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Número de publicaciónUS2280050 A
Tipo de publicaciónConcesión
Fecha de publicación21 Abr 1942
Fecha de presentación12 Feb 1942
Fecha de prioridad12 Feb 1942
Número de publicaciónUS 2280050 A, US 2280050A, US-A-2280050, US2280050 A, US2280050A
InventoresAlexander Frederick A D, Martin Charles E
Cesionario originalForegger Company Inc
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US 2280050 A
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April 2 F. A. D. ALEXANDER m AL 2,280,050

Qw v w r INVENTORS Patented Apr. 21, 1942 RESUSCITATOR Frederick A. D. Alexander and Charles E. Martin,

Albany, N. Y., assignors to The Foregger Company, Inc., a corporation of New York Application February 12, 1942, Serial No. 430,562

5 Claims.

The object of this invention is to provide aresuscitator designed to applythe principles of mouth to mouth insufilation for resuscitation and at the same time minimize or avoid the dis advantages of that method. The resuscitator according to this invention may be used for the reviving of still born or prematurely born babies, children and adults and Whenever resuscitation is required and necessary. The invention is embodied in a scientifically designed resuscitator instrument having the distinguishing features hereinafter set forth and illustrated in the accompanying v drawing in which:

Fig. 1 is a central vertical sectional view of the instrument with parts broken away and certain accessories shown in dotted lines.

Fig. 2 is a plan view of the instrument.

Fig. 3 is a sectional view on the line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

The resuscitator comprises a tube 5 of suflicient length and diameter for conveniently and efiiciently carrying out the operation of resuscitation. The blow-in end of the tube is marked 6. In this end there is inserted a mouth piece 1 preferably of glass or other suitable material. The mouth piece carries a filter tube 8' having a screen 9. The filter tube is designed to contain a gauze filter, not shown, to afford protection against infective bacteria in the exhaled and insuiflated air as will be understood. The outlet end I of the tube is fitted with a connection ll having a bore 12 terminating in a nipple H for attaching an airway l4, shown in dotted line. The airway may be used for insufilation directly into the trachea or for attaching an endotracheal tube when such is required. The connection II has an annular groove 30 adapted to receiveand hold by friction a rubber face mask 3| shown, in dotted lines. Either a child's or an adults face mask may be thus attached to the instrument. A bent tube [5 is inserted into the tube 5 near the apertured connection H and leads to the bore l2. The tube 15 has a nipple Hi outside the tube 5 for connection with an oxygen supply apparatus, not shown. Or a mercury or water manometer may be attached to the nipple l6 for callbrating the instrument. When not thus used the nipple is closed with a removable cap l1. Near the outlet end of the tube 5 there is provided a valve mechanism comprising an opening [8 in the tube adapted to be closed by a valve [9 which is carried by a spring secured to the tube at 2|. Thetension of the spring is adon a bridge 23 secured to the tube 5 as shown.

The rider has a thumb screw 24 for fixing it in position on the bridge.

The resuscitator is calibrated for use upon prematurely born infants,

infants and adults. For this purpose the bridge until it abuts a screw 26. The rider is then in justable by means of a rider 22 which slides spring is most strongly from the foregoing description. Depending upon the circumstances of a case the instrument may be used for straight mouth to mouth inflation by attaching a face mask to fit airtightly on the face of the patient and then blowing through the mouth piece 1, the gauze filter having been inserted in the tube 8. Or inflation direct into the trachea may be done by attaching the airway. Oxygen may be administered through the tube IS. The valve I9 provides accurate control of the pressure under which the insuiilated air is blown into the lungs of the patient. The length of the tube 5 is designed to provide for convenient handling of the instrument and enable the operator to observe directly the amount of chest expansion occurring with each insufilation. The instrument is readily portable, simple in construction and easily sterilized.

I claim:

1. A resuscitator comprising a tube for blowing air into a patients lungs, a mouth piece in the inlet end of said tube, a connection in the outlet end of the tube for attaching thereto a face mask, a filter holder in the tube between said mouth piece and said connection and a valve mechanism supported on said tube and operatively connected'with the interior thereof for'controlling the pressure of the air blown into the said face mask.

2. A resuscitator according to claim 1 including a nipple in said connection for attaching an the required pressure for a given resuscitation operation.

4. A resuscitator according to claim 1 including a second tube inserted into the first named tube and leading to the said connection for administering oxygen to the patient under the face mask.

5. A resuscitator according to claim 1 in which said valve mechanism comprises an opening in the wall of the said tube near the outlet end thereof, a valve to close said opening, a support on the tube, a spring secured to said support and said valve for closing the valve, a movable member mounted to slide upon said support in engagement with said spring to regulate the tension thereof and visible indicia on said support for sliding said movable member to preindicated positions to regulate the pressure of the air passing into said face mask.


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Clasificación europeaA61M16/10H