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Número de publicaciónUS2187362 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación16 Ene 1940
Fecha de presentación28 Nov 1938
Fecha de prioridad28 Nov 1938
Número de publicaciónUS 2187362 A, US 2187362A, US-A-2187362, US2187362 A, US2187362A
InventoresCharlotte B Plissner
Cesionario originalCharlotte B Plissner
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Enlaces externos: USPTO, Cesión de USPTO, Espacenet
Visible mechanism for slot machines
US 2187362 A
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Jan. 16, 1940. c. B. PLISSNER VISIBLE MECHANISM FOR SLOT MACHINES Filed NOV. 28, 1938 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Jan. 16, 1940. c, P NER 2,187,362

VISIBLE MECHANISM FOR SLOT MACHINES Filed Nov. 28. 1938 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Hnnuunmllllilllllllllll llitlllnnllmn,

.. llll @"llllllllllll mmmmu mmmllmlmnm -QIl .ill

Patented Jan. 16, 1940 oNi so stares rarest ()FFlCE 1 Claim.

This invention refers to slot machines and more particularly to devices for making the mech anism open for inspection and correction, and to check up the presence of foreign devices and parts that might or do cause the operation of the machine to be faulty, deceitful and. erratic. It has, among its objects to provide in a slot ma chine of the prize type, means for enabling the mechanism and operation to be observed closely by the user and confirm his opinion that it is following the proper procedure of operation, instead of being subject to definite methods and means that will positively prevent certain plays being made at the appropriate turn, This pre vention serves to deprive the user oi certain efits and rewards that he is understood to have. Another ob-jectis to make the observing means such that they will afford complete visual access to all the partsand operations of the machine. A

further object is to make the means aforesaid of simple construction and relatively inexpensive to install, and such that they will not add to the portions of the machine to prevent selected or r designated combinations from becoming registered by the machines. The conventional casing of the machine is generally made of material that is opaque throughout, as iar as the interior operating mechanism is concerned, but with transparencies over such moving parts as are directly concerned in the visual registration and appearance of indicators and such indicator wheels or the like made open and disclosed for the observance of the user. This opaqueness serves to effectively cover up anything used for the purpose of making the" mechanism operate deliberately inaccurate or erratic. However, in this invention, certain arrangements are made to afford the user the opportunity to observethe operation of the parts on the interior and to check over all such parts at leisure or in action, as the user mayprefer, and thereby assure himself that nothing has been added or taken away to make him deliberately lose, when he has the right to expect otherwise This is airorded by the use of a preferably transparent casing, the use of prisms, mirrors and special lighting for illuminating the parts or portions of the machine concerned.

In the drawings are illustrated diagrammatic views of mechanism and devices embodying this invention, and in which,

Figure l is a View of a slot machine having arrangements embodying this invention for rendering the observance of the parts in and out of operation, portions being broken away to indicate interior construction,

Figure 2 is a side elevation of the machine,

Figure 3 is a rear section View of the machine,

Figure l is a detail of a portion of the casing with mercury applied.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the drawings.

In the drawings l represents a casing preferably of transparent material adapted to contain the mechanism of. a slot machine of the dispensingclass. This casing is preferably of conventional form with suitable modifications throughout to enable it to conform with'the intentions of this invention. The mechanism of the machine has conventional parts, such as rotating wheels for indicating the winning numbers or symbols, or markings to the user. A

window outline or frame l is located in the proper position forthe facile observance. The lever handle 5 serves to operate the mechanism throughout the machine when the coin or slug is placed in a coin slot 5. The articles dispensed come out of the dispensing box 6 and l is a jackpot container, in front of the machine. The mode of operation will not be described in this specification, as it may be of any conventional type. However, the mechanism is understood to have the toothed Wheels 6 and throw-over levers ii for controlling the stopping of the wheels 2, and their registry of the markings played by the machine, as well as the incidental dispensing mechanism used for dropping the winnings or articles. in the dispensing box ii at. the proper times. However, to avoid the use of pegs or gill'b micks l 0 for making the play of the machine erratic or disadvantageous to the player, the casing is preferably made transparent, and mirrors II are suitably placed to show up all the parts concerned in the proper operation of the machine. Lights l2, of the linolight type are used throughout so the interior will be fully illuminated and made observable. This is in contrast to the conventional casings used, which are opaque. The outside casing also may be made apparently opaque by the use of a thin coating of mercury film I3 on the casing. This gives a silver or metallic appearance to the casing which, however, can be seen through when strongly illuminated. This illumination can be arranged to reflect the interior mechanism on one side at one time, and by other illumination to reflect the mechanism on another side, and in this manner enable each part to be fully seen. The casing is alsoprovided with prism reflectors i4 located at selected portions of the casing and positioned to make the interior more conveniently observed. It is particularly arranged to make the use of gimmicks l0, apparent if fixed on the toothed wheels 8. These gimmicks are of several forms, but that most usually provided consist of bolts and nuts that will tighten within the teeth as indicated in Figure 2 and serve to make it impossible for the levers 9 to stop the wheels in the positions for which they are provided. At these positions, the gimmicks cause the levers 9 to roll over the toothed wheels and stop them in another part of their rotation. The purpose of the gimmick is generally to lessen the chance of the user winning, and the purpose of the arrangements provided by the invention is to disclose their use, and warn the operator of the machine of the conditions. If they are disclosed to the user, he will probably insist upon a more satisfactory arrangement than primarily offered by the machine, or cause him to leave it alone. The prisms are suitably held in place by frames l5 so they cannot be tampered with. The use of the prisms, lens, mirrors, and mercury films and lighting permit the mechanism to be closely inspected at all times of use and in a cooperative manner. The manipulation of these arrangements is further provided for by the use of shafts I6 attached to same, and arranged with knurled nuts I! accessible to the operators hands. The user or operator may then manipulate the prisms l4, mirrors ll, lens 23 and lights to suit his own particular wishes, and thus assure himself of complete freedom from extraneous parts and materials that might be objectionable to the proper use of the machine.

The casingmay be of glass, or other trans-- parent materials, formed or cast to suit the particular mechanism of the slot machine in question. The detecting parts used in the machine may be attached in any suitable manner and positioned so that they will not interfere with the full inspection of the whole interior, when illuminated. The manner of controlling the illumination may be by a switch 22 operated by the mechanism or manually as preferred.

, The illumination is preferably electrical and provided through the use of a generator 2i mounted on the main shaft of the mechanism, and the use of a commutator switch affords all kinds of arrangements that the operator of the machine may desire. The use of magnifying lens at various points 23 enable the parts to be enlarged in size and thereby give the observer a better view. Adjacent to the generator 2!, is a refiectinglight 222 which acts in conjunction with mirror H to indicate the details mounted on the internal mechanism, to the observer looking in through the casing walls.

In operating the devices, the machine has the slug placed in the slot 5 provided in the casing, and the manipulating handle pulled by the user. The interior mechanism rotates in the conventional manner and in doing so actuates the generator 2i and electrifies the linolights l2 through circuit wires not indicated. The illumination permits the user to observe the mechanism from the prism devices, the side lens, and in the mirrors provided. Adjustments may be made in these devices and mirrors to view the parts through a greater field. The lighting enables the observer to see through the thin mercury film on a transparent casing, and see the mechanism as if the casing did not have it on, when the lighting is in back of same, and acts as a mirror when the light is in front of same. With this arangement of elements, it is possible to see all parts of the interior of the machine and its mechanism in operation or stationary.

While but one general form of construction of the invention is indicated in the drawings, it is not desired to limit this application for patent to that particular construction, or in any other manner otherwise than limited by the prior art, as it is appreciated that other forms of con struction might be used, that would employ the same principles and come within the scope of the appended claim. Having thus described the invention, what is claimed is:

In a coin taking game machine of the cointaking and periodic coin-dispensing class having its operating mechanism controllable predeterminedly by the use of gimmicks, and indicating mechanism for disclosing to the exterior view the parts controllable by gimmicks, comprising in combination a prism glass disposed longitudinally across the face of the upper exterior portion of the machine and arranged to transmit a view of the operating mechanism stationary or in operation to the exterior face of the prism and towards the front of the machine, a supplementary prism longitudinally disposed horizontally across the rear portion of the machine and arranged to provide a view at right angles to the first mentioned prism, illumination means within the machine longitudinally arranged across same and spaced away from the operating mechanism and prisms, a plurality of mirrors in the machine arranged away from the operating mechanism, means, and prisms adapted to disclose to the operator, views of the mechanism not directly viewable thereto, and mirrors to re-. fiect the illumination means among the parts of the said mechanism and disclose its structure completely to the observer, and particularly to the locative points for gimmicks, said mirrors, means and prisms being arranged with respect to each other to accentuate the attachment of gimmicks to the operating mechanism and prominently disclose their presence on the external face of the prisms.


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