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Número de publicaciónUS2235791 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación18 Mar 1941
Fecha de presentación13 Ene 1939
Fecha de prioridad13 Ene 1939
Número de publicaciónUS 2235791 A, US 2235791A, US-A-2235791, US2235791 A, US2235791A
InventoresPhilip Wohlers
Cesionario originalMilprint Inc
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Wrapping label
US 2235791 A
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' P. WHLERS March 18, 1941.


Patented Mar. 18, 1941 UNITED S ATES &235,791


Philip women, Milwaukee, Wie., signor to lilil print, Ina., Milwaukee, wll., a correlation of Delaware Application imm-y 13, issa, Seria! No. 250,780


' My present invention relates generally to imin a single sheet, and besides the improvement provements in the art of merchandising diverso commodities such as coni'ections, and relates more specifically to improvements in the production of attractive and economical mapping labels for enwrapping and identiiying lost-like comestibles.

Generally defined, an object of the present invention is to provide a highly attractive and inexpensive mapping label which may be'utilized to effectively confine diverse objects.

Due to the severe competition prevailing in the sale of certain commodities such as relatively low priced confections, the manufacturers of such products are constantly seeking new and less expensive methods of merchandislng their goods. The use of attractive label wrappers has been a boon to such industries, but because of the limited prots available, there is aconstant desire to reduce to a minimum the cost of the wrappers, Without detrimentally affecting their` attractive appearance and Sales appeal. .Although much has heretofore been accomplished in this direction, the present more attractive and desirable Wrappers are still objectionably costly, especially 'those possessing the requisite qualities of attractiveness and protectiveness. Such wrappers should not only be highly attractive, but they must also be durable and capable of shielding the conilned product from moisture and strong light. While compound wrappers having an inner shiny and light reflective relatively opaque sheet, cooperating with an outer transparent glossy sheet, have heretofore been utilized with considerable success in producing attractive and protective commodity enclosures, these compound wrappers are too expensive and prevent some manufacturers of low priced goods from successfully coping with the competition.

40 It is therefore a more specific object of my present invention to provide a single most attractive and durable; as well as a highly protective wrapping label, which possesses the greatest degree of Sales appeal but may be produced at minimum cost. 4

In accordance with my present invention, I utlize an opaque relatively light and moisture proof sheet of paper or other suitable material for the body of the wrapper, and I coat an exposed portion of this sheet with silver ink tinted in attractive colors. Upon this tinted silver area I provide printing and other ornamental indicia, and the whole area is subsequently covered with a ]ustrous transparent coating. This combination produces the eflect of a compound wrapper in esthetic appearance obtained by tinting' the silver ink, the new wrapperis practically as strong and protective as the more expensive compound wrapper due to the protective qualities of the 5 main sheet and theadded strength and protective value afiorded by the rinting and coating.

A clear conception of an embodiment of my present invention, and of the method of producing and of utilizing my improved wrapping labels, ao may be had vby reierring to the drawing accompanying and formin'g a part of this specification in which like reference Characters designate the same parts in the several views.

Fig. 1 is a plan view of one of my improved '15 wrapping labels; and

Fig. 2 is a greatly enlarged transverse section through a portion of the label of Fig. 1, taken along the line 2-2.

While the embodiment of the invention illus- 20 trated herein, utilizes specific colors and shows only part o! the rinted indicia, it should be understood that it is not my intention to limit the improvement by virtue of such specific disclosure, since other indicia and decorative matter as well 25 as other colors may be used.

In the drawing, the main wrapping sheet 4 is preferably iormed o! relatively strong and opaque moisture resistant paper such as commercial glassine paper, having uniform rather dark color- 30 ing such as' chocolate brown, throughout its entire area. Upon the outer normally exposed surface of the opaque mapping sheet l, I have provided a substantially rectangular area 5 of silver ink, which in the specific embodiment shown has 35 been tinted with red coloring matter to produce a lustrous pink appearance. Any desirable decora- 4 tive matter 8 in various colors may be applied to the tinted shiny silver area 5, and in the specific disclosure appearing in the drawing, the Word 40 "butter" has been applied to this area in green. The entire silver covered area 5 and adjacent portions of the outer surface of the sheet l are finally coated with a glossy transparent coating 'l which enhances the lustre of area 5 and of the 45 indicia or decorative matter 6.

The main wrapper sheet l is tough and relatively moisture proof, and by using a dark colored opaque sheet, the finally enwrapped article will be thoroughly concealed and protected 59 against moisture and strong light. The strength of the sheet 4 at the exposed portion thereof is somewhat enhanced by the metallic ink coating or area l and by the final transparent coating l, and the area 5 and coating 'I may be of any de-' 55 2 A 2,I85,70l

sired size and other than rectanzuiar. The metallic ink'is preferably silver due to the high light reflective quality of such ink: and the col- .orinr or tintins of this ink either red, green. blue 3" or yellow, produces highly esthetic effects and makes it appear as though a piece o! shiny tin ioil were covered with a separate tinted trans- -parent sheet of material such as' cellulose nim or the like. The area i also provides a periect m' background for the decorative or printed matter I, and the entire combination produces a wrappins sheet or label which is extremely serviceable and attractive.

From the foreaoing' detailed description it will u be apparent that my present invention provides a simple single sheet decorative wrapper for diverse commodities, which besides possessins the necessary protective qualities has great sales appeal and beauty, and may be produced at very g low cost. The improved wrapping labls have 'proven highly satisfactory in actual use, and .the tinting o! the metallic ink to the desired color may be readily accomplishedand vastly 'enhances the esthetclc appearance of the wrapper The r u 'final coating 'i of glossy transparent material not only enhances"the` lustre of .the tinted metallic area 5, but also protects this area and preserves ,the decoration, and the strength of the wrapper is enhanced by the area 6 and coating 'I especially a at the normally exposed portion of the wrapping since most o: these silver metalllc inka are actually produced from silver colored metais such as aluminuin.

It should be understood that I do not desire to limit my invention to the exact details herein 5 shown or described, or to any particular method of producing the improved wrappers. since various modifications within the scope oi the claim may occure 'to persons skilled in the art.

I claim: I 4 lo A combined unitary ornamental wrapper sheet and display label for commodities, consisting of a single thin and moisture resistant sheet of glassine paper which is opaque and of a dark color throughout `and 'having a local area thereof 1 coated'with a thin layer o! color`tinted metal ink to enhance the lustre and aesthetic appearance of the sheet at said area and to provide a brilliant background contrasting with surrounding areas 'and imparting to the coated area'of the 20 sheet. the appearance of au iniay. of meta] foil fiushwith the main sheet, said sheet further includin'g :decorative identii'ying indicia of contrasting hue applied to and superposed on said metallic ink coated brilliant bacmound to sharply 25 contrast therewith, and a glossy transparent protective coating completely covering and' superpesed on said background area and decorative indicia oi' said sheet to protect said ink coated baclrground and said decorative indicia while fur- 3 ther enhancing the lustre thereof and to cooperate therewith to increase the strength and resistance of the sheet against wrapping strains.


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