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Número de publicaciónUS2128796 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación30 Ago 1938
Fecha de presentación8 Jun 1937
Fecha de prioridad19 Jun 1936
Número de publicaciónUS 2128796 A, US 2128796A, US-A-2128796, US2128796 A, US2128796A
InventoresRobert Bohm-Myro
Cesionario originalRobert Bohm-Myro
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Hand covering
US 2128796 A
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Aug. 3o, 193s.

R. BHM-MYRO HAND COVERING Filedl Jne' s, 1937 Patented Aug. :30,1938

N vz2,128,796

-'u mTl-:D STAT HAND vcowl-:linut Robert Bhm-Myra, London, England Applicants June 8,1937, serial No. 147,123

` 1x1-Great Britain June 19, 1936 2 claims (c1. a-iss) This invention relates to gloves andlike hand coverings and has for its object to provide an article which can be readily converted to suit varying conditions without being wholly withdrawn from 5 the wearers hand.

'I'he term mitten hereafter employed is intended to cover a bag-like glove, adapted to 'enclose the hand and wrist, but without a separate compartment for each linger, whether a separate l0 thumb stall is provided or not;` it does not refer to a half-glove leaving bare the, upper portions o f the thumb and fingers.

According to this inventionthe hand covering comprises an inner glove having separate stalls for the fingers and the thumb and an outer member inthe form of a mitten, secured to the wrist of the glove and having its back and front portions connected at the edges by a slide fastener or other suitable fastening means which can be released to enable these parts to be rolled or folded back to form a cuff and so to expose the whole inner glove lexcept the wrist.

-Preferably the mitten is provided with a lining of fur., wool, or insulating or heat-resisting material and has a separate stall for the thumb, which is similarly lined. The slide fastening conveniently extends along the top and down one s ide of the bag approximately as far as the wrist on theside remote from the thumb. 'I'his inner glove l is wholly enclosed within ,the mitten when the slide fastener is closed, the ngers of the glove being enclosed within the bag-like portion of the mitten and the thumb of the mitten enclosing the, glove thumb, When the slide fastener is partially opened a .muff is formed into which the other handv can be thrust. When however the slide fastener is fully opened, the bag portionsand thumb stall can be turned back to form a cuff, `exposing the fur or other lining and leaving free the whole inner glove except the lower part of the wrist to which. the fur-lined mitten is attached. When so turned back, the thumb stall .of the mitten is not noticeable as it has a lining Asimilar to the main part of the cuil'. In a preferred ar rangement a short length of elastic is incorporated in the mitten about the wrist which expands to admit thehand and then contracts to grip the wrist. A f

A combined form of glove andmitten made in accordance with the present invention is illustrated by way of` example in the accompanying drawing, in which I Figure 1 is a perspective view showing a mitten in ,its closed position, and

Figure 2 illustrates the same mitten after the front and back portions have'been rolled back to form a cui to the inner glove which is concealed by the mitten in Figure, 1.

The nutten illustrated in Figure 1 comprises a bag-like member composed of leather, fabric, 5 waterproof fabric, or any other material which may be, for example,v heat-resisting or electrically insulating. The` front portion A of the mitten is provided with `a separate thumb stall A1 and at its upper and outer edge is connected to 1o the similar edges of aback portion B by means of a-sllde fastener C. Thisfastener, which.has the usual sliding actuating member C1, extends from a point approximately above the first finger along the top of the bag and down the side remote from 16 the thumb to a point shortly above the wrist.

` The wrist portion of the mitten is connected as by one or more rows of stitches D lto the wrist of an inner glove E whichl fits the wearers hand and is provided with separate stalls-F for the fingers 2o as well as with a separate `thumb stall F1. The

v whole of the mitten, except the wristportion below the line of stitches D, is provided with a lining of fur, wool, or other suitable material, in the example illustrated a fur lining, indicated at G.' 25

being vemployed and the thumb A1 being similarly lined. I

When the slide'fastener is fully opened, the front and back portions of the mitten can be turned backwards, in this way being reversed and 30 forming a fur cuff as clearly shown in Figure 2, leaving exposed the inner glove as far as the wrist,

4so'that the wearer can have free use of the thumb and fingers. 'I'he inner'glove, with the cuff, thus forms a gauntlet, the cuff portion of which may 35 be worn -either over or within the coat sleeve. The opening to the thumb stall A1 will not -be noticeable because the thumb stallv is` lined with the same fur as the back and front portions A and B, whilst the empty thumb stall itself is concealed 40 because it lies fiat below the cuil. In some cases. if desired, a strap or tab fastener (not shown) maybe provided by which the cuff can be made to grip theV wearers sleeve or wrist but if, as is preferred, the mitten is provided a short distance 45 above the line of stitches D with an elasticinsert indicated ai; H in Figure 1, it is usually u'nnecessary to have to resort to any separate fastening device for the cuil.

'I'he inner glove may be lined, if desired, but it 50 will be understood that. when further protection, as from'cold, is required, the mitten is rolled baci!v and made to assume the position shown in Figure 1 in which all the fingers are wholly enclosed, so that the warmth of the-hand cannot escape, the

mitten being opened and folded back only momentarily as when the wearer wishes to make use of the thumb and ngers, unless the conditions are such that it is possible to dispense with the outer mitten and to rely upon the inner glove alone.

Obviously the invention is capable of considerable modication with regard to the choice of materials, the style of the inner glove, the form of tire inner glove, and a slide'fastening device ex-4 tending along the top and' down one side of the Ibag approximately as far as the wrist on the side remote from the thumb, said fastening device adapted when released to enable the back and front portions of the bag and the thumb stall to .be turned back to form a cui and to expose the whole inner glove except the wrist.

2. A hand covering comprising an inner glove having athumb stall and separate finger stalls,

an outer mitten secured at the wrist to the inner glove and having a. separate thumb stall and baglike portion together adapted to enclose the entire inner glove, and fastening members which can be easily opened or closed extending along the top, and down one side of the bag approximately as far asthe wrist on the side remote from the thumb, said fastening members adapted, when disengaged, to enable the back and front portion of the bag and the thumb stall to be turned back to form a cuff so as to expose the whole of the inner glove except the wrist portion.


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