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Número de publicaciónUS2133122 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación11 Oct 1938
Fecha de presentación9 Jul 1937
Fecha de prioridad9 Jul 1937
Número de publicaciónUS 2133122 A, US 2133122A, US-A-2133122, US2133122 A, US2133122A
InventoresWilliam F Swain
Cesionario originalNashua Gummed & Coated Paper
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Package for plurality of articles
US 2133122 A
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1957 5, Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July '9 Oct. 11,1938. WF WAIN 2,133,122,

' PACKAGE FOR PLURALITY OF ARTICLES Filed July 9, 1957 s Sheets-Sheet 2 dwaiaz,

Oct. 11, 1938.


Filed July s, 19:57

,e4 15 $5 224: I W I -86 a we 3. as 8% 4 3 Sheets-Sheet s I awe aaifvr:

Swain, by Ewrt, 1:20:2

Patented Oct. 11, 1938 racxaon ron rnunurrr or aa'ncms William I. Swain, Rockvllle Centre, N. am-

or to Nashua Gnmmcd and Coated Paper Company, Nashua. N. 11., a corporation of Mascachusettl Application July 9, 1937, Serial No. 152,777

3 Claims. (01. 99-130) My present invention relates to the packaging of articles having at least one elongated stemlike terminal portion, it being particularly adapted, for example, to the packaging of con- 5 fections of the stick-mounted type such as lollipops and the like, and for other articles of analogous structure and in connection with which a transparent wrapper is desirable for sanitary reasons, general attractiveness, or other consid- 10 erations.

An important object of the invention is to provide in such package an inexpensive holding medium for the individual articles, such medium having a series of adjacent holding formations 5-or channels and being of a character whereby it may have various shapes and positions in the package, retaining the articles in assembled relation for the reception of wrapping means preferably of the transparent cellulose type, decoratively printed. One material which I have found eminently suited for the purpose and have illustrated in the accompanying drawings is that known in the paper trade as corrugated board, including the various constructions and modifi- 25 cations thereof, such as single faced and double faced, plain and covered.

In the drawings illustrating by way of example certain embodiments of the invention Fig. 1 is a side elevation of one form of pack- 30 Fig.-2 is an enlarged section as on the line 2, 2 of Fig. 1, prior to application of the transparent cellulose wrapper;

Fig. 3 shows in elevation the holding medium and a plurality of positioned articles prior to completion of the package;

Fig. 4 is a bottom plan of the holding medium and articles as in Fig. 3;

. Figs. 5 to '7 illustrate another embodiment 40 wherein Fig. 5 is a plan of a package of a generally character;

Fig. 6 is a section on the line 8, 8 of Fig. 5; and

45 Fig. 7 is a longitudinal section as upon the line I, 1 of Fig. 5, without the wrapper;

Fig. 8 is a plan of another form of flat package, of a single-series type;

Fig. 9 is an elevation of a further form of 50 package;

- Fig, 10 is a section as upon the line l0, ll of Fig. 9, omitting the wrapper;

Fig. 11 is a cross-sectional view, corresponding to Fig. 2, of a further form of package; n Figs. 12 and 13 illustrate a still further embodiment of a package of the invention, wherein Fig.- lfis rplanmf thepackage in wrapped but fiat form; and

Figs. '14 to 16 illustrate another embodiment, wherein Fig. 14 is a side elevation,

Fig. 15 is an end view; and

Fig. 16 is a section as upon the line I, I of 5 Fig. 14, before application of the transparent cellulose wrapper.

Referring first to Figs. 1.to 4, the package as there illustrated includes a holding medium com-. prising one or more strips 20 of corrugated board, 10 a single continuous strip being shown in the present instance. This strip is of a length determined by the total number of articles to be included in the package, which may vary within wide limits. Likewise the width-or height of 5 the strip will be suited to the size and character of the articles. For the purposes of description it may be assumed that Figs. 1, 3 and 4 are on approximately a scale, noting again that the size and character of the articles and of the holding medium may vary widely.

The articles to be packaged, herein illustrated as confections of the lollipop type. each article, including a body of confection or head 22 and a supporting stick 24, are positioned in the holding strip 20, preferably while the latter is in flat 25 position as in Figs. 3 and 4. The free .ends of the holder sticks 24 are inserted in channels 26 of the corrugated strip at any selected points along it, generally at such positions that the heads 22 of the lollipops may stand substan- 30 tially in alignment. The holding strip thus loaded with the articles is rolled up from one end into the compact spiral condition as best seen in the cross-sectional Fig. 2.

, Means is provided for retaining the holder in its rolled form, in this instance comprising a paper or other cup-like receptacle 28 of a diameter appropriate to the'particular package. The assembly thus formed is enclosed within a wrapper 30 preferably, and as illustrated, of transparent cellulose material. The wrapper as shown comprises a sheet or strip of the transparent cellulose of a length sufficient to encircle the rolled holder and its container, with suitable overlap, and of a height to afford adequate material for securing at the lower portion of the package and to extend above and to enclose the contained articles. g

As shown in Fig. 1 the cellulose material has its lower edge turned in below the bottom of the container as at 3i where it is secured to the latter as by suitable adhesive. At the top of the package the wrapper 30 is extended to a height allowing it to be gathered into the center and twisted as at I: to retain it'in closed position.

'The transparent cellulose wrapper, and in some instances the underlying container 28,

Fig. 13 illustrates a fold d cond t on ofihe desirably-sre nnted n some attractiveanddec;

same; and

orative manner and generally in some manner visual effect of the bars of the cage.

particularly suited to the shape and general aspect of the package as a whole. For example, the form of package of Fig. 1 lends itself to the reception of a wrapper printed to simulate a merry-go-round for which the lollipop sticks as viewed through the wrapper constitute the upright elements. Or the printing may be such as to give the effect upon the completed package of a lion's or other animals cage, the sticks 24 of the contained articles in this instance giving the Various other scenes and designs, indicated diagrammatically by the dotted area 30*, may be applied upon'the transparent cellulose, including scenes appropriate to a particular time, such for example as the Halloween season, in which instance the printed matter maybe such as to give the contained lollipops the appearance of witches brooms.

In Figs. 5 to '7 I have represented another package embodying the invention and which is' more particularly adapted for marketing in a flat form. In this instance the package comprises a strip of corrugated board 40 of a length to accommodate the desired number of articles, which here are supplied at both sides of the holding element 40. Desirably the package has some firmness in the longitudinal direction, and accordingiy I have illustrated the holding element as a double-faced corrugated board including cover strips 4|, 4| at each side of the corrugated element proper 42.

Thepackaged articles, again illustrated as lollipops, are arranged in two rows or series, at the opposite side edges of the holding strip 40, their sticks 24 being inserted in selected channels 43 of the holder, with those of one series intermediate those of the other, bringing the confection bodies 22 into offset or staggered relation at the two sides of the package, and utilizing a greater number. of the holder channels 43. The double-row assembly thus formed is enclosed in a transparent cellulose wrapper.45, which may be of substantially rectangular form before application to the package. The loaded corrugated holder is placed on this flat sheet of transparent cellulose, which, as previously indicated, is generally decoratively printed. The opposite longitudinal edge portions of the wrapper are folded over towards each other as clearly seen in Fig. 6

so as to overlap the holding strip 40, and are secured adhesively or otherwise as by heat sealing,

gluing or the like, to the adjacent face of said strip, as at 46, 41. If preferred the sheet may be dimensioned so that its opposite longitudinal edges will overlap each other,'said edges then being secured to each other rather than to the holding element 40. The projecting end portions of the wrapper desirably are folded over upon one face of the package and suitably secured, adhesively or otherwise, as indicated at 48, 49 in Fig. 5.

It will be noted that in the instance of package of Figs. 5 to '7 as well as that of the previous figures each of the contained lollipops or other articles is fully enclosed and hence receives substantially the same protection as though each were individually wrapped. The total area of the printed transparent cellulose in the wrapper of the illustrated packages is materially less, however, than would be required for individually wrapping each of the articles, with a correspond ing resultant saving in the quantity of the material employed and hence in the packaging cost. It is therefore possible in accordance with the infaced, double-faced or other construction.

vention to supply a larger package, or one containing a greater number of a given article, than has heretofore been practicable, for distribution through chain stores and other outlets where low cost per unit is an important consideration.

Referring now to Fig. 8, the package there shown may be generally similarv to that of Figs.

sired, the sticks 24 in, the exampleshown being inserted in every third corrugation 5l.- The enclosing transparent cellulose wrapper 52, again preferably printed in some attractive manner, may be applied and held in place substantially as in Figs. 5 to 7, as by bringing the opposite longitudinal edge portions of the transparent sheet into overlapping relation with one face of the holding strip 50 and adhesively securing them to the latter, as at 53, 54, Fig. 8, or by overlapping and securing said portions to each other. Preferably the material, as shown, extends around the bottom edge of the holding strip, covering the open ends of the unfilled corrugations 50 and thus excluding from the packaged articles all dirt or other source of possible contamination. the wrapper may be folded over at one face ,of the package and secured as at 55, 56, similarly as in Fig. 5.

Turning now to Figs. 9 and 10, in the modifled form of package" there illustrated the cor-' ate to the particular package. Said baseor core may be composed of any suitable, preferably relatively inexpensive, material adapted to support and give a'definite form to the holding element 60 and hence to the package as a whole,

such for example aswood, paperboard, or other fibrous and other materials. The holding strip 60 At the ends the projecting portions of v may be secured to the base or block 62 as by overlapping and tacking its ends thereto as indicated at 63. The unit or assembly thus formed is then enclosed in a decorative transparent cellulose wrapper65 which may be applied similarly as in Fig. l, or in the more closely conforming fiat-sealed form as represented in Fig. 9.

Here again the package lends itself to the presentation of decorative printing upon the transparent wrapper, the latter carrying various imaginative or other scenes such as previously referred to. As another example of such decorative printing mechanically related to the character or form of the packaged articles, the wrapper in this embodiment as well as in those of ment have inserted therein the stem-like portions 72 of the packaged articles, such as the holder sticks 2 of lollipops as previously illustrated, or the end portions of pencils, crayons or other elongated articles to be packaged. A transparent cellulose covering or envelope in sheet form,

indicated by the single heavy line at 14, is wrapped circumferentially about the roll and loaded holder, suitable securing means being then applied to retain the package as a whole in its closed condition. For this purpose I have illustrated in Fig. 11 an elastic or so-called rubber band 15 encircling the package. The upper and lower projecting edge portions of the wrapper may be sealed as by twisting them together as in Fig. 1, or by overlapping and adhesively securing them in position, the'elastic band or other retaining means being applied inside the wrapper if preferred.

Referring now to Figs. 12 and 13 illustrating a still further form of package, the latter in this instance comprises a section of corrugated board or correspondingly formed material 83. The corrugated material in this instance is of somewhat greater extent in the direction of the corrugations than in the previous examples, and is such that the small ends or sticks 24 of the articles,

illustrated as lollipops, may be inserted in selected channels or corrugations 8! in two series or rows,

holding element 80 is placed flatwise upon the printed transparent cellulose wrapper 84 which in this case is of an area adapting it to be wrapped fiatwise completely about the loaded holder while the latter isin its flat condition as in Fig. 12. Opposite edge portions of the wrapper may be secured to the holding element as indicated at 85, 86, the edge portions at right angles tothose just mentioned being overlapped and secured to each other as at 81. If preferred the wrapper may-be applied by folding and overlapping it and securing it upon itself in the manner of an envelope without attachment to the holding element 80. The enclosed package so formed is folded substantiallycentrally along the line as indicated at 82 of Fig. 12 whereby the opposite halves are in effect doubled upon themselves into the form of Fig; 13. If desired a .clip, rubber band or other means (not shown) may be provided for retaining the package in the folded position of Fig. 13. In some instances the loaded holding element may be folded and. then wrapped in its folded state.

In Figs. 14, 15 and 16 I have illustrated a still further modification of a package embodying the principles of the invention and having particular reference to articles of confection. As best seen in Fig. 16 a corrugated holding element again is employed, having the sticks 24 of lollipops inserted in selected suitably spaced corrugations 91. The loaded holding element 90 is folded or bent into the closed rectangular form as seen in Fig. 16 and is inserted in a correspondingly shaped paper or other box or trough-like container 92. While I have illustrated for this purpose a container open at the top and having a closed bottom, a retaining strip such a band of adhesive tape or the like may in some instances be employed, and if desired the holding element 90 may be composed of a number of sections rather than a continuous strip, the same also being true of the previously described embodiments.

Between the upstanding sticks 24 of the article assembly thus formed I insert a stack of candy sticks or other elongated form of confection 93, If a size to fit in superposed relation between the sticks at the opposite broad sides of the holding means 90. This stack of confections may be carr ed up to the heads 22 of the lollipops, thus utilizing substantially the entire space between their sticks, or may be otherwise arranged. The entire described assembly is then enclosed in a transparent and preferably decoratively printed cellulose wrapper 95, applied by overlapping, and securing the lower edge of the material at the together the extended upper edges also similarly as in said, Fig. 1, orby folding the cellulose material flatwise and sealing it in the manner of an envelope, adhesively or'otherwi'se, as illustrated in Figs. 14 and 15. I

From the foregoing it will be apparent that my invention providesattractive and sanitary pack.- ages for articles of the class referred to, which may be economically supplied, in widely variant shapes and constructions, utilizing as a main element a holding means having a series of parallel article-receiving locations, formations or channels such as typified in corrugated board or the like of any usual or desired construction.

My invention is not limited to the particular embodiments as herein illustrated and described by way of example, its scope being set out in the following claims:

I claim:

1. A package of confectionery of the holderstick type, comprising, in combination, an elongated preformed strip of corrugated paperboard having the corrugation channels extending transversely, a plurality of structurally separate holder-stick confection elements having their holder-sticks inserted respectively in channels of said corrugated strip, and a wrapper of. transparent cellulose sheet material enclosing said strip and the confection elements carried by it,

the corrugated holding strip being of substan-' tially less width than the length of the sticks and the confection heads beingremote from the strip and held by it in correspondingly spaced relation to the adjacent edge portion of the strip, the latter and the confection heads forming and defining opposite portions of the package and providing a supporting frame for the wrapper, said wrapper being normally spaced from the intermediate underlying portions of the sticks to facilitate manipulation and opening of the package.

2. A package in accordance with claim 1 wherein the holding strip is flexible and is rolled into spiral form, together with means retaining the strip in said form in the package.

3. A package in accordance with claim 1 wheretain it in said form in the package.


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