, so that said bows may be set to iex said shield over mouth and nose and then said edge Will clamp onto said shield a piece of said absorbent material inserted thereunder.

2. In a protector for mouth and nose, absorbent material, a flexible shield supporting said ma* terial, bows extending from said shield adapted to t over the ears, telescoping members in said bows, and a spring attached to one such member and frictionally but slidably engageable upon another one of said members.

3. In a protector for supporting absorbent ma terial in front of nose and mouth, an uninterrupted flexible shield adapted to rest upon the tip of the nose and upon the chin, a platform extending like the center leg of a T from the back of said shield, so that it may extend underneath the nose, and means for engaging and stretching said material from the top to the bottom of said shield over said platform.


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