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Número de publicaciónUS2191672 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación27 Feb 1940
Fecha de presentación22 Oct 1938
Fecha de prioridad22 Oct 1938
Número de publicaciónUS 2191672 A, US 2191672A, US-A-2191672, US2191672 A, US2191672A
InventoresJohn Malicki
Cesionario originalJohn Malicki
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Cigarette holder
US 2191672 A
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Feb. 27, 1940. J, MALlCKl 2,191,672 CIGARETTE HOLDER Filed oct. 22, 1938 A )gimen/Z024' Patented Feb.yl27, 1940 PATENT ortica 2.191.672 CIGARETTE HOLDER.v l 4 John Malicki, Chicago, Ill. y Application October 22, 1938, Serial No. 236,527

y v 1 Claim. This invention relates to cigarette holders and has for one of its objects the proVision` of an ejection mechanism which will eject the stub of 'a cigarette afterlsmoking.A

Another object 4of the invention is the provision ,of a series of cooling flangeswhich dissipate-the heat of the smoke smoke to the smoker.'

' Another'object off the invention is the provision of. a condenser for condensing the nicotine and preventing the'saliva from passing-into the cigarette. v "f Another 'object of the invention-is the provi- `sion of a simple, practicaLfuseiul article which is also economical to manufacture in quantity production. Q v v Other objects may' become vapparent by .reference to the description,` and* to the drawing, wherein vlike numerals represent like parts and inwhich; n ,v `i l 1Fig'llis a front-view showing the assembly ,of

' the Various parts comprising .the cigarette holder.

4Fig. 2 is an enlarged longitudinal cross-sectional-view on the line 2 2 of Figure 1, showing the article holdinga cigarette stub just prior to its ejection.r f

Figi. `3-l is ay longitudinal cross-sectional Viewshowirlgfthe ejector meohanisr'n in depressed position, the'cigarette stub havingA been ejected.

`Fig. 4 is a transversal cross-sectional View on the line 'f4-4.0i" Figure 2.

Fig. 5 is a transversal cross-sectional view on the line 5-5 of Figure 2, showing theoval construction of the mouth piece, and the slots which hold the condenserlin place. f

Referring. to the drawing the numeral? designates the mouthpiece, the numeral 6 `generally designates the adapter ferrule, and the numeral 8 generally designates the cigarette holder and ejectormechanism. y y j The mouth-piece generally designated by the numeral 1 is comprised of a piece of rubber,-Bake lite, or other'suitable material, having a circular portion `32 substantially along its length, the remainder of the mouth-piece 'I being `flat or tapered as indicated b-y the numeral 33. The mouth-` piece 1 is provided with a bead designated by 35 l which is the portion' fitting into the mouth Kof a y smoker. y y l The mouth-piece 1 is provided with a circular bore designated by the numeral 9 and which terminates in a shouldered end designated by the numeral I0. The bore 9 is connected to the opening I3 vin the mouth-piece 35 thru the .re-`

and presenta cool slotted portions Ii in order `toreceive the ends I8 of the spiral ejector member, and helpsto locate the same in the proper position relative to the mouth-piece designated by the numeral l.

The combination ejector and condenser member designated by the numeral i6 has a flat portion at one end; which is slotted as designated by thehurneral il, and which provides two prongs designated by `the numeral i3. These prongs it snugly into the'recesses or slotted portions designated Il. i

The flat portion i6 terminates in a reduced portion designated by the numeral 14, whichis twisted into a spiral form designated by the numeral l5. The action of this portion will be exv plained after `the other component elements `of the holder have been described.

)Into the mouth-piece designated by the nun meral 'i islitted, by a press nt, the ferrule meinber designated by thenuineral d, which comprises a bodyportion and a reduced neck portion desighated by the numeral 2 l."

The body'portionhas a recess or bore desig nated by the numeral Eiland the neck portion 2l terminates with a slight bead or shoulder portion designated by the numeral 22. The outer surface ofthe shoulder 2l lits snugly into the recess 9 of the mouth-piece designated by the numeral l; the.mouth-piecel end abutting the shoulder 20 of the ferrule member E.

'Ihe cigarette holding member designated generally by the numeral il has a cup shaped portion designated by the numeral 23 provided with a bore toreceive snugly the diameter of a ciga rette designated by the numeral 3l.

lThe top portion of the cup 23 is slightlyenlarged as shown and designated by the numeral 24,- so that the cigarette may be easily located when inserting the same in the opening 3i! of the cup 23. 4

vThe counterbore 3i) joins the bore designated by the numeral 25, which extends thru' the refvsurfaces dissipate the heat rather quickly in order-to provide a cooling eiect to the smoke that is to be inhaled by the smoker.

The cooling eiect also has a tendencyto con as a reduced tubular portion designated by the'V numeral 34, and having a iiange portion 29 which is peened over, or worked over, after assembly 'to the ferrule designated by the numeral 6.

The flange 29 contacts the flange portion. 22 and acts as a stop to limit the movement of the cigarette holder designated by the numeral 8. The spring 28 is conned between the flange 22, and the first cooling flange 26 of the cigarette' holder designated by the numeral 8.

In use the cigarette designated by the numeral 3l is placed Within the recess 3!) of the cup 23 and after lbeing lit is smoked. During the smoking operation as explained heretofore, the smoke passes thruv the duct or bore designated 25, and then thru the chamber 9, into the opening l2, and out thru the opening i3, into the smokers mouth.

The passing of the smoke thru-the opening L designated 25 is cooled by virtue of the action of the cooling flanges designated by the numeral 2S, as heretofore described, and the nicotine which may be in vapor or atomized form as part of the -duid mixture of the smoke is condensed and prevented from passing thru by virtue of the spirally shaped condenser I5.

Not only does this arrangement provide a cool smoke, but it also provides a clean smoke free n from any of the nicotine, and other products which are undesirable for inhaling, and which tend to clog and contaminate cigarette holders as a general rule.

By virtue of this construction, I confine all such foreign matter, on th-e condenserl spiral designated l5, thereby simplifying cleaning of the device. For cleaning purposes, the ferrule member designated S may be removed from the i mouthepiece, in which casethe spiral designated lbecomes accessible and can be Withdrawn from the slots designated Il, cleaned thoroughly, and then replaced, after which the ferrule and its assembly is once again replaced providing a clean cigarette holder. v

After a cigarette has been smoked down to the the said adapter ferrulemember...A

very end as shown in Figure 2 and it is desired to eject the end of the cigarette or the stub, that operation is performed by grasping the cup portion 23 and depressing it, at the same time causing the compression of the spring designated by the numeral 28.

Inasmuch as the condenser tip designated 36,

remains stationary relative to the movement of the cup 23, it will cause the cigarette to be pushed out of its conned opening 30 as is` illustrated at Figure 3.

After releasing the cup portion 23 the spring tends to return to its normal distended position and brings the cigarette holder back to the position shown in Figure 2, Where it is ready to receive another cigarette for the smoking operation to be continued.

I believe that I have described in succinct terms the nature and beneits .to vbe derived from the use of my invention, so that those familiar and skilled in the' art will have yno diioulty in apprising themselves of the improvement that I have provided in my invention,

Altho, I show a rpreferred embodiment of the invention, I reserve the right tol any modications, changes, or alterations, which. may come within the scope of the herein invention; and it is understood that the invention is not to be re stricted or limited to the presentation kherein shown, it `being limited only by the appended vclaim and the prior art in the Patent Oflce` at the time of the ling of this application.-r

I-Iaving thus described my invention what I y claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A cigarette holder comprising, a mouthfpiecel member provided with slotted portionsadapted to hold removably a condenser member, a condenser member having a spiral shaped condensing sur.- face, an adapter ierrule memberprovided with a shoulder portion, and having a reduced neck portion adapted to be. removably secured inone end of said-mouthpiece member, a cigarette holder slidably attached to said adapter ferrule member, the said cigarette holder being provided with a series of cooling ange portions, and a spring memberconfined between one of said cooling flan-ge portions and the shoulder portion of JOHN MALICKI.

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