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Número de publicaciónUS2150388 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación14 Mar 1939
Fecha de presentación27 Jun 1936
Fecha de prioridad27 Jun 1936
Número de publicaciónUS 2150388 A, US 2150388A, US-A-2150388, US2150388 A, US2150388A
InventoresFrank Martindell
Cesionario originalWestern Electric Co
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Terminal for electrical devices
US 2150388 A
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March 14, 1939. F MAR'HNDELL 2,150,388

TERMINAL FOR ELECTRICAL DEVICES Filed June 27, 1936 tun-125i M/ V51? 7 6/? f? MART/NDELZ B) N, 21 win 1M Patented Mar. 14, 1939 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE TERMINAL FOR ELECTRICAL DEVICES Application June 27, 1936, Serial No. 87,678

1 Claim. (Cl. 173-324) This invention relates to terminals for electrical devices, and more particularly to a flexible terminal for electrical coils.

It is an object of the present invention to provide simple and inexpensive terminals for electrical devices which may be readily assembled.

In accordance with one embodiment of the invention as applied to induction coils for use in telephone apparatus, the spool head of the coil 1 has a plurality of slots therein, one for each wire end to be connected in an electrical circuit in which the coil is to be used. The terminal is formed of light flexible metal which is folded to engage one edge of the slot in the spool head and I. is then staked in place, whereupon the wires of the coil may be soldered to the terminal and after the coil is inserted in the apparatus in which it is'to be used, the terminals may be bent into any desired shape and soldered to binding post assemm blies by means of which the windings of the coil may be connected in the electrical circuit.

Referring now to the drawing wherein like reference characters designate the same parts throughout the several views,

25 Fig. l is a front elevational view 01' an induction coil used in telephone apparatus;

Fig. 2 is a plan view of a spool head assembly such as that shown on the coil of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a side elevational view of the spool a head shown in Fig. 2, and

Figs, 4, and 6 are enlarged sectional views taken along the lines 4-4, 55, and 6-6, respectively, of Fig. 2 in the direction 01' the arrows.

A better understanding of the invention will 5 be had by reference to the following description, particular reference being had at this time to Fig. 1, wherein a coil l0 comprising a series of windings of wire on a spool is mounted on a core H, which is in turn supported by a U-shaped 49 member I2 made of a nonconducting material such as phenol fiber. The U-shaped member l2 supports terminal lugs l3, I4, l5, l8 and I! whereby the coil and other pieces of apparatus may be connected in an electrical circuit (not shown).

45 The coil I0 is in the form of a spool having heads it-IB for holding the windings of wire in the coil in the proper position. In Fig. 1 the terminals which constitute the present invention are designated by the numeral 20 and are secured to the heads H! at 2| and are bent over and soldered to the terminals l3, I4, I6 and H.

In Fig. 2 there is shown a spool head it with the terminals 20 assembled thereon by folding the sheet from which the terminal is formed into engagement with the spool head after the terminal has been inserted in a slot 22 formed in the head. In order to hold 10 the terminals securely in place to relieve any unnecessary strain from the wire 23 which has been drawn through the slot 22 and soldered to the terminal at 24, the terminal is staked as shown at 25 (Figs. 2 and 4) to hold it on the spool head 15 I8. The terminal is comprised of a flat sheet of flexible metal folded over the edge of the slot 22 and then crimped, as shown at 26, to provide a prolongation in the form of a double thickness of the material as shown at 21 (Figs. 3, 5 and 6), g which may then be bent over to secure the terminal to the terminal lugs l3, I4, I 6 and I! in the manner shown in Fig. 1. As shown in Fig. 4, an aperture is formed in the spool head l8 into which both the bottom and top of the ter- 25 minal may be staked to provide a firm gripping engagement between the terminal and spool head.

Although the form of invention disclosed herein relates to a terminal for an induction coil, it is to be understood that the terminals are suit- 3 able for use with any electrical device, and the invention is, therefore, to be limited only by the scope of the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

A terminal in combination with a coil including an insulating head slotted to permit easy access to the winding of said coil for connecting an end of the winding to the metal of the terminal, said terminal comprising a metallic sheet folded over and staked toan edge of said slot to provide spaced portions engaging opposite surfaces to which the end of the winding of the coil may be soldered and a prolongation of said folded portion providing abutting parts for connection to other parts. 4


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